Human Trafic - Beuns - The Synth Project (CD, Album)

This design is extensively documented in two journal papers:. How much did you pay for your Synergy? The technical documentation for the Synergy is quite detailed, so I think all of the above projects are feasible. Before you try finding a repair shop for your Synergy, check out my debugging tips on the photos page. On something like the K, the velocity has much more limited control. This is much more complex than a simple crossfade.

On the K, each partial can be set to non-harmonic frequencies, but each partial is then locked to that frequency. On the Synergy, each partial can have its own independent frequency envelope. The envelopes are quite flexible, with up to Human Trafic - Beuns - The Synth Project (CD stages, for both amplitude and frequency. The Kawai K had only give 5 stage envelopes. Wendy Carlos went nuts on the Synergy, and spent years refining its voice library.

Most of her voices only use two or three oscillators, yet they sound incredible. The fact that she tuned them all by ear — i. Photos of the Inside of a Synergy, and Debugging Tips I believe this is the only place on a web where you can find such photos. The Sounds What does it sound like? Documentation These are scans of the documents Mark Glinsky check out his Manual Manor — if a manual exists, he probably has it!

Synergy Manual Addendum, System Ver 3. This design is extensively documented in two journal papers: H. Death of an Analogue, 2. Weird Caravan, 3. A2 - Mes Amis - Featuring - Noisebuilder. B1 - Chchile Addikt. B2 - Synth Project.

B3 - Panik Distortion. One More Time. Out Of Order. Voice Killer. May Be. Magik On Dr Bass. A1 - Cyberrurier. A2 - Mixico. B1 - Ease Easy - Signal Electrique.

B2 - Gelstat - Oh-Wow. Acid Fever HS A1 : track 1. A2 : track 2. B1 : track 1. B2 : track 2. ESP HS B1 : prisoner. A1 : licker. A2 : question aurthority. A : notatorious. B1 : ab fab. B2 : backwards catch. Sensory Overload HS 01 A : track 1. Sensory Overload HS 01 B : track 1.

A - Adrenobeat. A2 - Crossover. B1 - Stereo Twins. Insekt ft Hachnoht. Alarm 1. Ready Or Not. Air Nukleos. CV HS 01 Black. Somatic Responses A1 - 33 RPM. This review was previously published on the website of Background Magazine, the oldest Dutch progrock source. Additionally we find in Cradle the use of acoustic guitars in its beginnings, something that marks a variation regarding the Album) of Marillion. Mirror of Insanity is an excellent debut album by Red Sand, and I consider it the highest of their discography, and who they also represent as more than worthy representatives of the genre.

Immediately, "Forsaken part 1" starts the festivities with a nagging voice intro with NASA, with a mod 80s synth and an air guitar and fat at the same time, all complemented by a voiceover sneer, throwing fact "Forsaken part2" and an atmosphere typical RED Sandian with all that makes the happiness of their illustrious elders: station wagons, crescendos, guitar solos and synths, calm atmosphere with soft drums, guitar vibrations and energetic again.

The voice accompanies this piece beautifully. The sound is present, just what his predecessors were also included on the outskirts of the s by giving more relief, more energy, more eloquently to their music. The sound of RED SAND shows its uniqueness and particularity, it is not taken back into neo-prog 80s, one is in the logical evolution of what MARILLION could have done in if he had continued in its original formation; a well orchestrated conglomerate between the various instruments and voice, a tune where each instrument is further emphasized throughout each track, not expecting his solo moment!

At this time, the similarities have soared, neo-prog resumed its pedigree with all that that progressive rock, progressive yet can bring. In fact, this album is without moderation stuck between his right speakers ears open. This CD is short, it includes securities linked together and that make listening even easier, more intimate letting us go with the different notes in a musical universe filled with photos, memories that everyone can make it -even.

This CD gives vibration, acclaim the basic movement that is one of this site: no post, no metal, no AC, no revival, no fusion, no math, just the very substance progressive marrow. So yes, we can say that is very similar to it often takes the same convolutions, the main idea is guessed pretty quickly. Well, on their fourth album Red Sand still sounds like early Marillion, due to the wonderful and moving guitar work by Simon Caron, many compelling solos with the use of the tremolo-arm in the vein of Steve Rothery.

But the musical direction has moved more towards modern Pendragon, also because singer Mathieu Lessand his voice sounds pretty similar to Nick Barrett with the same melancholical undertone.

And in comparison with their previous studio-album Human Trafficking, I notice a more omnipresent role of the keyboards. And the Mellotron can be enjoyed in its full splendor in most of the five alternating tracks, always a Big Plus. The absolute highlight on this new CD is the long composition Shark Man more than 15 minutes : it starts with angry vocals in a bombastic atmosphere with tight drums, then lots of changing climates from dreamy with piano and warm vocals Album) a mid-tempo with sensational work on keyboards and guitarculminating in a compelling build-up and a great grand finale: a sensitive electric guitar solo, accompanied by lush Mellotron and synthesizers, this is Prog Heaven!

What a wonderful blend of Neo-Prog and Old School keyboards, highly recommended. Not everyone likes more of the same, otherwise there can be no progression. So I guess Album) just a stick-in-the-mud. So be it: my Red Sand mud is warm and comforting; isn't. Review by apps79 Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator. Caron would follow again the succesful structure lines of ''Gentry'' in this new effort, two long tracks are complemented by a couple of shorter pieces.

There is a certain tension by the band to reproduced some of the old MARLLION atmospheres in yet another album, making their development a bit static, however the music is again very strong, elaborate and atmospheric. Good thing is that singer Stephane "Steff" Dorval has eventually adapted a vocal expression completely suitable to Red Sand's emotional and sensitive musical background. As for the compositions, these are again very strong with a nostalgic 80's vibe, having PINK FLOYD as a secondary source of inspiration during some dramatic guitar solos.

Caron have made no keyboard diet, Album) being basically a guitarist, ''Human trafficking'' is cleverly balanced between grandiose synthesizers and melodic, electric guitars, deeping into the fundamentals of British Human Trafic - Beuns - The Synth Project (CD, while the two shorter cuts contain again some Mellotron bits.

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