Lil rousin - Various - 101 Jazz Diamonds (CD)

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Takeaways from Trump aide's account of chaotic White House A White House press secretary and chief of staff to then-first lady Melania Trump paints a deeply unflattering picture of Donald Trump in a book out next week. There are now 16 dogs in secure, loving homes. They have gone from being puppy mill dogs to treasured family companions. Camille stated that there is continued support needed for rescue. Any and all support is needed, from foster homes to supplies to monetary support.

Ken invited Flossie and Lynne to come to the podium to provide information on the national specialty and world congress. Lynne announced that the national specialty and world congress will be taking place in Camp Hill, PA. There will be many special events and programs at the national specialty and enhanced education events for the World Congress.

There will be a pet event also where the TTCA will invite pet owners for activities. Jackie Faust further explained that the World Congress will be taking place the Monday before the national specialty.

All materials will be updated to take this into account. There have been significant fundraising efforts over the year. Ken explains that this couple is unparallel in their devotion to the breed.

Terri Dennison offers her remarks about the couple in that they were always giving and encouraging to everyone in the TTCA. They are kind people who help and support the breed and TTCA members. They are wonderful people overall. There is immense applause and cheers for Bob and Carol.

She consistently raises her hand when there is a job to be done. Not only is she a dedicated dog lover but she has talents that every dog club needs. She never hesitates to volunteer for various jobs within the TTCA. There is immense applause and cheers for Flossie. Ken requests if there is any unfinished business to be raised before the membership. No response. Ken requests if there is any new business to be raised before the membership. No responses. Flossie Barczewski requests permission to hold the drawing for the raffle.

Ken agrees. Caryl Crouse reported that there will be separate grooming area at the Saturday and Sunday shows in Maine.

Caryl also announced that the center pieces are available. The motion was seconded by Nikkie Kinziger and was unanimously approved by the membership. The meeting was adjourned at p. The breed developed a protective double coat, compact size, unique foot construction, and great agility. General Appearance: The Tibetan Terrier is a medium-sized dog, profusely coated, of powerful build, and square in proportion.

A fall of hair covers the eyes and foreface. The wellfeathered tail curls up and falls forward over the back. The feet are large, flat, and round in shape producing a snowshoe effect that provides traction. The Tibetan Terrier is well balanced and capable of both strong and efficient movement. The Tibetan Terrier is shown as naturally as possible. Head: Skull — Medium length neither broad nor coarse. The length from the eye to the tip of the nose is equal to the length from eye to the occiput.

The skull narrows slightly from ear to eye. It is not domed but not absolutely flat between the ears. The head is well furnished with long hair, falling forward over the eyes and foreface. The cheekbones are curved but not so over developed as to bulge. Muzzle — The lower jaw has a small amount of beard. Stop — There is a marked stop but not exaggerated. Nose — Black. Teeth — White, strong and evenly placed.

There is a distinct curve in the jaws between the canines. A tight scissors bite, a tight reverse scissors bite or a level bite are equally acceptable. A slightly undershot bit is acceptable. Eyes — Large, set fairly wide apart, dark brown and may appear black in color, neither prominent or sunken. Eye rims are dark in color. Faults — Weak pointed muzzle. Any color other than a black nose. Overshot bite or very undershot bite or a wry mouth.

Long narrow head. Lack of fall over the eyes and foreface. Neck and Body: Neck — Length proportionate to the body and head. Body — Compact, square and strong, capable of speed and endurance. Chest — Heavily furnished. The brisket extends downward to the top of the elbow in the mature Tibetan Terrier.

Ribs — The body is well ribbed up and never cloddy or coarse. The rib cage is not too wide across the chest and narrows slightly to permit the forelegs to work free at the sides. Loin — Slightly arched.

Tail — Medium length, heavily furnished, set on fairly high and falls forward over the back, may curl to either side. There may be a kink near the tip. Forequarters: Feet — The feet of the Tibetan Terrier are unique in form among dogs. They are large, flat and round in shape producing a snowshoe effect that provides traction. The pads are thick and strong. They are heavily furnished with hair between the toes and pads. Hair between the toes and pads may be trimmed level with the underside of the pads for health reasons.

The dog should stand well down on its pads. Dewclaws — May be removed. Hindquarters: Legs — Well furnished, with well bent stifles and the hind legs are slightly longer than the forelegs.

Thighs — Relatively broad and well muscled. Hocks — Low set and turn neither in nor out. Feet — Same as forefeet. Dewclaws — may be removed. Coat: Double coat.

Undercoat is soft and woolly. Outer coat is profuse and fine but never silky or woolly. May be wavy or straight. Coat is long but should not hang to the ground. When standing on a hard surface an area of light should be seen under the dog. The coat of puppies is shorter, single and often has a softer texture than that of adults. A natural part is often present over the neck and back. Faults — Lack of double coat in adults.

Sculpturing, scissoring, stripping or shaving are totally contrary to breed type and are serious faults. Color: Any color or combination of colors including white are acceptable to the breed. There are no preferred colors or combinations of colors. Gait: The Tibetan Terrier has a free effortless stride with good reach in front and flexibility in the rear allowing full extension.

When gaiting, the hind legs should go neither inside or outside the front legs but should move on the same track approaching single tracking when the dog is moved at a fast trot. The dog with the correct foot and leg construction moves with elasticity and drive indicating that the dog is capable of great agility as well as endurance. Size: Average weight is 20 to 24 pounds, but the weight range may be 18 to 30 pounds.

Proportion of weight to height is far more important than specific weight and should reflect a well-balanced square dog. The average height in dogs is 15 to 16 inches, bitches slightly smaller. The length, measured from the point of shoulder to the root of tail, is equal to the height measured from the highest point of the withers to the ground. Faults — any height above 17 inches or below 14 inches. Temperament: The Tibetan Terrier is highly intelligent, sensitive, loyal, devoted and affectionate.

The breed may be cautious or reserved. Faults — Extreme shyness. Shoulders — Sloping well muscled and well laid back. Legs — Straight and strong when viewed from the front. Heavily furnished. The vertical distance from the withers to the elbow equals the distance from the elbows to the ground. These guidelines are established in accordance with the objectives of the Tibetan Terrier Club of America, Inc. The TTCA endorses and encourages all members to follow them. A Responsible Breeder: 1.

Maintains the best possible standards of canine health, cleanliness and veterinary care, and provides facilities for excellent pre-natal and post-natal care of the dam and puppies. Maintains accurate breeding records, registrations papers and pedigrees, furnishing each purchaser with proper registration or transfer papers, unless written agreement is made at the time of sale that papers be withheld.

Makes sure all services and sales arrangements are mutually agreed upon, stated in writing, and signed by all parties involved. Keeps all advertising honest and in no way intentionally misleading, fraudulent or misrepresentative. Learns and understands the AKC standard of the breed, and breeds Lil rousin - Various - 101 Jazz Diamonds (CD) the intention of conforming to it. Breeds only with the intention of improving the breed, and of finding suitable, carefully screened, safe and loving homes for the puppies.

Chooses only healthy, registered parents of excellent temperament and qualities, x-rayed and eye examined, resulting in eligibility for OFA and CERF certification, doing everything possible to prevent passing on devastating genetic defects. Breeds only mature bitches, preferably over two years of age, skipping a season between most litters. Refuses to breed a stud dog or brood bitch to any animal which is not registered or is markedly inferior, physically or temperamentally.

Does not sell or consign Tibetan Terriers to pet shops or other commercial dealers, nor does he breed his animals to their animals. Is as selective in breeding his stud dog as he is in breeding his brood bitch.

Does not donate Tibetan Terriers for raffles or auctions. Honestly evaluates the quality of the Tibetan Terrier to be sold, and fairly represents that evaluation. Requires puppy purchasers to spay or neuter all pets which for any reason may not be qualified to be used for breeding. Acknowledges his responsibility for any dog he has bred for its entire lifetime and makes written arrangements for its return to him at any time the purchaser no longer wishes to keep it.

Does not release puppies to new homes before they are at least eight weeks of age and have been properly socialized. Furnishes complete details and feeding, general care, medical inoculations, grooming, pedigree, etc.

Insists in writing that the purchaser have the puppy checked by a veterinarian within 72 hours of sale, making clear that if the puppy is found to be unfit, it must be returned for either replacement or refund of purchase price. Tries to assist the serious novice in his understanding of the breed. Follows up on all puppies and adults after the sale to insure their continued care and to encourage the owners to become involved in pure-bred dog activities. Conducts himself at all times in such a manner as to reflect credit upon himself, the sport of pure-bred dogs, and his Tibetan Terrier in particular.

The TTCA application for membership contains these guidelines and states that signing the application acknowledges the applicant has read them. In order to assure potential buyers that the breeders who have chosen to be listed advertise on the TTCA Breeder Referral List are in compliance with the Breeder Referral health guidelines, we will now be asking those breeders on the list to provide, on an annual basis, verification of their compliance with the minimum basic health criteria of hip and eye clearances on the sires and dams of their litters.

The Breeder Referral Committee will have the flexibility to allow a breeder to remain on the Breeder Referral List if they feel the exception is warranted.

If the breeder does not agree with the decision of the Breeder Referral Committee, they may request their exception be presented to, and reviewed by, the TTCA Board of Directors. Merrigan, S. Dombrowski, V. Meyer, M. Allway, M. Allway, P. Crouse, Owner: Caryl A. Grew; Owners: Kevin S. James W. Allway P. He was small, very typey, very feisty, and he had a good bite.

I brought him home. Luckily for us at the time, there was a Tibetan Terrier periodical that was interested in printing informative, topical reads. That periodical was TT Talk. Q Did you have any breeder role models to guide you? A I was out here all by myself. We did it long distance. Alice, Jane, and I came into the breed about the same time. Later people participated in the lines that were getting established then, like Shaggar, Prin-Su, Kyirong, and Ti Song.

This was the nucleus, the foundation, of the American Tibetan Terrier. Gayle Nittler and Richard Morrison edited it. So some of our interviews got printed. One interview we especially enjoyed giving was with Anne Keleman. Anne bred under the Ti Song affix. She can also be credited with supplying the foundation stock for many other successful TT lines. In fact, almost all non-Lamleh lines today can find Ti Song on their pedigrees generations back.

Shirley Dickerson was probably the one who gave the most to the breed and probably knows the most about the breed today. Q What was your experience like on the Standard Committee?

A It was frustrating. There was an earlier committee headed by Shirley Dickerson, on which I also served. We produced pounds of notes between us that were discarded later on.

The new committee was formed, headed by Jane Reif. I felt it was stretched out too long. I think it was a five-year program. When we did get together, we made our points known. And the product, our standard, is very good. What I think hurt the breed in the beginning and eliminated a lot of dogs from the gene pool, from competing and from completing their championships, was the nose disqualification. Alice Smith and I stood firm and demanded that this disqualification be eliminated.

I think that helped. We also added movement, which was necessary. Movement is the most important thing there is in a dog. And we altered the size. This was to accommodate the Lamleh dogs, to save that gene pool. She had a lot to say about her experiences and the breed. Q When did you first get acquainted with TTs? What drew you in and impressed you about the breed? I contacted them and they were instrumental in helping me locate puppies.

He was just seven months old. I had Black Cockers at the time but I wanted a dog I could show myself. Pi needed obedience class. He flunked. But he did get to be a show dog. A real show dog! He had his own fan club. When he was praised, he would bow and yawn. He attracted media attention all the time and was on TV numerous times. He did a lot for the public relations of the breed. Q Which dogs came next? Bill was very influential in establishing quite a few lines.

She was a year old and she was shy. She also had some missing teeth. But she produced two litters for me, neither of which had many problems. I went to one of the last TT matches in Washington and stayed with the Corcorans. They had a dog that I admired. A Yes. They are one of the fastest moving dogs in the world. They could give Greyhounds a run for their money. I see mine scarcely touching the ground. Q What about the wide range of styles in TTs?

We each have our own style. What is beautiful to me is not attractive to another person. Q Does this take away from our breed looking like one breed? A class of Black Cocker Spaniels looks like peas in a pod.

I think it will take years more. Q Did Lhamoi Sister Lottie have any influence on your breeding program? She was a bitch that Linda Hope imported. She was a very typey, little gold bitch. I kept some of the puppies and they were very influential when you look at my pedigrees. In fact, some went on to produce BIS winners. He was a super, super dog. Hard as nails, even when I got him.

He was almost nine years old then. He was sixteen inches, very male, and beautifully proportioned. He was just a real classic dog. He produced some pretty puppies.

I still have some of them. I also bred into the Kontan line through Judy Docherty. That was a great litter. A lot of tears. Q So from the start there were obvious rifts? A It had happened in England and it had happened here as well. Q Do you think this hinders us from breeding better dogs? A Of course. I checked the pedigrees of the original imports that were published by the Tibetan Terrier Club. There was one dog that Dr. But that dog was never used for breeding.

The other Lamleh imports had at least one of three other dogs on their pedigrees Audrey of Caroline, Ukie, and Lady Tow-sa. How did these breeding benefit your line? Q Any suggestions to further communication between breeders?

What I firmly believe in, at this time, is to out-cross. We get away from problems when we out-cross, if there are any. I went to a seminar that Terrier people sponsored. There is a lack of courtesy and manners.

The climate is much too competitive. Owners become experts three weeks after they get their first dog. But it seems to be a sign of the times. Maybe there will be a kinder, gentler future. I hope so. Take LL, by the time you discover it, many of the dogs that have been produced might carry it. Out-crossing can be preventative. And that would be easy to do. The more we out-cross, the better off the breed will be. And I really applaud those people who are importing from other countries.

Q What about genetic problems in the breed? Some say not to breed its littermates as well. We have to do the best we can, and trust each other. Eyes and hips should always be examined. You know by then. Q Any final words of wisdom for newcomers who have their first show dog or breeding dog? A Be sane about it. Q What happens to consistency of type when you out-cross? A I think we have to take that chance.

The tendency in this country is not to out-cross. Everyone looks with contempt at other lines and they have from the beginning. There were many of us who were not allowed to be part of the TTCA in the beginning. At that time there was just a select group that belonged to the Club. Most of these members were people who had purchased TTs from Alice Murphy.

It was only when the AKC recognized the breed that the Club opened its membership. Even trying to get AKC recognition was very difficult. The Bichon was in Miscellaneous for about six months; Tibetans were in it for years. He informed me that no one knew we wanted the breed recognized. He told me he would bring it up at the next meeting. Thank you, Anne. There are different types of NCL known in different dog breeds, with varying ages of onset, slightly different presentation of symptoms, and speed of progression to complete debilitation of the affected individual.

NCL in Tibetan Terriers is an adult-onset disease, with symptoms typically first appearing at yrs of age, and progressing to death or euthanasia by age yrs. Symptoms seen in Tibetan Terriers include changes in temperament becoming aggressive, anxious, nervousuncoordinated gait, loss of training and recognition skills, impaired vision under dim light conditions, and may include mild to severe seizures, especially in the later stages.

Research at the University of Missouri has led to identification of a DNA mutation that identifies which dogs are at risk for developing NCL as they age. This test has been validated using DNA from over dogs known to be clinically normal no NCL symptoms reported and more than 40 dogs known to be clinically affected.

Twenty-five of these clinically affected dogs were confirmed NCLaffected by examination of tissues submitted after euthanasia. In every case the test result was consistent with the status of the dog with relation to disease signs and relationship to affected dogs. Wise use of this test will allow breeders to avoid producing individuals destined to develop NCL, while still retaining many other desirable traits in their dogs.

Owners who had submitted samples for research prior to January 20,may request test results for their dogs using the Test Request Form for existing samples. The cheek swab collects enough DNA to run a test, but not enough to bank for future use.

Our thanks to the Lil rousin - Various - 101 Jazz Diamonds (CD) Terrier Club of America and many individual owners who have supported this research and participated in the project by supplying samples and information on their dogs, as well as monetary support. We also appreciate support from the Canine Health Foundation for the early stages of this research. This data is used to form the CERF data base which is useful in researching trends in eye disease and breed susceptibility.

Not only is this data useful to clinicians and students of ophthalmology, but to interested breed clubs and individual breeders and owners of specific breeds. The record of confirmed cases of specific health problems in Tibetan Terriers are published and available to breeders, giving them a reliable source of health information. It enables breeders to make informed and responsible breeding decisions based upon reliable information with the hope of reducing the incidence of health problems in the Tibetan Terrier.

All of the conditions are known problems in Tibetan Terriers and can be documented by objective testing. The Registry contains the registered name of the affected dog, the AKC Registration number, sex, date of birth, and the condition diagnosed, as well as the names of the sire and dam of the affected.

The Journal of the TTCA contains a full description and a complete listing of entered dogs as of the deadline for that publication in order to preserve a record for future breeders of Tibetan Terriers. The prudent approach is to assume cataracts to be hereditary except in cases known to be associated with trauma, other causes of ocular inflammation, specific metabolic diseases, persistent pupillary membrane, persistent hyaloid, nutritional deficiencies, or the use of corticosteroids and other drugs.

Sire: CH. Su-Khyi Star Buck. Dam: CH. Su-Khyi Woodruff Lorna Moon. Breeders: W. Any horse not available to sell in its turn will be sold at the end of the sale on the day it is listed to sell. If the consignor is handling his own horse, he will be responsible for having it ready to sell in the position delegated to him.

If a horse is no sale, it must be done before the horse leaves the ring. Otherwise, the sale will be considered final.

Should be as versatile as they can get. Take a look here! Would make a real sharp gelding. Go on and do whatever you need with him. He should be hot on the cans! Very smart and willing. Bred to ride. Very sweet, smart and willing. Would make a great halter prospect, but bred to go in any direction you point him. Big and all striped up. Bred to be a winner.

First baby in pasture to you for attention. Very athletic as she plays with the others. Should have speed and ability to do any direction you would like to go. Should mature to Sire has earning reining and points in Working Cow. Quick as a cat should be able to cut, rein or do barrels. Great bloodline top to bottom. Three times to Mr Blackburn His sire is negative for 5 panel and gentle as a gelding. He has won approx. At world show he placed 5th reining, 4th barrels and 2nd performance.

At the Palomino World he placed 5th in Reining, 4th barrels, and 2nd performance. She is a July baby but she is beautiful with nice conformation and will grow up to be an exceptional filly.

Her sire is negative for 5 panel and gentle as a gelding. Pending This bulky grey colt is a sweet heart and very well bred top and bottom. Good old time bloodlines. Her sire has great bloodlines. She will be a looker with color, conformation and great bloodlines. Great old time foundation pedigree, and great blue color too. Will make a super rope or ranch horse. Will be on grain and handled by sale day.

Papers will be here by sale time. The chance to get color with the breeding. Blue Valentine 3x just off the papers. This filly will turn your head. One of the best! Here you go. Has color that will produce color. This colt is big and stout and very nice. We got his full brother yearling and 2 others we are ridiing. They are nice. They have color and size. Good color. Very well put together and pretty.

Another good one. His dam has strong connection of Jewel Leo Bar as well. Both are true black with a strong concentration of Colonel Freckles breeding with this colt double bred to Colonel Jac Picanic and a shot of speed in Texas High Dasher.

His dam has a strong concentration of Jewels Leo Bar as well. Sired by a young black stallion that goes back to Sugar Bars ten times and out of a blue roan John Haider bred mare.

This prospect will have some size and shape. This colt has the bloodlines and confirmation to be something special. If you are looking for a futurity prospect, please check him out! He produces foals with excellent confomation, bone and muscle. These foals will be standouts in any direction you take them. See Cowboy and his foals on Comet Ranch Facebook page. Sorrel stud colt, full brother to My Name Is Andy, who sells in this sale.

Will be stout and have plenty of muscle. Good arena prospect, should have plenty of speed to catch a calf. More info She has a naval hernia. Along with the champion producing Paint stallion Treasured Too.

Come check her out! She is bred to be an athlete with unlimited speed. Double bred Raise Your Glass on the top of her pedigree. If you are looking for a futurity prospect, she should have the speed, mind and confirmation to succeed. Full sister sells, Lilys Special, good headed. Too many horses! He produces foals with excellent conformation, bone and muscle. His foals show these attributes. Date Foaled: Owner: Comet Ranch Comet is a beautiful gray foundation stallion standing 15 hands with a pretty head, heavy muscled, large bone and very correct.

All the look you could want in this filly. She should totally devour a cow. Pretty headed, big hipped, tight chested and that cocky, look-at-me look. A little white in his face and on his hind feet.

Big hips, gaskin, short back, good forearm. Super gelding in the making. This is a pretty palomino roan filly. With this pedigree, he will be a rider. If you like a bay horse, this one will get you noticed. This colt will be handy. Looks good too. This pedigree is roping horse and barrel horse at its finest.

Buy her or try to beat her. Halter broke. Built like a brick outhouse and super quick on her feet. Halter broke and gentle. Stout, big butted, colorful and pretty headed. Date Foaled: Owner: Delbert L. This one will do great things in the right hands. Paint breeders should love her. Huge hip and very athletic. Breeding at its best. Take a close look at him. Gentle and halter broke. Notes Big, tall, gentle colt with lots of chrome. Later born colt but catching up fast.

This colt is out Lil rousin - Various - 101 Jazz Diamonds (CD) our speed mare who has another colt standing at the ranch. If you want to chase cans or catch calves, this athlete will do it. This athletic colt is pumped full of can chasing blood. Take a good look at this prospect. Check out the bloodlines in the this pedigree. He should have the speed and strength to hold any calf you can catch. Check out this good looking filly out of a big gray mare.

Check out the hips of this colts. Big, powerful and athletic. She has a ton of eye appeal and has all the shape you could want. Color, confonnation and a pedigree loaded with producers and performers. Blue is siring foals that are athletic, cowy, big stoppers and great minded.

Show prospect for sure. Blue is siring foals that are athletic, cowy, big stoppers, and great minded. Nice pedigree with a nice blend of top reining and cowhorse blood. Sire rawhides Silver Bullet has a total Sire HP Machismo has been an outstanding producer for us and always puts disposition and athletic ability and heart in his offspring.

This fancy colt is an athlete with looks. His daddy HP Machismo is a well known producer of all around horses. Has full siblings that are exceling at roping, barrels and poles. Nice versatile pedigree with many proven cutting, reining and roping horses. Pedigree loaded with many modern day cowhorses. Sired by WR Tams Peppy Cat who is siring cutting horses, 1 and 2 D barrel horses along with many roping and ranching mounts. Earned Sired 35 Foals, 7 Performers.

Performance of these Foals: Earned: 11 Performance Wins; Has a ton of eye appeal. Dark golden palomino roan with a pure white mane and tail. Ranch Horse competition money earner. He is a square built colt with legs like little fence posts. In all that time she has never had to have the veterinarian look at her or have her feet trimmed.

She has the stuff to be a great one. Gentle and out of a great Pick Play mare. Great hip and heavy legs. Halter type or barrel racing. I sure made a mistake and let a number of his fillies slip away from us. Will make a great ranch horse some day or maybe even a rope horse. Friendly disposition and great foundation pedigree.

Good arena or ranch prospect or great broodmare. Papers will be here by sale day. See Thompson Quarter Horses on Facebook for photos. Check her out! She has Frenchmans Guy on her papers. She is flashy plus. Pattis Smokin Doc is an own daughter of Smokin Prescription. She is a red roan and has nice colts.

Colt sells grade. Will make a colorful riding horse. Both parents are true blue roans. She is a cute, cute girl. Steer jerker deluxe with the good bay roan color. Sonny Dee Bar side ads that beautiful profile on this colt. See pics at www. Good bay roan color!

Good solid colt. Sonny Dee Bar is one of my favorite bloodlines. Little old mixed in with newer bloodlines. Sharp colt here.

May as weel look good on a colt like this. Born grulla, should turn blue roan. Dan is grulla and sire is blue roan. Should make someone an amazing gelding. Born dun by should turn roan. Nice head and good conformation. Born grulla - should turn roan. Both sire and dam are stout with good conformation. Your next winner.

Dam goes back to Dual Pep. Should be a nice filly with this breeding. With these bloodlines he should be a great prospect for several events. His dam is also in the sale, she will sell on Saturday.

He is well balanced, has good conformation and an outstanding disposition, he is in your pocket. He is like our other foals and has the Hollywood Jac 86 and Joe Cody cross on the top side. With these bloodlines this colt should be a great prospect for most any event.

This is Hickorys Blue Lil rousin - Various - 101 Jazz Diamonds (CD) first foal. In the 30 yrs that I have been breeding horses she might be the best I have raised so far. The Shining Spark and Hollywood Jac 86 crosses have been a proven cross several times over. If you are looking for a top notch reining or working cow horse prospect, you need to take a look at this filly. When you are done riding this filly she will be a great addition to a breeding program.

For an added bonus this filly's disposition is top notch also. This is Genuine Goldylocks' first foal. With these great bloodlines this colt is bred to be an athlete and should make a great performance prospect. Please don't over look this colt because he is sorrel, he could be a high selling gelding down the road. He would make a nice rope horse. Funny B Dun roaned out at 3 years old. Line bred Blue Valentine top and bottom. Smart, mellow and good looking!

He is good looking, smart and mellow! We have been running this pedigree in our breeding program for many years. Come take a look. Besides the stellar pedigree, Ace sires correct conformation, smart and willing dispositions, tons of cow, athleticism and talent. Multiple World qualifier as well. Sire of money earners.

Beautiful, athletic, great disposition and crow black. Bred to watch a cow! Homozygous black. This colt has a bright future. Top cutting or reined cow prospect. Mare always has nice colts. She is well balanced. Her dam always has good colts. One of the prettiest heads you will see. Well built, beautiful colt that is a great prospect! Really nice filly colt! Really nice to look at every time you see him. This stud colt has been a favorite of mine all summer! He is bred top and bottom Leo.

Nice all the way around. On of the favorites. Pending Dun Stud Chex is a beautiful Lil rousin - Various - 101 Jazz Diamonds (CD) hands Perlino stallion. See pictures of foals on Comet Ranch Facebook page or www. Pretty well built filly with Peponita and Joe Quincy just off the papers.

Barrel racers take note: Streak Right is by the famous Streaking Six. Really pretty filly with great bloodline. This colt will perform and have speed to boot. Awesome filly with speed! Awesome bloodlines on this colt. She is a close up Driftwood as you can find and has several World Champions on the bottom side of her pedigree. She is very friendly and quietly to handle. For more info and pictures go to www.

His sire raises excellent ranch horses with lots of cow and abilty. She should have a lot of size and plenty of cow. High Brow Hickory is one of the top 25 all time leading cutting horse sires.

Nice colt should be able to run. Gentle, halter broke. She is an eye catcher. This is a fancy little mare. Nice to be around. She is Ranching Heritage Breeder eligible. This colt will make a great saddle horse. Good disposition and conformation. He has a huge hip with great disposition and conformation.

Full brother to my high seller last year. The dam to this foal is 16 years old. The old registration number is and four others that start with zero. He will make an excellent riding horse to do whatever. Excellent breeding going back. Excellent disposition and conformation, take a look. This year she has a cremello that is really put together. Good disposition and conformation, halter broke and gentle. Good breeding going back. She will make an excellent riding horse or broodmare.

Color, excellent breeding, pretty little head, and nice hip. Pretty little head with a nice hip. She is a June baby. Pretty shapey as well! Versatile colt for any discipline. This filly should be able to sort a cow.

Shapey gelding material here. He should be a quiet ride. Stout and flashy. Look good on a good colt! Palomino Stallion MR. Good minded arena prospect. Sire has produced race, roping, and barrel racing winners. Could go any direction. Dam has always produced colts that are very athletic with great dispositions.

Good prospect for any job. Sire has race, roping and barrel winners. This filly should be able to do it all. Pretty headed black colt with good bone, looks, and athletic ability. Great opportunity for a money winner. Good disposition, cute headed and well built for performance. Bred to perform. Dam has produced rodeo winning barrel horses.

Great prospect. Appears he will shed out black like his mother. The total package. AAA top and bottom. Race or performance prospect deluxe. Super disposition. Cow pony on the top side, run on the bottom side. Will make a nice rodeo or ranch horse with pretty head, trainable mind and good size.

Out of an own daughter of Catalena Bay. This is one of my best crosses, many offspring have proven to be excellent, good minded riding horses. Put together really well with straight legs.

Looks really smooth when she lopes. Contact Logan Weinhandl This is no exception. Pics posted on Facebook or contact Logan Weinhandl Lil rousin - Various - 101 Jazz Diamonds (CD) to be posted on Facebook.

Just started a full sister to her and she is riding good. Pictures posted on facebook. Pictures posted on Facebook. Has the pedigree to excel in reining, cowhorse, you name it.

Old time paint bloodlines crossed with proven Quarter Horse lines. Silver Stars Jingo ft. Dam is homozygous tobiano. Potential to succeed in the showpen or make a great rider.

Two Eyed Red Buck top and bottom out of a grand daughter of Peponita. Two Eyed Jack on her papers should make a good using horse or a super broodmare. Illuminator, take a look at this one. Turning gray. Super foundation pedigree with many champions just off papers. Will be a great arena prospect or ranch horse. Super foundation pedigree with many great horses on and just off papers.

Will be a great arena prospect, ranch horse, or stud prospect. Nice enough to keep a stud. Pictures at Huntley Horses on Facebook. Sure enough going to be a saddle horse! Pictures at Huntely Horses on Facebook. Just a plus that he is a roan. Make great performance horse. Strong pedigree top and bottom. Would make a nice ranch gelding. Should be an arena prospect. Nice hip and good head. Nice head and hip.

Lots of muscle. Should be a good ranch horse. Full brother to second highest selling colt last year. Stud and dam are both blue roan. Should have a good dispositon. He will be athletic and versatile. Really wants to get along. This prospect has a bright future. You will be impressed with this colt every step you take with him. See pictures at www. Color confirmation.

Sire is an accomplished rope horse. This colt will have a lot of try and strength. He has solid bloodlines from us and Gustafson Horse Ranch.

This should be an all around versatile horse. He should be athletic, strong, and make a good roper. His sire is a super talented and powerful head horse. Sire Tango is an accomplished rope horse. This handsome colt will be super versatile. You can count on him being powerful and athletic with a big motor.

He will be eager to learn and smart. Count on this guy to be quick and athletic. He has tons of talent and his foals are showing great potential.

Red Storm Cat is a multiple champion sire!

N.Y.C. (Revisited) - 3 Leez - Save Our Scene E.P. (Vinyl), Superfly - Kashif - Music From My Mind (CD, Album), Senses - LTJ Bukem - Earth Volume Two (Cassette), Living Inside Your Love - Earl Klugh - The Jazz Channel Presents Earl Klugh (DVD), Farväl Alla Sorger - Anna Öst & Carl Öst - Anna & Carl Öst (Eddie Öst,Dragspel) (Vinyl), Jessicas Theme, Ástarsaga - Various - Aftur Til Fortíðar 70-80 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Coming Down - The United States Of America - The United States Of America (8-Track Cartridge, Album), Walk Right Back - Smokie - Bright Lights And Back Alleys (CD, Album), We All Had A Real Good Time - Edgar Winter* - Frankestein (Vinyl, LP)