Get Down - Jackie Chain - Wax On Wax Off Mixtape (CDr, Album)

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Are you serious? Your ass is using shit like lol and shit. I knew Let me ask you something. Do you think i'm talking to anybody else? You must be the stupidest individual that I have ever ran into. Another thing on that list is chain waxing: the practice of dunking a bicycle chain into a pot of molten wax. Riders in the past commonly did this with a pot of paraffin wax. Some never stopped doing it, but the vast majority of cyclists took to more convenient and widely marketed drip chain lubes.

However, testing by the likes of Friction Facts and Zero Friction Cycling has brought renewed interest to the world of chain waxing. Great efficiency, improved drivetrain durability, lower running costs, and no greasy mess — chain waxing promises a lot, and these experts on all matters of chain efficiency and drivetrain durability are big fans of it. Please feel free to use the jump links below to find the answers to your questions. Melt-on waxing involves heating the wax to a liquid form, and then submerging a clean chain within it.

Once dry, the wax returns to a solid state and is embedded within the individual pieces that make up a bicycle chain. Where things get confusing is that wax for bicycle chains is available in both immersive melt-on and drip-on forms. All the latest drip-on chain lubes that promise to turn your chain into wine feature some form of wax as a base ingredient.

The common theme is that they all use a carrier fluid to keep them in a liquid form for application onto the chain, and once dry, aim to leave the chain coated in a dry wax film. However, you will find some answers related to drip-on wax lubes, too. Since that testing, Zero Friction Cycling has since found a direct correlation between high-efficiency lubricants and improved drivetrain durabilitywith such chain wax greatly improving both chain and drivetrain component durability.

Here, the best wax remains perfectly dry to touch and forms a protective barrier for the chain links. With the right wax product your drivetrain will remain clean and free from any grease or dirt that Album) act as a grinding paste on your chain and cogs. That lack of wear on your drivetrain components directly translates to reduced running costs. The wax itself can be removed with hot water, meaning any dirt stuck to the chain can be cleaned with hot water, too.

These clean-running waxes also mean your drivetrain will always be clean to touch. This is something covered in depth within the holy grail of chain lube article. The short answer: Adam Kerin at Zero Friction Cycling is the best resource for answering this, and his testing suggests that combining a good hot melt wax reapplied at regular intervals and a decent chain should get you over 10, km and up to 15, km before that chain reaches.

By comparison, 2, km is a commonly seen mileage for many traditional drip lubes under the same conditions, which can cause visible cassette and chainring wear in that same time, too. The actual efficiency numbers can vary somewhat and not all wax is created equal.

Smith recently tested a number of aftermarket melt-on wax options and shared the data. The testing, done in a clean lab environment, puts some leading drip lubes ahead of many popular melt-on products. Smith explains what makes a solid wax so efficient.

Additionally, stiction forces created during the back-and-forth articulation of the links are minimized with a dry solid. Yet, if the wax is sticky, oily, too soft, etc, these benefits of wax are lost.

Yes, that grease probably is very lubricious. But picture the viscous drag associated with the thick grease. This is an extreme example of how viscous drag can negate lubricity and decrease efficiency, but viscous drag exists and is very measurable. Silca recently Album) entered the space with a product quite similar to Molten Speed Wax, albeit with different friction modifiers.

Wend, Runaway Bike, Speedmaster, and FastWax are other products in the market, however, testing data related to these products is often scarce. Some waxes are tacky or greasy, which can accelerate the accumulation of contaminants. Chain wax should not be too brittle, nor too soft.

Some waxes are naturally very hard and brittle, like carnuba, or even paraffin can be very hard if it has a high melting point. If a wax is too soft, it could become mushy and melt in hot sun leading to increased viscous drag.

This will greatly depend on the wax you use, your riding conditions, and your tolerance for chain noise. In the case of a chain treated with Molten Speed Wax, most users get around km of blissful riding on a single application.

Generally speaking, the more frequently you re-wax your chain, the better your drivetrain durability will be. Frequently pushing to km plus, this drops to to 10, km. Like the wax products themselves, not all pre-waxed chains are equal. CeramicSpeed is perhaps the most established option in this space, and the process is quite involved.

Then the chain is completely stripped of the factory lube. Only then can the chain be submersed in the hot-melt UFO Chain base wax for optimization.

Waxing a chain requires some basic mechanical knowledge. Namely, you need to be comfortable with removing and installing a chain from the bike via a quick link.

Waxing a chain will require some new equipment, namely a way to slowly melt the wax in a controlled manner. A cheap slow cooker is a perfect tool for this, as covered later on. While clean to touch, some wax products are flaky. And as covered below, corrosion can be an issue to those in wet climates who are only waxing at Get Down - Jackie Chain - Wax On Wax Off Mixtape (CDr intervals. According to Smith, wax-dipped chains perform well in wet conditions.

It is very easy to see the wax adheres to the metal plate much better than the oil, after a water wash. However, Smith does warn that riding in wet climates can decrease the longevity of wax. As a result, chain wax may not be ideal depending on where and how you Album). Waxed chains can still need frequent re-application in wet and foul conditions. In such conditions, you may find that more traditional cleaning and lubing of the drivetrain, while cleaning the bikeis more effective.

Yes, but also, no. The wax itself offers a great barrier from corrosion, however, if left too long between applications, that wax can chip off the outer plates of a chain, leaving the chain exposed to the elements. The way wax forms a barrier from grit and the general non-stick nature means a waxed chain will run cleaner and smoother for longer. You will, however, likely need to clean the chain with boiling water and re-wax more often than if you were on the road.

Drip lubes are simple to use and not at all intimidating to consumers. A bottle of drip lube can be extremely cheap, while the maintenance process is easy to show and practical for anyone to replicate. By contrast, hot-melt waxing requires you to remove a key component from the bike and use additional equipment.

And in many cases, removing the chain from the bike outside of replacement has traditionally been against recommendations from the likes of Shimano and Campagnolo. Drip lubes are a profitable business. Drip lubes can also be packaged with matching degreasers and on-bike chain cleaning tools.

Some Get Down - Jackie Chain - Wax On Wax Off Mixtape (CDr. Waxed chains are commonly seen on the bikes of those going for important stage wins or Monuments. The cleanliness and improved drivetrain durability that wax offers has less benefit to pro riders.

Yes, there are a number of new drip lube products on the market which offer comparable drivetrain durability and even improved efficiency compared to popular do-it-at-home melt-on wax products. Almost all of these drip lubes will require future use of degreasers to clean the chain and sprockets, whereas most melt-on products can typically be cleaned off with nothing more than hot water. Are you confident with using a chain quick link and installing a chain?

If you answered yes to both, then chain waxing is certainly worth serious consideration.

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