Beyond Twilight - Elias Viljanen - Taking The Lead (CD, Album)

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Tijdens de volgende nummers, Evil Rock en Axemaster beide voorbeelden van titels waar over is nagedachtis het niet moeilijk om wakker te blijven. Viljanen schrijft nummers met kop en staart, biedt voldoende afwisseling en is er niet altijd op uit om alleen te verbazen met snelheid. Nadeel is echter dat zijn grote voorbeeld, Joe Satrianiduidelijk doorklinkt in de composities.

Viljanen ontbeert echter het experimentele gedeelte dat het spel van Satriani zo nu en dan kenmerkt. Endstille "Infektion ". Endtime Prophecy "Cast Away". Endwell "Homeland Insecurity". Enema "What makes you Human". Enemies Swe "Behind Enemy Lines".

Enemy Is Us "We have seen the enemy Enemy Is Us "Venomized". Enemy Of The Sun "Shadows". Enemy Target "Targetized". Enemynside "Let The Madness Begin". Enemynside "Whatever Comes". Energy "Invasions Of The Mind". Enertia "Force". Enforcer "Diamonds". Enforcer "Death by fire". Enforcer "From Beyond". Enforsaken "The Forever Endeavor".

Enforsaken "Sinners intuition". Engine "Superholic". Engine of Pain "I am your enemy". Engorgement "Excruciating Intestinal Lacerations". Enid "Munsalvaesche". Enigmatik "Slitherin". Enkelz "So sieht das aus".

Enochian Theory "Life And All It Entails". Enoid "The New World Album). Enraged By Beauty "Vae Victis". Ensiferum "Ensiferum". Ensiferum "Iron". Ensiferum "Dragonheads". Ensiferum "10th Anniversary Live".

Ensiferum "Victory Songs". Ensiferum "From Afar". Ensiferum "Unsung Heroes". Ensiferum "One Man Army". Ensireal "March of empty pattern words". Enslaved "Ruun". Enslaved "Frost". Enslaved "Isa". Enslaved "Axioma Ethica Odini". Enslaved "Riitiir". Enslaved "In Times". Ensoph "Opus Dementiae". Ensoph "Project X-Katon". Ensoph "Rex Mundi X-Ile". Enter Chaos "Aura Sense". Enter Beyond Twilight - Elias Viljanen - Taking The Lead (CD Primates "We are the apocalpyse".

Enter VI "Dreams". Entera "Daily Terror". Entera "The War Goes On". Entertainment "Gender". Enthrallment "Smashed Brain Collection". Enthroned "Tetra Karcist". Enthroned "Pentagrammaton". Enthroned "Obsidium". Entombed "Unreal Estate". Entombed "When in Sodom". Entombed "Serpent saints". Entombed A. Entrails "Tales from the morgue". Entrails "Raging death". Entrails Eradicated "Viralocity". Entrails Out! Entrapment "Lamentations of the flesh". Entwerter "The Mortal Engine".

Entwine "diEversity". Entwine "Fatal design". Entwine "Painstained". Enuff Z'Nuff "Circus Lounge". Envelope "Stay". Envinya "Inner Silence". Ephel Duath "Pain Necessary to Know". Epic "Like A Phoenix". Epica "The Quantum Enigma". Epicedium "Intoxicated Intercourse". Epicedium "Anthropogenic".

Epicurean "A Consequence Of Design". Epitaph "Outside The Law". Epitaph "Rockpalast: Krautrock Legends Vol. Epitaph "Danger Man". Epitaph "The Acoustic Sessions". Epitaph "Fire From The Soul". Epitaph Opera "The equinox anthems".

Epitome of Frail "Society". Epoch of Unlight "The continuum hypothesis". Epping Forest "Everblasting Struggle". Epsylon "The Gift". Epysode "Obsessions". Epysode "Fantasmagoria". Equilibrium "Demo ".

Equilibrium "Turis Fratyr". Equilibrium "Sagas". Equilibrium "Waldschrein". Equilibrium "Erdentempel". Era Vulgaris "What Stirs Within". Eradicate "Relentless". Eradication "Dreams Of Reality". Eradicator "Madness is my Name". Eradicator "Slavery". Erase "May I sin? Eraserhead "Aviditas Humani". Erbarmen "Kvinden i buret". Erben des Zorns "Hasswerk I". Ereb Altor "By Honour". Ereb Altor "The End". Erebos "Descent To Beyond". Eric Baule "Revelations Adrift". Eric Fish "Gegen den Strom".

Eric Fish "Alles im Fluss". Eric Gales "Live". Eric Steckel "Dismantle The Sun". Erol Sora "Demented Honour". Erotibot "Film-DVD". Erottica "Erotticism". Errorhead "Modern Hippie". Errorhead "Organic Pill". Errors of the Human Body "". Eryn Non Dae "Hydra lernaia".

Es Im Ich "dem Wahnsinn nah". Escape From "Opetani okrucienstwem". Eschar "Nova". Eschaton "An Instrument of Darkness". Eschaton "Isolated Intelligence". Eschenbach "Alles in Allem". Eschenbach "Divide Et Impera". Eskimada "Eskimada".

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