Jeans On - James Last - Non Stop Dancing 77 (Cassette, Album)

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But then about 18 months ago, an unknown college boy at Vail, Colo. Soon, through word of mouth, other youngsters adopted the same outfit, only this time waterproofing their overalls.

The fad spread like a prairie fire from Vail to Aspen to Squaw and Sun Valleys and then to college and high school campuses throughout the country. Lee Company of Shawnee Mission, Kans. We coordinated them with a series of Western-style shirts. Hey, podner: howdya like ta throw off that office suit and try the gen-u-ine machisimo of these denim and leather gal-getters…. No post on seventies denim would be complete without mention of the pocket design fad. Above, the Sears Fall-Winter catalog offers astrological signs for your pocket.

It was most exciting to wake up on Monday with the prospect of the Sugar Mama track airing. It inspired me to concoct a 1, word overview of the track.

The way the words tumbled out reminded me of writing the A Celebration book and compiling the TBL newsletters that I used to send out in the 90s in the pre Internet age. Back then, the words always flowed freely with passion and enthusiasm and it was great to be inspired on Monday to feel that same excitement.

Oh not to mention the previous 12 years when there was also a Jeans On - James Last - Non Stop Dancing 77 (Cassette of pen to paper on the same subject of with the early TBL mags etc. The pic above was taken in when the book was published. Until next time…. And the picture was from Knebworth, a year earlier. Information was incredibly limited. The band may as well have been playing on Mars, not across the North Sea.

Those TFI performances and interview were epic! P Michael was such a good foil for them both and brought a vitality at that period in their evolution.

James Last, a man completely confident in what he didmusical boundaries just did not exist for him. Yep — Celebration book was amazing, I bought it again about ten years ago as my original started to fall apart having been consulted so many times…dare I say it was the Zep Bible at the time?

There was just so much information, was truly great…. Must get them off the shelf and have a look soon. Yep also bought the celebration book, and the second one actually both great reads and some fabulous pics some of which at the time I had never seen before, yea all in all great stuff from the main man as usual!!! I had that fantastic book, second hand vinyl copies of the albums and a tape of a documentary that must have been on Radio One around the time of Remasters.

How did we live without the internet? How will we live without free public libraries? Great piece as ever Dave. Would be remiss of me however notti not to bring to your attention 2 genius typos. Nothing defective about it at all. Keep rockin mate.

As a teenager I remember buying your Celebration book and reading it again and again. I especially remember the bootleg section, which I would consult Album) going to record fairs. And the section on live video of the band was literally the Holy Grail. Keep up the good work. Add your comment below, or trackback from your own site.

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After some stirrings, Jack White is preparing to get behind the drum kit again. I had so many things I was working on. I designed a sports car, made some short movies, played a lot of golf. I was happy until Daft Punk and the DJ world got me back into music. I came back to LA in I have a small studio here. I make demos. I do drums, bass, keyboards, some. The message was reassuring: blistering riffs, howled vocals, hard-hitting choruses, everything pretty much as youd expect from White and his pals.

It was an excellent reminder of The Dead Weathers thrilling live skills, and a welcome taste of what to expect from their third studio album interviews by michael bonner and tom pinnock. We reserve the right to refuse this offer. This offer in no way affects your statutory rights. Titles subject to availability, while stocks last. Individual titles which appear elsewhere in the store, outside of this campaign, may be priced differently. Involves threesomes in LA, ghosts in New Orleans, naked mushroom epiphanies in Big Sur, and Album) healthy dose of Mascara, blood, ash and cum.

Im here, he claims, to help liberate people. Maybe to liberate myself most of all. There was very little forethought, other than just a feeling they might like it there. Why did we move here? Tillman asks rhetorically, folding his tall 6ft 4in frame into a brown leather couch in his living room. Raking a hand through his beard and cracking his knuckles, he takes a long time to answer.

No good reason, really. I think the reason for moving is still revealing itself. Ive only ever moved with an earthly ambition before, he says, putting extra emphasis on the last word, a signifier that this is something else altogether. The couple who only married in September under a cover of redwood trees in Big Jeans On - James Last - Non Stop Dancing 77 (Cassette, each with a crown of white flowers didnt know anyone in New Orleans.

They had no ties to the place Tillman is from Rockville, Maryland, while Emma is an only child from Santa Barbara, California but in the way of all genius ideas, it came to them in a moments flash.

Not the first one that Tillman ever had, either its usually how he travels from one place to another. The thing that makes Josh pretty extraordinary is he has these epiphanies and then hell act on them, explains Casey Prescott, Fleet Foxes former keyboardist and Tillmans best friend. Its how he got to Seattle. Its how he got to LA, and how he moved to New Orleans. Most people just think about what they want to do. Josh always takes action. I moved to Seattle to pursue music, continues Tillman. Then I moved to LA to blow up my life, then we moved here just because we could.

There was just a feeling that we could do whatever we wanted. And the prospect of moving was symbolic of that, especially moving somewhere where we didnt know anyone, he says, incessantly clicking the top of a ballpoint pen, emphasising every word. He is never at rest; and its possible to understand why his parents got him a drum set at 11, to drain off some energy.

There was nothing I wanted to study. I couldnt engage. I took a perverse pleasure in failing, he says. Byhe knew he had to leave. All I wanted to do was to play my music. I figured Seattle was the place to do it. There was a lot of fear and trembling that went into me leaving there and extricating myself from Christianity, which had been my entire world. But an epiphany that size requires leaving your family, moving to the other side of the country, all that.

I do feel a responsibility to my internal world to act on those kinds of things when they come up. So far his instincts have been correct. No matter that he didnt know anyone in Seattle.

He got one of his demos to Seattle indie legend Damien Jurado, who brought him out on tour with him about a year later. When the band fired their drummer, the job was offered to Tillman. For the next four years, he was in one of the most successful folk ensembles of the past decade, with Fleet Foxes heralded as the spiritual descendants of CSN.

But the trouble was, Josh Tillman didnt connect with the external pastoral world the Foxes inhabited, so after three albums he quit the band by email in January [see panel], following it up with a simple announcement on his Tumblr account: Back into the gaping maw of obscurity. Four months later, hed released his ninth solo album, Fear Fun, the first recorded under the new moniker Father John Misty, all but instigating his own religion.

Im not sure hed tell you. He was searching for a way to bust out and become himself. When we got here, we had this fantasy that we were going to move to this haunted palace, he explains. We found an unheated, haunted barn thats 10 blocks down the way from here. That might have been OK had we not moved in the middle of the polar vortex. The couple signed a lease, moved in. Almost immediately, they moved out. We lived there for three weeks and it had some really negative vibes, explains Emma, who looks unnervingly like a mythic sea nymph, with her dark curling hair, her bare feet as slender and bony as a ballerinas, and her blood-red lipstick.

The newly-weds found friendlier spirits in the Marigny district, near a section of the city that the New York Times has taken to describing, somewhat accurately, as the Williamsburg of the South. But no matter how gentrified New Orleans may become, theres something of a spiritual miasma permeating the place, as befits The Most Haunted City in America, a moniker that inspires many of its 9.

Josh Tillman, on the other hand, came here to leave his ghosts behind. Just like all the other times. Or to quote Emily Dickinson: One need not be a chamber to be haunted. The improbability of me living here made it more appealing, says Tillman.

That this isnt a place Id normally belong. They live on a street filled with neat rows of small wooden structures tiny as doll houses, all painted in primary colours. There is a black Chevy hearse with California license plates parked in front of a Czanne-blue house.

Very Neil Young circa Dark shutters and wrought-iron bars cover all the windows of the house. The interior is long and cavernous, filled with dark wood and jewel-coloured rugs running the expanse of a hallway that gives you the sense of being inside a train.

Each room feeds into the next, without dividing walls, ending in what looks like a billowy white tent, which hides a claw-foot bathtub. Theres a Persian rug in the bathroom, atop it a pair of brown leather Moroccan slippers you could imagine Jimmy Page wearing. One wall is bright blue, and houses an oversized gardeners sink where you could either efficiently chop up a body or trim roses.

We dont know anyone here. This is the extent of our world, pretty much, Tillman admits. Emma wrote her first feature-length script this year. While she was doing it I was losing my goddamn mind, I was unable to he lets the words hang in the afternoon air, as if its hard to continue. Well, I wasnt able to do anything. Its only now, within the last few months, Im able to do anything. My body moved here but my spirit was still back there [in LA]. A painting hangs in the foyer of the house, with a mirror embedded in the centre.

Running across the top, in quaint, old-fashioned psychedelic script, the words You Are Here. That was painted for us by the guy who painted the sign for the Laurel Canyon Country Store, Tillman says.

He [Spike Stewart] gave it to us as a wedding present. The market, a meeting place for the Canyons glitterati in the. There was a lot of fear and trembling in extricating myself from Christianity. Elsewhere, the haunting beauty of his guitar playing is discreetly complimented by Mellotron and soft, scurrying beats. Autobiographical to a fault and damn the fall-out, the former J Tillman may sound like Album) Nilsson, but he parties like Jimmy Page.

It shares a similar, deep woods sound; subtly melodic, full of richly harmonised vocals. The tale of a promiscuous father and his two children who keep devising supernatural ways to get rid of the women he romances, it relies on the music to set the mood which it does beautifully, hinting at some of Tillmans hidden talents.

Deft, understated and unnerving. More orchestrated than its predecessors, his sixth is nevertheless striking: I possess a holy fear, he intones on the witchy, backwoods horror of There Is No Good In Me.

Recorded in three days by Steve Albini, Tillmans bleakest record is typically hot on apocalyptic. More literal Album) its predecessor, Tillman has tried and succeeded in making his version of Two Virgins, chronicling his own unorthodox love story, complete with what he was doing the night before he met the future Mrs Tillman. He sings like Marvin Gaye, or at least a Chi-Lite. PReview early 70s, is where Tillman first met Emma in September It confounded me, he says now.

Everyone was on some weird ego trip. Myself included. There were certain aspects of the band I was just not jiving with. I felt the sentimentality about the wilderness and otherness and these external worlds was just symptomatic of a certain type of affluence. I just thought that was just kind of played out and I wanted to get more out of my creative time and how I expressed myself. How did you really feel about the CSNY comparisons? Neil Young, now hes all right. You quit the band by email That realisation was a very small step towards where I am now.

Just being like, Oh, Im just a monster. OK, Ill just live that way. I wanted to be like a noble savage or wanted to justify and redeem certain all-consuming, destructive aspects of myself and to like fully engage with those. But real monsters dont think about it that way.

They dont have a conscience about it. Theres something kind of ludicrous about that email. Look, guys, Im just a selfish monster. And its best for everyone if I just engage that. You know, like best for everyone? Like what does a monster care about that? Both times he couldnt stop sobbing. But in this womb-like space, with its subdued lighting, old world charms, and lack of TV, he seems spectacularly sane, his eyes clear, his thoughts coherent and erudite.

He sips tea from an earthenware mug and its noticeable that the man who has made smoking onstage an artform on a par with Ian McCulloch hasnt had a single cigarette. The Tillmans have eschewed drugs, the very things that helped accelerate some of his more trenchant observations on s Fear Fun. I never viewed it [drugs] as amusement.

I dont view my experience with it as a failed experiment whatsoever. But I dont want to stay there. I want to keep pulling layers back, and while this doesnt have a whole lot to do with this record per se, the last year has been the process of de-polluting my body and being able to have clarity. It seems like natural extension from a self-destructive place. I was so polluted with low-grade addictions like drinking, smoking, all of these self-soothing kinds of habits, that it took amphetamines, hallucinogenics just to have some degree of vital energy.

It was like finding the most complicated way possible to skin a cat. Now Im just trying to simplify everything, he says, his hands splayed out dramatically as he gestures around the room. This LP is far less obtuse, and the subject matter is simpler. The structures of the tunes are, too. Im also finding some excitement in the idea that the process can simplify.

What it comes down to is, I want to live like an artist and work like an accountant. On s Fear Fun, Tillman artfully arranged a breadcrumb trail to where he was in his life, and where he was going next, and its that trail that connects the two LPs.

Tillman had an epiphany, sitting naked in a tree in Big Sur after ingesting mushrooms. He realised the best things he was doing were the things he did between his songs, and that he needed to incorporate that wry, self-mocking, offbeat humour into his material.

In his words, he was done with making wound-licking music. Its funny; I thought Id found my authentic self when I allowed the humour into my songs on my last album, Tillman reveals. I get some cheap thrill out of analysing myself, and I like intimidating other people. That song should have been on this album.

It certainly foreshadows it, allows Tillman. When Tillman was in Seattle, he was a mountain of a man, burly, hirsute, wearing oversized jeans and shirts. Then something happened.

It was as if he unzipped a bear suit and came out like a model for Vogue Hommes. Josh has always been handsome, give or take a haircut or two, argues Casey Wescott.

It was a synchronistic thing where we both gave up the dude beer vibe and became paleo [following the Paleolithic diet], explains Jonathan Wilson. But he went from the long-hair Seattle guy to a more dapper guy. It was the time for that version of himself. He suddenly started showing up every day in suits. Weird thing is, it didnt seem strange. I do know Im a handsome person, says Tillman. But I never liked the way good-looking people get treated.

Didnt trust it. Why be valued for that? So for a long time I put a mask on. Long hair. Bad clothes. It was part of not liking who I was. Trying to find my way to myself. John, hes only dancing Father John Misty is becoming well known for rather unorthodox dancing, by way of early Jim Morrison and a young Scott Walker T singing Silent Night in three-part harmony in a bathroom with two naked women.

People ask me if meeting Emma changed anything, he continues. It changed everything. But not at first. Both of us thought that relationships were idiotic. We were really connecting on that, and that fed my vanity.

I liked the idea of us as the two misanthropes in love. Then pretty early on we had been hanging out, and she left in the morning, and I had the worst anxiety all day long. She came back to my house and she was like, Oh, I just had the worst anxiety all day long. Emma was a big part of this album, besides being an inspiration behind it. You know the line in Honeybear that goes, Mascara, blood, ash and cum. One morning I got in the shower and she said to me, The sheets are covered in.

I wrote the Rorschach part. That was all me, he crows. Does she get a writing credit? She needs more than a writing credit. When nobody else cared, including me, she told me the truth.

The best thing she did was tell me I needed to not be afraid for these songs to be beautiful. I was afraid of shedding a version of myself Id become comfortable with. Like OK, wry, sarcastic works for me. That will fill seats. I was like a Republican senator, the guy going around telling everyone about personal revolution and growth while desperately clinging to this previous incarnation. But what about the next incarnation?

Id like to get to a point musically where Im onstage in the foetal position in a diaper screaming, and just being like thats what I do now. Its a male voice. There are no lyrics. Im trans-lyrical. I get quite a bit from the music and from the performance.

Im trying to disrupt things. Ive never thought of myself as being a musician. I see myself as a proselytiser, to some extent. Im here to help liberate people. How will you know? Ill know. I even sign autographs, Yours Eventually.

It was always this thing that people who knew me were well accustomed to. I think those same people cant believe it was happening in a professional context. In hindsight I can go back and try to break it down, but its a shaman dance. Its meant to hypnotise. Dil Se. UnnikrishnanPallavi. Unnikrishnan, Sujatha Mohan. Nithyashree Mahadevan. HariharanAnuradha Sriram. HariniAnupamaFebi Mani. Kavita KrishnamurthyUdit Narayan.

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