Far From Blues - Far From Mind - 12,5: The Early Years Anthology Cycle 2 Part 1 (CDr)

Die ersten Exemplare sind von Paul signiert. Nur solange Vorrat reicht! The third solo album from former IQ singer Paul Menel. A truly historic event documented especially for all the Pendragon fans out there! Tracklist: CD1 1. The Masquerade Overture 2. As Good as Gold 3. Paintbox 4. The Pursuit of Excellence 5. Guardian of My Soul 6. The Shadow 7. Masters of Illusion 8. King of the Castle 9. Schizo CD2 1. Beautiful Soul 2.

Faces of Light 3. Nostradamus 4. Explorers of the Infinite 5. Come Home Jack 6. This Green and Pleasant Land 7. Breaking the Spell 8. Nach den trostlosen Jahren zuvor augenblicklich gerechtfertigter Weise. The track CD comes with an additional DVD, featuring an interview with Penning and promo videos, including the Far From Blues - Far From Mind - 12,5: The Early Years Anthology Cycle 2 Part 1 (CDr) version of Portsmouth.

Touredition 2CD Paul Menel. The acoustic under-pinning of the last album takes a back seat behind driving guitars and exuberant keyboards. As well as vocals Alan provides guitars, basses, drum programming and bass pedals, with Mike Stobbie and Scott Higham returning on keys and drums respectively. Looking for the next great British prog band? As markers go, the 16 minute title track, split into four parts is just a bit special.

This Winter Machine really explored their proggy side then something like this might be the result.

The guitars are darker and heavier, the keyboards just a little more parping and this is as close to perfection as debut records get. This Winter Machine have created something that verges on the incredible. Januar Hi-Res Stereo und 5. Wakeman und Mr. Featuring former members of the Peter Gabriel Band Jerry Marotta and King Crimson Trey Gunn the Security Project not only recreates these masterpieces live, but re-interprets them, giving them new musical wings for the 21st century.

They weld classic rock and neo-prog structures in a double album of guitar based song-craft. Powerful and melodic, the songs on their debut full-length release, Divide, move from the heavy, almost progmetal, to the delicately acoustic.

Und warum machen sie das? Reserving your copy will get you the DVD including special bonus material and the audio recordings of the show on CD. Keine Note ist zuviel, kein Effekt wirkt abgenutzt.

Das neue Studioalbum der Band um Antony Kalugin u. Die Sofort ist seine Handschrift zu erkennen, die nachdenkliche Note, die melancholische Weite, der epische Ansatz. Re-mastered edition of album featuring David Gilmour of Pink Floyd with 6 bonus tracks! After years and years of preparation in which Unkh has been travelling through time and various styles, the band has released a debut album that will Far From Blues - Far From Mind - 12,5: The Early Years Anthology Cycle 2 Part 1 (CDr) you a lot of joy.

You will be overwhelmed. A fine job for a debut. Die Songs stammen zwar alle aus seiner eigenen Feder. Bei den Aufnahmen haben aber die Gitarristen Neil Taylor u. Fazit: Laitres verfolgt mit seiner Musik ganz eigene Ziele. Seine Handschrift ist unverkennbar. Denn: Eine abgefahrenere Performance habe ich noch nie gesehen. Progressiv sind sie hingegen schon. Version of Dance of the Dawn all mixed by Steven Wilson. Full alt. Blu-Ray: — Album mixed in 5.

Timmons orientierte sich also neu und nutzte sein in einem Musikstudium an der University Of Miami gewonnenes Wissen dazu, um sich eine erfolgreiche Karriere als Solomusiker aufzubauen. Am Die CD beinhaltet noch drei Bonustracks. Bubba and I did some collaboration, we wrote a handful of songs together. Bubba and I really focused on the production, we had a concept. We wanted to go with a, not lo-fi, but definitely not a hi-fi sound.

So we kind of left it nice and raw. The concepts, the music and the theatrics proved very popular on the university circuit but proved too way-out for a mainstream audience. This album captures Arthur Brown and Kingdom Come at their live pinnacle and shows them at their blistering best on stage in front of a wildly enthusiastic audience. Das Ergebnis ist eine Stereoversion, die Klarheit, Druck und einen definierten Klang besitzt, die es vorher nicht gab.

Bonafide are having a blast. Never before have the hard-gigging Swedes sounded so much like rock and roll s real deal. It s raw, it s honest and it s from the heart. It s a good song about bad practice, said Bonafide s main man. King und meinem Vater sah. Achtung: dies ist jetzt eine offizielle Pressung und keine CDR!!! A new star on the Southern Rock sky Amazing songs and guitar sessions!

For sure one of the best Southern Rock albums inmaybe the best. In this context, the appearance of Bill Steer Carcass, Firebird, Gentlemans Pistols on lead guitar tastes like the icing on top of a tempting cake. Live Tapes Vol. DVD inkl. Und wieder schlagen die Norweger zielsicher in die Kerbe, die das Debut so eindrucksvoll hinterlassen hatte. CD im Digipack! Influential and iconic heavy metal band, Diamond Head, release their first album of new material in eight years.

Stereo Mix CD2: Orig. Mono Mix Am 4. Im Rahmen der Feierlichkeiten zum Leaving a trail of burned up bars and sweat soaked guitars sincethe Dyrty Byrds have shown no mercy in their pursuit of original guitar driven rock and roll.

Looking back towards an earlier template -- no matter what the genre -- proves the point that appreciating what came before can be a stepping stone for what comes next. Alex Harvey war ein schottischer Rockmusiker aus Glasgow. The deeply personal and reflective record echoes where Eric is in his life right now, allowing him to open himself up and to really flourish. Granfelt, der u. Da scheint der Fall doch klar zu sein. Resonate might well be the most heavy sounding Glenn Hughes Black Country Communion, California Breed, Iommi solo album to date, but still retains the elements that make Glenn one of the most soulful and beautiful voices in the current musical landscape.

A must for all hard rock lovers! This deluxe edition includes one bonus track and a bonus DVD. Searing guitarist Graham Clise Annihilation Time, Witch sets fires with absolutely ferocious licks while vocalist Zaryan Zaidi and the band spit old-school, no-bullshit, in-your-face, maximum-impact ROCK straight into your kisser.

Mean and greasy riff-forward proto-punk is the name of the game! Produced by Greg Wilkinson Eerie, High On Fire at Earhammer Studios and mastered by Carl Saff Earthless, The ShrineOne Fifteen is a nod to the days when being a punk meant wearing your acid washed jeans or wearing no jeans at allrefusing to comb your hair, and partying with your friends.

Alle Tracks wurden remastered. Die beiden Bonus CDs beinhalten das Konzert? Hilfe, die Rednecks kommen! Southern Rock trifft auf Blues trifft auf rotzigen Country. Boogie on! Man glaubt der Band, wenn sie sagt, dass sie noch nie so gut harmoniert und zusammengespielt haben Far From Blues - Far From Mind - 12,5: The Early Years Anthology Cycle 2 Part 1 (CDr) heute.

Dazu kommt diese Erfahrung der letzten 40 Far From Blues - Far From Mind - 12,5: The Early Years Anthology Cycle 2 Part 1 (CDr). Warum ist dieses Album. With a sound focused on energetic vocals and fast tempos, you will also be thrown in a void of slow and dreamy rhythms.

All das inmitten einer Gruppe meisterhafter Musiker, die im Moment zu einem der begehrtesten Live-Acts Amerikas werden. Im September waren sie hierzulande erstmals auf kurzer Tour und stellten einige Songs des neuen Albums vor. Auch wenn sie hierzulande noch als Newcomer Far From Blues - Far From Mind - 12,5: The Early Years Anthology Cycle 2 Part 1 (CDr), ist es das mittlerweile sechste Album der Band!!

Get your jam on. In California A must -have for classic rock fans! Die Demos wurden von Zeuss wiederhergestellt, neu gemischt und gemastert. Ed Repka lieferte das Cover-Artwork. His vocals have been described as amongst the best on the current music scene, drawing comparisons with Joe Cocker and Jonny Lang.

Siena Root wurde in Stockholm ins Leben gerufen. Aber es steckt noch mehr drin. In stark contrast to many retro-minded records currently doing the rounds, Beyond Spectra offers much more than affectionate pastiche and Luddite petulance. Im TV war er u. Ebenfalls am Die Songs wurde an einem einzigen Abend, dem 9. Diese Band hat den Dreh raus, steinharte Rock-Klassiker zu basteln, ohne sich ans Lehrbuch zu halten An invigorating whirlwind of spiky garage rock, propulsive psychedelia and thunderous, overdriven soul-meets-doom riffing, Step Inside showcased a band with little interest in current or nostalgic trends, instead revelling in a consciously classic but undeniably fresh new take on the most revered and ageless of musical components.

Inklusive 8 Bonustracks Live-Tracks und Outtakesfeat. Donna Summer und Curt Cress am Schlagzeug. This is the 2nd and last album of the band, released By the mid-Seventies, the Band were wrapping it up — after some uneven albums, they went out with a bang the legendary Last Waltz concert. The band play with 3 guitars but not heavy - very close to the music of Sulentic Brothers Band and 70s Southern Rock style. Gerne nehmen UMG dabei bekannte Titel aus unterschiedlichen Genres, spielen diese dabei selbst nach teils unglaublich dicht am Original und schaffen damit etwas ganz Neues.

Holmes Ted Nugent. Die beiden hatten sich bereits kurzzeitig zusammengetan, um sich jetzt, nach mehr als drei Jahrzehnten, wiederzuvereinigen und dies treffend mit Reunion betitelte Album zu produzieren. Das Digipak erscheint in einer silbernen Glanzbeschichtung, die einen Spiegel simuliert und damit das Konzept des Original Packaging aufgreift. Pro Jahr bringt es das Trio dabei auf ca. Trends werden kommen und gehen.

Rex and Slade. Made up by former members of local punk, metal and alternative rock bands, the Clamps started to hit the road few months later for plenty of shows in Italy and Europe, where they shared the stage with bands such as The Sewergrooves, Nashville pussy, Pontiac, Valient Thorr ,Wild Eyes, Valley of the sun, Black Tusk, and more.

The former is out Nov. All Them Witches stammen aus Nashville, Tennessee. So hat man sich auch hierzulande geduldig durch viele Konzerte eine Fanbase erspielt. Ein wahres Juwel! Keeping it mysterious, the band released a couple of snippetsfor their upcoming works.

Artwork by Goatess Doomwych. Beware as the witches are coming to take your soul. Growling desperate vocals and angry fuzzed out guitars tell tales of horror and hallucination. This is hard rock as it should be, totally pure and unpretentious. They call themselves the cosmic sorcerers from Portland.

Each track is explored, reinterpreted and given new life - often straying far away from its original roots with a fervent energy. Imagine, as if the bastard child of Amon Duul ii and Hawkwind arose from the ashes of America They have set their course for the farthest reaches of the universe Are you ready? Are you ready to climb aboard their craft? Fasten your safety belts, engage your breathing apparatus JOY deliver a deafening gauntlet of heavy psychedelia where no riff is left unturned.

On this limited edition vinyl only release we find sole member Craig Williamson ramping up the trippy space factor. Another journey into a land deep into your mind and deep into space! Sie haben konstante Motorik Beats aber sie rasten auch immer wieder aus, sodass in ihrer Musik viel Bewegung ist. Feel the bluesy atmosphere, without ever missing the energy of rock and roll. Feel the spell! Der Spagat zwischen elektronisch, experimentellen Sounds und treibenden Space Rock wurde noch einmal intensiviert.

CD inklusive seitigen Booklet Limitiert Stk. Album und 6. Studioalbum von Space Debris zeigt die Band mit ihrem bisher besten Sound. This reissue comes with remastered sound, taken from the master tapes. Der Krieg ist vorbei. Ihr wollt Eure Plattensammlung erweitern? Wir helfen gerne! Living in Germany is an incredible opportunity to rediscover and reinvent yourself, including the romantic side of your life. Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that.

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