Kaned & Able - Believe (Vinyl)

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Octavia breaks down and continues to beg them to kill her. Later on, when Raven flies some of the key people to the ground to save their friends, Octavia sneaks in as a stowaway and says that she's there to save her brother.

She is the one who easily figures out the path their friends took. In The Children of Gabrielshe continues arguing with her brother, saying that she's here only to save and protect him. Bellamy is upset seeing her around, however with support from Echohe agrees that she might be helpful in their mission to retrieve the dropship. When the group arrives at the ship, they notice that MadiGaia and Diyoza have been paralyzed by a group of hijackers - the Children of Gabriel.

Since the Children of Gabriel seem to be leaving, Bellamy suggests waiting them out but Octavia goes in and murders everyone of them in an instant. Because of it, Bellamy tells Octavia that she is not his sister anymore. He exiles her from the ship and leaves her to die alone in the woods. Later, while in the forest, Octavia is ambushed by another group of the Children of Gabriel. She again tries to kill them as well, but they poison her with the plant toxins.

She falls, paralyzed. Octavia refuses to tell them anything. Octavia promises Rose that she will save her and take her home safely. While the Children of Gabriel are arguing about whether to kill them or take them to " the old man" Octavia escapes with Rose.

The Children of Gabriel run after them and apprehend them. Luckily, Diyoza arrives just in time to shoot them all. Unfortunately, Tosh, faking to be dead, gets up and quickly kills Rose.

Octavia kills Tosh and vows to kill every last one of them. Octavia is so enraged by Rose's murder that she teams with Diyoza to go hunt and kill all the remaining Children of Gabriel and "their old man. In The Gospel of Josephineshe and Diyoza are chasing after Xavier, who leads them to a swamp-like ground called "the crucible", where they get stuck and begin to sink.

He offers to save them after they tell him who else of their people have Blood Alternation. Octavia asks Diyoza to tell him nothing. While Diyoza remains calm, Octavia actively struggles to go free, which only causes her to sink faster. Diyoza asks Octavia to give up and tell Xavier but Octavia would rather die. Diyoza asks Octavia if she really wants to die and offers to kill Octavia.

She points a gun at Octavia's face but Octavia is not scared at all. She figures out that Octavia wants to die because people in her life hate her. Diyoza advises Octavia to stop caring about whether her friends hate her. Being hated by her friends pales in comparison to Diyoza's situation where her face is placed next to the worst people of all time. Just as Octavia is about to completely sink, they notice a bright flare in the sky.

Xavier says it's a temporal flare and it's very dangerous. He throws them a rope to escape and run to safety. However, Octavia is too sunk to move. So, to avoid slowing Diyoza down, she asks Diyoza to run and save her baby. Diyoza promises to come back for her. As the flare hits, Octavia closes her eyes and goes underground. Afterwards, Diyoza comes back to check on Octavia. She starts looking around and notices Octavia's body frozen underneath the ground.

She breaks the ice layer and pulls Octavia out. Luckily, Octavia regains consciousness, but her hand looks damaged. Diyoza concludes that Octavia went underground for cover from the flare because she didn't really want to die despite acting like it. Octavia and Diyoza resume their hunt for the Children of Gabriel and their leader.

In Memento MoriOctavia continues her journey with Diyoza to find the old man. However, her hand is still hurting after being exposed to the temporal flare. Xavier finds them and says he can save them.

He and Diyoza retrieve tree sap which is supposed to be the cure but it doesn't work on Octavia. Instead Octavia's arm starts spiraling. After noticing the pattern, Xavier gives her a rock to let the hand draw freely on the ground. She draws a logarithmic spiral, which Xavier recognizes as the shape of The Anomaly where the temporal flare came from. He says that the temporal flare was a message for Octavia that The Anomaly is calling her.

After revealing that he has a similar spiral too, Octavia and Diyoza agree to go with Xavier to the anomaly. When Josephine appears behind Clarkeshe tells them to fight. Instead of fighting, Clarke runs off and ends up in the medical ward of Mount Weather. When Xavier leans in to calm her down, Diyoza notices a Mind Drive scar on his neck, realizing that Xavier is in fact Gabriel. Gabriel admits that he's been posing as Xavier and has only kept the Mind Drive because he has no one to remove it.

He then tells them that they need to get to the anomaly quickly to save Octavia before time runs out. At the anomaly, Diyoza gets hallucinations in which she sees her future daughter, Hope asking her to come with her. Octavia and Gabriel warn Diyoza against it but Diyoza gets drawn by Hope and holds her hand into the anomaly. In the confusion, Octavia gets sucked into the anomaly but emerges moments later.

As they lay side by side on the ground, Gabriel looks at Octavia's arm and confirms that it's been healed by the anomaly. In What You Take With YouGabriel takes Octavia back to the Verge where Octavia insists that she doesn't remember anything and points out that she was only in the anomaly for a few seconds. However, as Octavia returned clean and healed, Gabriel thinks it was probably much longer. She had also come out at a run as if Octavia had been running from something.

Gabriel decides to use red sun toxin to help Octavia remember. In her mind, Octavia sees an empty version of Gabriel's tent with two boxes, one with a red light and one with a green light. Octavia chooses the one with the red light and ends up in the arena in the Second Dawn Bunker where she is chained down. Octavia is approached by Charles Pike who suggests that her murder of him set Octavia down her dark path and reminds Octavia of every bad thing she has done. Pike points out that Octavia is hated by everyone, including herself and demands to know what she wants.

Octavia finally admits that she wants redemption for her actions, but they are interrupted by Blodreinarepresenting Octavia's dark side, who demands that Octavia kill Pike again while Pike demands to know who she is: Bellamy's sister or the person who would've watched Bellamy die in the arena. As Blodreina prepares to kill Pike, Octavia realizes that Blodreina's speech is the same Pike gave before executing Lincoln and is horrified at what she became.

Octavia saves Pike who disappears and fights Blodreina. Octavia manages to kill Blodreina and declares that she is "Blodreina no more". After awakening, Octavia has a renewal of purpose and prepares to take off, only to hear a message from Clarke stating that she is the host of Josephine Lightbourne. Gabriel warns that it means that Clarke is in trouble which Octavia realizes means all of her friends are in trouble too. Before she can take off to help them, Gabriel reminds Octavia that Clarke's message said that she was coming to them and states that things are about to get weirder.

The two arrive in time to rescue Clarke from tree vines which are close to strangling her to death. However, Josephine is revealed to be in control and they are captured by Sanctum guards led by Jade. Identifying Gabriel to the guards, Josephine orders him captured and Octavia killed.

Before they can, one of the guards shoots the others and reveals himself to be Bellamy in disguise. Completely ignoring his sister's presence, Bellamy orders Jade to return to Sanctum with a warning for Russell Lightbourne before the group returns to the Verge. At the Verge, Gabriel prepares to remove Josephine from Clarke who is close to death from the strain of holding two minds in her body.

Gabriel reveals that he must first stop Clarke's heart temporarily and Josephine tries to convince Gabriel not to go through with it. Gabriel tearfully stops Clarke's heart and removes the Mind Drive, but fails to revive her.

Octavia points out that the EEG shows that both Clarke and Josephine's minds are still in Clarke's body and begs Kaned & Able - Believe (Vinyl) to save her friend. However, Gabriel believes that the strain of holding two minds is too much for her brain and Clarke can't be saved, leaving Octavia visibly distraught. As Bellamy tries desperately to save Clarke, Octavia tries to comfort her brother who finally acknowledges her and refuses to give up. Clarke is finally revived, leaving Octavia overjoyed as Clarke and Bellamy embrace.

Octavia looks at the EEG with Gabriel which shows Josephine's brain wave pattern flatline, Josephine having been destroyed by Clarke for good. Bellamy keeps ignoring Octavia, calling her the queen of cannibals. Gabriel tries to reconcile them by telling Bellamy that Octavia is special because she returned from the anomaly. When the group is ambushed by Children of GabrielOctavia volunteers herself and Bellamy to go collect plant toxins they need to build the weapon against Sanctum.

While in the cave, Octavia tells Bellamy that anomaly spit her back so that she can make things right with him. She tells him that she is changed for the better. She says that Bellamy was her compass and she was lost without him. Octavia says that she isn't asking for Bellamy's forgiveness because she knows she has to earn it. All she is asking is for Bellamy to say she's his sister again.

This makes Bellamy emotional. Bellamy then tells Octavia that she is his sister but not his responsibility anymore. Octavia is relieved. After that, Bellamy starts avoiding eye contact so that Octavia doesn't see him crying. Octavia and Bellamy return to the tent where Clarke reveals that they have shifted the plan so that they will only release enough of the toxin to simulate a Red Sun eclipse and cause an evacuation of Sanctum, preventing a potential massacre.

However, this plan requires Clarke to pose as Josephine in order to be able to take the radiation shield down. While Bellamy argues against the plan as it risks Clarke's life, Octavia argues for it, stating that if they can spare innocent lives they should. When the Sanctum guards attack, the group is tied up until Jade arrives with Murphy.

Clarke pretends to be Josephine to accompany the group and pretends to kill Layla to save her life. Clarke ungags Bellamy who promises to bring the cavalry once Clarke drops the radiation shield. Clarke glances at Octavia who, still gagged, just nods at her in agreement before Clarke leaves. In Adjustment ProtocolOctavia with Bellamy, Gabriel, and the Children Kaned & Able - Believe (Vinyl) Gabriel reach the radiation shield and have to wait until Clarke can successfully deactivate it.

Gabriel however changes that plan when he hears that multiple Primes will receive a new host in today's naming ceremony and runs through the radiation shield being protected by his nightblood.

As it gets dark Bellamy, Octavia and the C. As soon Bellamy speaks out the truth about the Primes - Russell proceeds with the adjustment protocol and releases the Red-Sun-toxin to provoke panic. Murphy and Emori release the Earth people and guide them to the palace but as soon the word spread that Russell Lightbourne has left Sanctum the believers start to attack again.

As the group reach the palace they finally find Jordan Green who is in a deep hypnosis state - a male adjustor just tries to run away but Octavia knocks him out with a single straight arm. Gabriel asks for support to help release his people, but nobody offers help til Octavia says 'I can not let them die' and demonstrates responsibility for their new ally.

Just now Bellamy, Echo and finally Murphy too offers their support - Murphy leads as Prime taking Gabriel hostage and bring him into the tavern towards the Sanctum believers while Octavia, Bellamy, Echo controls the outside of the tavern. Tory keeps suspicious and locks everybody in while she tries to burn down the whole tavern with everybody inside Octavia, Bellamy and Echo fights everybody down with torches in their hands.

Seeing no other chance Tory pours the gas over her body and set herself on fire running towards the tavern - only Octavia can prevent this with a direct run against her which sets her own cloths on fire.

On the back of Octavia Gabriel recognize a new tattoo, there are a lot of anomaly hieroglyphs - the tattoo proves Octavia was inside the anomaly much longer than she remembers.

The Anomaly Stone has the same hieroglyphs as the tattoo on Octavia therefore Gabriel with her help touch all the red marked hieroglyphs and wait. Within a short time the anomaly expands rapidly and reach the camp where Octavia hears a person approaching them - it is the young adult Hope Diyoza the daughter of Charmaine Diyoza.

In From the AshesBellamy attempts to chase after Octavia only to be abducted by people from Bardo. At the same time, Hope shows no memory after the Anomaly disappears, similar to Octavia herself. As Bellamy, Gabriel and Hope attempt to ambush the kidnappers, Hope experiences a hallucination of Octavia under the influence of the Red Sun toxin, possibly a memory from when she was younger.

Octavia tells Hope that no matter what she hears, she must remain quiet. Octavia promises Hope that "Mommy and Auntie O will come back for you" before backing away and vanishing while continuing to signal Hope to be quiet.

Distressed, Hope calls after the hallucination of Octavia. Reaching the surface, Octavia is amazed to discover her withered arm healed and follows screams to where Diyoza is in the middle of giving birth. Diyoza explains that though Octavia followed her seconds after, it has been three months on Skyring. Octavia helps to deliver Hope and helps Diyoza to start raising her daughter. Though Octavia wants to return through the Anomaly to Sanctum, Diyoza warns that the Anomaly is too deep underwater for Octavia to survive the dive.

The three become a family though Octavia refuses to give up her quest to return through the Anomaly. One day, while planting a garden with Hope, Octavia discovers the buried corpse of a Disciple and realizes that she can use his suit to reach the Anomaly safely. Octavia refuses Diyoza's pleas and warnings that putting the suit on could warn the man's people of their presence, resulting in Diyoza smashing the helmet to prevent her from using the suit.

As Diyoza restrains Octavia, she desperately states that she wants to get back to Bellamy to explain that she understands why he abandoned her to die. Subsequently, Octavia writes a message in a bottle to Bellamy and throws it into the lake in the hopes that it will travel back through the Anomaly and reach her brother.

Content with her new life, Octavia spends the next four years as a family with Diyoza and Hope. One night, Octavia repairs the clothes she was wearing when she came through the Anomaly before a noise draws their attention. Disciples emerge from the expanded Anomaly and reveal that they got Octavia's letter which led them to Skyring. Octavia hides Hope, as in the hallucination the adult Hope experienced under the Red Sun toxin and after a brief fight is subdued.

The Disciples place helmets upon Octavia and Diyoza so that they will keep their memories and when Hope emerges from hiding, everyone is gone. Hope reveals that Octavia was on Skyring for ten years and explains some of the events, including mentioning stories Octavia told about her friends and family.

Hope reveals that Octavia is still alive and she did not stab her but instead injected her with a locator device which had to go deep to keep Octavia from being turned inside out. The code Octavia entered into the Anomaly Stone was Hope's biometric code while the locator pulled Octavia through the Anomaly in return.

Hope had made a deal with Anders, the Disciples' leader, to tag Octavia in exchange for her mother's life, but had always intended to return through Anomaly to rescue them both instead. In Hesperidesin a flashback, Octavia paints the words Hesperides on a rock and discusses the story of the Hesperides with a year old Hope and compares the story to the life that she, Diyoza and Hope are living.

In the present, Gabriel finds the rock and Hope explains the history behind it to him. Despite centuries having passed and the disrepair of the cabin, the Hercules roses Octavia planted are shown to have survived and are blossoming. Hope later tells Echo and Gabriel about a device called Memory Capture that's not torture unless you fight. Octavia had fought it and so did Diyoza. Echo realizes that Bellamy will fight it too. In Welcome to Bardoin a flashback, Octavia and Diyoza arrive on Bardo 45 days before the present and Diyoza yells at Octavia not to tell the Disciples anything as she's dragged away.

Octavia manages to break free and flees the Disciples, but is eventually recaptured and put into the M-Cap machine by the Disciple leader Anders and the scientist Levitt. Anders has Levitt use the M-Cap to extract Octavia's memories of her friends, developing a particular interest in Clarke Griffin. Levitt becomes interested in Octavia's history, reassuring her that while she is a warrior, she is not a bad person.

After learning that years have passed on Skyring while she's been gone, Octavia offers to give Levitt the information that he wants to know in exchange for him helping her return there for Hope.

Octavia is eventually rescued by the adult Hope who leads her back to the Anomaly Stone. Siding with the two young women, Levitt reopens the Anomaly to Sanctum, but warns that traveling through the Anomaly to a slower time dilated planet with a Disciple helmet will cause Octavia to lose all memory of the time that she has been gone from Sanctum.

With Hope needing the full armor to rescue her mother, Octavia has her keep the helmet and Levitt tattoos Octavia's back with Hope's biometric code so that she can remotely pull Hope through later.

After apologizing for not returning for Hope and punching Levitt in the face twice so that he won't be suspected of helping her, Octavia enters the Anomaly and emerges on Sanctum moments after she left, her memory of her ten years away gone. In another flashback, Hope, having been captured trying to rescue her mother, reluctantly prepares to send Octavia back to Bardo. When Octavia enters Hope's biometric code on the Anomaly Stone, Hope is transported to Sanctum where Octavia greets her and is stabbed, disappearing through the Anomaly.

Octavia is returned to Bardo where Anders greets her and sends Octavia to get medical treatment before putting her back in the M-Cap for more information. A week before the current time, Levitt approaches Octavia, about to be taken off of her case. Levitt tells Octavia that he surgically implanted a note to help Hope into her arm before she was sent to Sanctum and encourages her to focus on the mantra "I am not afraid" to resist the M-Cap.

They are interrupted by Anders who takes Octavia to the Anomaly room where Bellamy has taken a hostage and demands Octavia back. Unwilling to let Bellamy die for her, Octavia promises to tell Anders all that he wants to know about Clarke if he will send Bellamy back to Sanctum. Anders reopens the Anomaly for Bellamy, but he refuses to abandon his sister despite her pleas. Suddenly, a wounded but still alive Disciple detonates a grenade in a massive explosion, apparently killing Bellamy much to Octavia's grief.

Still repeating her mantra to resist the machine, the devastated Octavia shows her friends the memory of Bellamy's apparent death. Consumed by rage and grief, Echo kills Jeremiah. In Anacondawhen Clarke demands to see her friends, Diyoza, Echo and Octavia are sent into the Stone room wearing full Disciple armor and seemingly fully brainwashed to their cause. In A Little Sacrificea shocked Clarke demands that Cadogan allow all of her people to return to Sanctum in exchange for her help in using the Flame.

However, Echo states that they aren't going anywhere as they have a war to fight. Echo leaves the room followed by Octavia and Kaned & Able - Believe (Vinyl) with Octavia not saying a word as she leaves. When Clarke demands to know what was done to her friends, Anders simply states that they are now ready to serve mankind in the last war.

After the Disciples, aside from Cadogan, are evacuated from the Stone room, Gabriel explains that the Disciples think that Clarke has the Flame due to seeing Octavia's memory of Clarke using it to destroy A. The group realizes that the fact that Echo, Octavia and Diyoza never told the Disciples the truth means that they are only playing along with the Disciples and have not really joined them. Returned to their room, Octavia becomes annoyed with Diyoza's pacing and anger over Hope's unwillingness to play along, reassuring her friend that they will get Hope out before she is sent to Skyring.

The two apologize to each other while Diyoza expresses surprise at the lack of guards. Raven explains that Clarke threatened not to help with the Flame if the Disciples got in their way. Raven compliments Octavia on not telling the Disciples the truth about the Flame and she explains that she thought it was good leverage since they were bound to show up eventually.

Looking at a silent Miller, Octavia tells her old friend that they're glad that they did before hugging him. After a moment, the surprised Miller returns the hug at Octavia's insistence.

Hope suddenly arrives, causing everyone to turn their guns on her before Diyoza reassures them that Hope is not one of the Disciples. Hope instantly recognizes Clarke, Raven and Miller from her mother's descriptions of them and Diyoza explains that Hope is her daughter and that "time dilation's a bitch. As they leave the room, Clarke realizes that Echo is missing and Hope brushes it off, stating that Echo will catch up which no one believes and Octavia quickly realizes that Echo is getting revenge for Bellamy.

Hope warns them that they only have 45 minutes to get off of Bardo and that she doesn't know what Echo's plan is, just that Levitt helped her with it and didn't tell Hope more because Echo knew they'd get it out of Hope and try and stop her.

Worried about Levitt, Octavia heads off to check on him followed by the others. Clarke's group discovers a tied-up and beaten Levitt who admits that he broke after Echo killed two people in front of him. Levitt states that he was forced to help Echo get Gen-9the bioweapon that wiped out the native Bardoans and will deploy it through the central humidification system on the Machine Level. Raven realizes that it will take time to go from its entry point to the vents and Echo will make a run for the Stone room.

Hope insists that they should too while they still have time. Levitt begs Octavia to release him so that he can get help, but Hope warns Octavia that if they do, the Disciples will kill Echo. Octavia decides to replace the gag in Levitt's mouth as she and the others go after Echo. As Echo is about to release Gen-9, Hope and the others show up to stop her, upsetting Echo as Hope was supposed to get them all out.

Octavia attempts to talk Echo down, understanding her desire for revenge over the loss of Bellamy. Octavia insists that there are good people on Bardo, but Echo is dismissive of this, pointing out that Levitt stole Octavia's memories from her and in the process, put everyone into this situation in the first place.

Clarke steps forward and tries to convince Echo that this is the wrong thing to do based on her own experiences with making choices when there was another solution and that they can learn to live with their grief, but deciding to commit genocide is something that will always stay with them. However, Echo states that their situations are different as Clarke only takes lives to save the people that she loves while Echo is killing everyone on Bardo for vengeance "pure and simple.

Raven insists Kaned & Able - Believe (Vinyl) Bellamy wouldn't do it, that while the Bellamy that helped to massacre a sleeping army sent to protect Arkadia might've done it, the Bellamy that Spacekru spent six years on the Ark with, the one that Echo loved, would not. Raven calls Echo her sister and says that her sister wouldn't do it.

Clearly conflicted, Echo states that Raven is wrong and moves Gen-9 over the humidification system again. Raven refuses to leave Echo, promising that if Echo releases the bioweapon, she will stay right there and Echo will have to kill her too.

Breaking down in tears, Echo finally relents and Raven pulls her into a hug as Diyoza takes the Gen-9 from Echo's hand. Before the group can leave, they are interrupted by Anders who is enraged at Echo killing three more Disciples, torturing Levitt and attempting to use Gen-9 to commit genocide. The situation dissolves into a standoff when 4 Disciple guards decloak behind Anders who agrees to send Echo to Skyring for 20 years for punishment unless Clarke fails to help them use the final code to begin the last war in which case Echo will die on Skyring instead.

Suddenly, Hope states that she has a better idea, "you die here" and slits Anders' throat, killing him. As Anders drops Gen-9, Hope catches it and attempts to release a single drop into the humidification system. However, Diyoza catches the drop in the palm of her hand and shuts the hatch on humidification system. As Diyoza begins to crystalize from the bioweapon, Hope tries to rush to her mother's side but is restrained by Octavia while Diyoza orders the others to get Hope out.

Octavia drags a desperate Hope from the room as she shouts apologizes at her mother for her actions. In her last moments, Diyoza tells Hope "don't waste it little one. Be better than me. In EthereaClarke and her friends have been given Cadogan's quarters despite the murder of Anders and their other actions due to their control over the Flame.

Sitting at the table with Gabriel, Echo and Octavia, Clarke acknowledges that if the Disciples didn't believe that she has the Flame, they would be in cells. Heading for the door, Clarke states that she is going to wake the others as it's time to go back to Sanctum, but Gabriel reminds her that they are under house arrest.

Aware of that fact along with the fact that their leverage will disappear the moment that she's put in front of the Anomaly Stone, Clarke announces that she's going to offer to do it as soon as the rest of her friends are safely back on Sanctum.

Octavia points out that the Disciples will kill Clarke once they know the truth and Echo refuses to let Clarke sacrifice herself for them. The door opens and Cadogan enters escorted by Doucette and armed Disciples. Clarke starts to make her offer to Cadogan, only to have him usher in a still-alive Bellamy, much to the group's shock and pleasure. The Disciples prevent Octavia from approaching Bellamy and Echo questions how it's possible since they saw him die.

Octavia comments that "it's hard to keep the Blakes down" and Clarke pulls Bellamy into a hug which Cadogan allows since she has the Key. Under cover of the hug, Clarke whispers into Bellamy's ear that the Key is the Flame and that the Disciples believe that it's still in her head and orders him to say nothing. As Clarke breaks the hug, Cadogan expresses hope that Clarke is now willing to help them, stating that too much blood has already been spilled and each death is a child of Earth who won't transcend.

Cadogan begins leaving to give them time to reunite while the Disciples make preparations but, to Clarke, Octavia, Echo and Gabriel's shock, Bellamy, who is now completely loyal to the Disciple cause, reveals that Clarke doesn't have the Flame and that it has been destroyed, negating Clarke's group's leverage over the Disciples.

Octavia is uninhibited and fierce. After being hidden her entire childhood in order to keep from being discovered Octavia is free for the first time in her life, something she embraces even as she struggles with it. She is brave and self-confident. Octavia has a short temper and is prone to outbursts and violence. She sees only in black and white, and judges people harshly as a result.

She cares deeply for the people she loves, including her brother Bellamy and her deceased lover, Lincoln. Starting in " We Are Grounders Part 2 " Octavia is shown to be much more violent and after becoming Indra 's Second in " Survival of the Fittest ," she more and more acts like a Grounder in her approach to violence. Winning the Final ConclaveOctavia become the leader of Wonkru.

While at first she tried to benevolent, Kara Cooper 's coup forced her to take extreme measures. Similar to how things were on the Arkshe made all crimes capital crimes, punishable by fights to the death.

Two years later, when food supplies ran short during the "Dark Year", Wonkru had to cannibalize the dead. Abby advised Octavia that eating should be required, and told her to punish those for not eating. Later, Octavia killed three people for refusing to eat. This event made Octavia think of herself as a monster, which causes her to become even more darker and ruthless. After six years in the bunker, Octavia emerges as a brutal dictator willing to kill anyone who challenges her power.

She orders to kill any defectors and is willing to use parasitical worms in Shallow Valley. Octavia initially accepts Madi even though, as a NightbloodMadi is a potential threat to leadership. Later, Octavia intends to execute Clarkewho is Madi's mother figure, without telling Madi and while using her to conquer Shallow Valley.

Once Madi takes the Flameshe orders a guard to kill her. In " Damocles Part 1 ", Octavia starts to realize that she broke Wonkru and tries to sacrifice herself for the others. She willingly gives up leadership of Wonkru to Madi and helps Abby save Kane in the season finale. In " What You Take With You ," Octavia recognizes that she wants redemption for her actions and is horrified by what she became, particularly after seeing a hallucination of Blodreina preparing to execute Charles Pike and reciting the same words that Pike said before executing Lincoln.

Octavia symbolically kills Blodreina and declares that she is Blodreina no more. Instead, she has become determined to seek redemption and to save her friends.

In " Ashes Kaned & Able - Believe (Vinyl) Ashes ," Octavia states a belief that without Bellamy to help guide her, she became lost. In her new mindset, Octavia is far less violent, advocating openly for Clarke's plan as it doesn't risk innocent lives to save their friends.

Octavia works hard to protect innocent people during the activation of the Adjustment Protocol and shows continuing remorse for her past. In " The Blood of Sanctum ," Octavia understands that the Sanctum Citizens still worship the Primes because if they accept the truth, then their lives mean nothing.

Octavia admits that this is the same reason she burned the hydro farm. During her ten years on the planet, Octavia became an aunt to Hope and they formed a family. Octavia remained obsessed for the first six years with getting back to Sanctum no matter the cost, tearfully admitting that she wants to return to Bellamy and tell her brother that she understands why he left her behind.

After the more practical Diyoza foils her last attempt at returning, Octavia gives up and after sending a message in a bottle to her brother through the Anomaly, settles into a simpler life with Diyoza and Hope.

During this time, Octavia appears to find a sense of peace and contentment, truly enjoying a life away from war and conflict. The arrival of the Disciples interrupts this new life with Octavia's first instinct being to protect Hope from danger rather than rush into battle. However, due to passing through the Anomaly back to Sanctum, Octavia had lost all memory of her time on Skyring with Hope and Diyoza which caused her to revert back to the Octavia she was before entering the Anomaly.

After Hope returns to her, Octavia regains her memories, before being sent through the Anomaly. Octavia has pale skin, green eyes, and long dark brown hair. She has a toned build and is of average height. Octavia appears to be in her mid-teens. She bears a similar appearance to both her mother and her brother, though she and Bellamy are half-siblings. Later she is seen to wear war paint like a Grounder.

In the original pilot script, she is described as strikingly beautiful. Octavia has a tattoo on her right shoulder and upper arm, first seen in " Wanheda Part 2 " and is similar in design to Lincoln's tattoos. Octavia goes through an adjustment to her appearance that debuts in " Red Queen ". Her dark brown hair is cut to shoulder length. And, she opts for a red and black color palette in regards to makeup.

Her new war paint resembles blood. It is presumed that this is to authenticate her new title of Blodreina. In Season Sixafter arriving on Sanctum and particularly after entering the anomaly and wanting redemption for her past as BlodreinaOctavia discards her more threatening look. Instead, she now wears regular clothes with none of her Grounder makeup, appearing far more like she did when she first came to Earth from the Ark. Bellamy is Octavia's older brother.

Bellamy's and Octavia's sibling relationship starts before the first episode of season one at Octavia's birth. After Octavia was discovered and locked up, Bellamy shot Chancellor Jaha as part of a larger conspiracy to gain control of the Ark.

In return he is able to stow away on the Delinquents ' drop ship so he could protect his sister on the ground. Throughout Season OneBellamy is overly protective of Octavia to the point of them getting into numerous fights, often acting more as a father than a brother. Eventually, he acknowledges his sister is stronger than he thought and in " We Are Grounders Part 2 ", Bellamy says goodbye to Octavia and allows her to leave with Lincoln after she is injured in the war.

Lincoln first met Octavia when she had been injured after falling from a steep hill. He chained her up in a cave and took care of her injuries, preventing her from being found by the other Grounders and she thanks him but escapes. After her brother, Bellamyfinds her, he takes Lincoln hostage tortures him for information on the grounders killing them, much to Octavia's dismay.

Octavia frees Lincoln in " Day Trip " while her brother is gone and the rest of the delinquents are hallucinating from some bad nuts. In " Unity Day ", Lincoln takes an arrow for Octavia, saving her life. He saves her life again in " We Are Grounders Part 2 " when he leaves with her in the midst of battle because of the arrow in her leg, this time with Bellamy's blessing.

In " The 48 ", Lincoln returns to his village and almost certain death in order to get medicine to treat Octavia's poisoned wound. After he is captured by ReapersOctavia does not give up hope of finding him, finally succeeding in " Fog of War ". Octavia then works with Clarke and Bellamy to revert Lincoln back from a Reaper in " Long Into an Abyss " and continues helping him in his struggle to overcome his addiction to the Reaper red drug in " Rubicon ".

In Season Three their relationship is strained as Lincoln attempts to integrate into Arkadia and Octavia feels more and more disconnected from her people. Later Lincoln sacrifices himself, allowing Octavia and the resistance against Charles Pike to escape Arkadia. When Lincoln is executed by Pike she is devastated, reacting violently and placing the blame on Bellamy as much as Pike.

Later, after the battle ends, she kills Pike, finally getting her revenge. Octavia and Indra initially started off as enemies when Octavia kidnapped Nyko to save Lincoln. Indra agreed to swap Lincoln for Nyko since Nyko was their only healer. After both Lincoln and Nyko are taken by ReapersIndra allows Octavia to be the bait to get them back. Octavia saves Indra during a battle with Reapers and Indra allows Octavia to live.

After an alliance is formed with the Grounders and Sky PeopleIndra takes her grounders to train at Camp Jaha where Octavia wants to train with her but Indra refuses. As the Grounders are about to leave camp, Octavia stops them and Indra finally lets her fight with Fio, one of her warriors. Fio easily beats up Octavia but she refuses to give up until Indra finally calls it off.

When Octavia is recovering from her battle, Indra comes up to her and says that she sees a "strength of spirit" in her and asks her to be her Second. Octavia agrees and begins her warrior training under Indra, going so far as to tell Clarke that she only takes orders from Indra now. Later, however, Indra helps Lincoln escape so Lincoln can find Octavia. In the " Pilot ", Octavia joins Clarke on her initial expedition to Mount Weather and Clarke helps Octavia after she is injured by a water snake.

In " Contents Under Pressure ", Octavia at first assists Clarke with Finn 's stab wound but their relationship becomes strained when Lincoln is brought into the drop ship and Clarke condones his torture under Octavia's protests. Clarke discovers in " Unity Day " that it was Octavia with Lincoln's help who arranged the meeting with Anya at the bridge. Octavia leads Clarke and Bellamy to Tondc where they discover Finn has massacred most of the village.

Octavia discovers Clarke knew ahead of time about the missile landing on Tondc in " Bodyguard of Lies " and dissolves their friendship. Octavia struggles with Clarke in Season Threebelieving Clarke to be hiding from her people and forcing Clarke to acknowledge that she is not helping her people in Polis but is simply hiding.

Octavia still sees Clarke as a leader, and is willing to follow her in the fight against A. In Season Sixdespite their fraught history, Octavia becomes determined to help save Clarke as part of her seeking redemption for her actions.

When Clarke apparently dies in MatryoshkaOctavia is visibly distraught even as she tries to comfort Bellamy and overjoyed when Clarke is saved. Jasper is one of Octavia's best friends. Although he had romantic feelings for her in Season 1Octavia did not return them. Throughout Season OneJasper flirts with her and tries to act brave to gain her love.

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