Boycott - Группа Бойкот - Boycott Band (CD, Album)

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He translated several song lyrics into Polish and began to look for someone who would arrange the musical pieces Jacek, who has his feet set more firmly on the ground, convinced Michal that investing lifetime savings in a project that would inevitably end up as a flop did not make any sense and suggested that they should build their own recording studio instead.

The idea was supposed to be a profitable investment for Michal and a workplace for Jacek. And so, Michal came to Jacek with a display case of ideas, but left the meeting with someone else's concept in hand :- Francois Villon … At the time, Jacek worked at Adekwatny Theatre in Warsaw, he arranged music to the poetry of Francois Villon … poetry that turned from an ordinary performance into an exuberant musical. While Jacek was working on new musical arrangements in Poland, Michal left for a holiday to distant Singapore.

Everyone can sing … Michal's Asian travels once again changed his - now fully crystallised - plans of investing his money. In the exotic Singapore, Michal accidentally came across karaoke, and instead of sightseeing, he would spend every night in a club. The performers' skills were not a key issue, the important thing was to sing with a broad smile and to experience the thrill before every performance Michal firmly decided - Poland must have karaoke.

After his return, Michal and Jacek went shopping to Germany with the objective to buy equipment for their recording studio. The result: karaoke equipment and nearly song tracks.

Shortly after, the first karaoke club in Poland opened in Lodz. The guests did not welcome it with great enthusiasm, and for a long time, Michal and Jacek were the only performers Instead of writing music for the show, Jacek was preoccupied with arranging karaoke versions of Polish songs. The club was moved to a downtown area, professional karaoke equipment was bought and young people in Lodz became increasingly eager to sing Karaoke proved to be an absolute hit! Jacek was finishing the musical, but the theatre had problems with producing the soundtrack.

But since problems only inspire greater motivation, Jacek and Michal arranged their own recording studio in the house of Jacek's wife's grandfather. And the Third One … For the recording process to begin, they still needed the most important piece of the puzzle - an unknown, original vocalist with a unique voice to sing the female parts.

But after all they had the best talent mine in Lodz! The karaoke club! Having spent several weeks in the club, they finally found the star. She was a young sociology student with a delightful voice. After many hours of convincing, she finally agreed to work with them. And this is how the Three Of Them came into being … After recording the demo material, the three of them decided to keep on recording.

Jacek had piles of finished music scores, all he had to do was open a drawer. Michal was in charge of writing the lyrics. It was in Difficult and promising beginnings … The first single was already released in May.

The Polish remake of "Jeanny", originally sung by Austrian vocalist Falco, also deserves special attention. The group gave their first concert on Dabrowskiego square in Lodz. At the time, it was a spectacular performance - the stage design was developed with perfection down to the smallest detail and the band was accompanied by a ballet troupe.

The album Boycott - Группа Бойкот - Boycott Band (CD on Michal's birthday - 9 September Michal chose to promote the album through concerts which he thought to be a great opportunity to communicate directly with the audience.

After four months, their hard work brought the first visible results - the album sold in 50 copies and became a golden record. The band began preparations for recording the next album. What made this publication special is that it was one of the first albums at that time to feature a multimedia presentation. The material for the new album was developed in the group's new recording studio near Lodz.

The promotional track was "A wszystko to The song became immensely popular and won the Play-Box award which is given to songs that are most often played on all Polish radio stations. The album premiered Boycott - Группа Бойкот - Boycott Band (CD May and scored a massive success despite a media boycott. The song stirred very high emotions during concerts when Michal appeared on the stage dressed as a mental institution Album) in blood-stained pyjamas, holding a teddy bear.

In the final scene, he would be tied up in a safety jacket and evacuated behind the stage by male nurses In Marchwhen the group was recording their fourth album, Magda decided to leave the band and start a solo career as Magda Femme. The promotional track was "Powiedz" Tell with a video clip. The "Ad. And from this moment, things were never the same The beginning of a run of success … "Powiedz" was submitted for the Premiery contest at the Opole song festival.

The band gave an unforgettable performance and won the public's award. This was a break-through moment - the band's schedule became tight and album sales peaked. The band scored yet another success during the Baltic States Festival in Karlshamn, Sweden, where it was awarded the Grand Prix and the public's award.

On 1 Aprilthe group received three POPCORN Microphone awards in the following categories: band of the year, song of the year "Powiedz" and vocalist of the year Michal Michal decided to focus on the stage design of the band's performances. He paid special attention to the atmosphere of the concerts. New dance routines were developed, every concert was a spectacle accompanied by fireworks displays, special lighting effects and props.

Band members would sing the final song - "Powiedz" - holding burning torches and flags. It became a characteristic feature of every concert. It symbolises the passage of time and emotions essential for living" - that is how Michal explained the presence of fire during their performances. All this made the band's concerts unique. After the success at the Opole festival in the previous year, the band also performed during the 39th National Song Contest.

The band began working on their fifth album. Despite a tight concert tour schedule, the album premiered earlier than planned in May and proved again a great success. The double-disc album entitled "Po piate On 19 Septemberduring a concert celebrating Michal's birthday, the band won the Diamond Record award for album sales by Andrzej Puczynski, director of Universal Music Polska.

Yet public success has never been the band's priority. Ich Troje has always paid special attention to their fans who have always been and will be most important as the main driving force behind the band's success. The band, especially Michal, becomes frequently involved in charity campaigns to provide financial support for orphanages, educational institutions and individuals.

But most importantly - Ich Troje always gives special warmth, attention and kindness to charity projects. This is a place where time slows down … Michal is known for his passion for challenges, and the higher he sets the bar, the more he achieves. The Eurovision contest was one of such challenges. In Januarythe band participated in the Polish pre-selection for the contest. As anticipated, the band won the contest!

The track was heavily promoted throughout Europe, and the band toured many countries, including Malta, Germany and Ukraine. The atmosphere was Boycott - Группа Бойкот - Boycott Band (CD during Eurovision finals on 25 May in the Latvian capital of Riga, but Ich Troje gave an unforgettable performance and came in seventh the best result scored by a Polish performer since Edyta Gorniak's success in The lyrics sung by Justyna - "This is a place where time slows down" - got a standing ovation in Skonto Halle and continue to stir high emotions on Eurovision discussion forums to this day.

Before leaving for the Eurovision contest the band managed to release another - "The Best Of Ich Troje", featuring the greatest hits as well as several premiere tracks. It is the best-selling album in the "best of" category in Poland. Justyna Majkowska left the band after the Eurovision contest. She was replaced by Anna Swiatczak, one of the best background vocalists in Poland and a winner of a "Chance For Success" talent show. The band set out on another concert tour and started working on a new album to be released in Poland.

And the inevitable happened The media started reporting on the band's alleged break-up. Album) 3 Marchduring a press conference in Warsaw's Europejski Hotel, Michal publicly announced that the band was splitting up. Michal assured the public that Ich Troje would release a final album, and that the summer concert tour would be held as planned.

The band kept their promise. The final album entitled "6-ty ostatni przystanek" The Sixth, Last Stop came out on 21 June, and the band set out on the concert tour. Because of their expressed hooliganism toward other club's supporters in those times, fans who represented the core of the Grobari firm were often referred to as a "punishment expedition".

They were best known for their English style of supporting which was mainly based on loud and continuous singing. Today, Grobari are still supporting Partizan in a number of several thousands in domestic matches, to a sold-out stadium in international competitions. Grobari traveled in numbers to Mostar where they were fighting with the police and also Zrinjski fans. Partizan won the game with the result Grobari were actually accused of manipulating with the money given by the club for organizing fan support.

The split lasted for a few years untilwhen the fans settled their differences. In the 90's, the unique, yet unofficial mascot of mostly all Grobari fan groups was an angry looking bulldog, but in the last few years it has been a sexton standing next to his shovel. Grobari are shown here during a protest in front of the Partizan stadium in October On this occasion, they also reminded the public of some previous club officials' machinations.

They demanded club management resignations as a condition for getting back to the stadium stands. Grobari repeated the massive gathering and reitirated their demands in October in front of the national theatre in downtown Belgrade where Partizan's officials were celebrating the club's 60th year anniversary. Although these matches used to gather up tens of thousands and even more fans to the stadiums, the infamous record was established this season when there was only a few thousand spectators on the Partizan stadium, since the rival fans also agreed to boycott the derby but for other reasons.

After certain changes in the club board, Grobari decided to stop boycotting. They have returned to the stadium at Today Grobari have good conection with new managment but not take any help from them

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