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Funny song parodies. Morphed songs. Free remix songs. Tutorials for Music Morpher. VIP Store. Parody Voices. Online Dating. Field: Any Title Author Description. Moonlight Shadow - Endorphins, Linah. Recovery - Keepsafe. Battle - Jordy Dazz, BassJackers. Labels: Metal. Labels: Electro HouseElectronic. Bryan Ferry - The Best Of Labels: Pop. Labels: HouseProgressive House.

Super Electro v. Labels: Electro House. Labels: AmbientRelax. VA-HouseVip VA-Euphoric Emotions Vol. Toni Braxton - Pulse Party Line Dance Hits Yes, Dump was part of the lo-fi generation. Nothing makes that clearer than the bonus tracks on his follow-up album I Can Hear Music.

Recorded during the infamous Dutch Fast Forward Festival in in -- naturally -- a living room, it contains all that was great about the few short moons of tape-hiss: collaborations triggered not even remotely by virtuosity had Chris Knox ever played trumpet before MP3 afternoon?

The only thing that wasn't quite right about these first two Dump albums, was the format. But as justice doesn't know age, it's good to see these CDs finally being pressed on vinyl! They deserve it. After all, James is a friend. Did I mention he's playing bass in Yo La Tengo?

Contains bonus material. Hands of Fear So Sedimentary Secret Blood Good Medicine Formerly One-Eye Dark Road Just for You Outer Spaceways, Inc The Sea Wall Broken Conscience Throw Out the Lifeline The Quality of Hurt Moon River Superpowerless Ode to Shaggs' Own Thing Love Theme from "Providence" Knox's Lament How Many Bells? Down to the Sea in Ships Pennies from Heaven Christmas Card Snowman Bunny Boy Jaundice Bus-Kicker's Theme.

It seems like young people in Japan can't dance like crazy anymore because of the growing threats of the strange Fuzoku law -- one of the most surreal in Japan's legal system, the origins of which go back to The law deals with restrictions concerning the sale of sex and businesses of similar type.

Due to the ambiguous way of reading it, the law also deals with nightclubs and related establishments that allow customers to dance. Especially in the last two years, clubs all over Japan have suffered under the authorities who often strictly enforce a 1 AM curfew deducted from an archaic adult entertainment law.

Today, dancing is one of the most perfect ways to express emotion, social interaction, and spiritual communication and Where Dancefloors Stand Still spreads music to devoted dancers who will love to share all they have to reveal. Who knows better about revealing emotions on the dancefloor than Terre Thaemlitz -- internationally-acclaimed writer, public speaker, multimedia producer, DJ, audio producer, and head honcho of Comatonse Recordings.

His deep house alias DJ Sprinkles has been beloved ever since he first started playing in the gay clubs of midtown Manhattan and New Jersey in the late '80s and early '90s -- a time when deep house began to take shape. After the scene got famous and landed hard, DJ Sprinkles embarked to Japan where he held a three-year residency at Tokyo's Club Module from till His new DJ mix intends to free Japan's clubs from the Fuzoku law restrictions and to move your hips, too.

The mix takes off with a Chicago deep house classic from Braxton Holmes ' debut EP "12 Inches of Pleasure" -- here rendered in Ron Trent 's super-sweet foreplay mix. His deepness merges gently into Alex Danilov 's house hug "Deep S," and then dives deep into house science and swings between the decades without losing the flow. The mix grooves with DJ Sprinkles' trippy mixing signature that playfully melts tracks that are built from flying piano notes, tactile bass lines, kicking drums, and layered samples.

If your dancefloor stands still, too, here comes about 80 minutes of house deepness that will make it swing. The album artwork comes from Emi Winter -- an artist from Oaxaca, Mexico. OIS - The Deep Fingers Inc. Classic Man - Rapid Winds; B3. Gene Farris - Good Feeling; C1. Choo-Ables - Hard to Get B. Our special Murphy drummer would leave and then re-join many, many times, and then we started getting robbed on tour a lot, and many nice things were lost to us After the tour van got busted into in Amsterdam in May we had to get a new guitar guy to go along with our new rhythm section.

At this point there was very little 'connection' with the original concept or sound of the group which had been founded on being aspiring amateur musicians. But successful or otherwise, Lyres can be seen as purveyors of a rich stream of powerful music, distilled from an amalgam of influences, injected with unusual verve and vitality, and presented in a wholly authentic, provocatively different way from all other groups. Of the many startling 'Conolloid' creations, self-penned, or imaginatively reinvestigated, one wonders often how Lyres came up with such radical reinterpretations of songs such as Dave Dee and company's life-affirming piano ballad 'Here's a Heart.

We kinda agreed to record it in one way or another, and later in January Stiv was in NYC and he came down to sing it with me live for the album 3. Here's A Heart On Fyre Every Man For Himself Feel Good I'll Try You Anyway Worried About Nothing Touch Live Running Through The Night Jagged Time Lapse Knock My Socks Off Sick And Tired Trying Just To Please You When did you last hear a laugh-out-loud avant garde album?

Paradigm Discs is hard-pressed to think of any. Bohman's personal approach to music has always shown a preference for the raw and unprocessed, although his three releases on Paradigm with Morphogenesis often use signal processing.

On his first solo recording for Paradigm all the played music except for one piece that uses slowed down and backwards soundsconsist of unprocessed sounds from the surfaces of a wide variety of objects that utilize a broken violin at its core. This CD attempts to cover the full variety of his different working practices which have been slowly evolving since the mid-'80s. In particular there is a total of over 30 minutes taken from one of his many "talking tapes," previously only heard by the few as audio letters, and much treasured by their recipients there is also an example featured on the first London compilation on Paradigm Discs.

These tapes consist of on-the-spot lo-fi cassette recordings of his observations, both humorous, mundane and personal. Special attention is given to colors, signage and vernacular architectural detail, and favored locations include: overseas visits, public toilets, restaurants and public transport, but it is the unpretentious wit and dedication that make these tapes so enduring. This "talking tape" dates from Christmas, There are also three "pause pieces" dating fromwhich are multi-tracked, rapid collages of pre-recorded sound material, also recorded on cassette recorders.

Finally there are four multi-tracked studio recordings, and one live concert recording. Crucial to all these pieces is the element of improvisation. Cinders Metal Mushroom At Home sunbury Sun Dried At Home fishstock pussy Troops Move Through the Undergrowth At Home white sauce without for those who don't In Memorium E.

Power Biggs at the Vortex, London, At Home red mullet, the woodcock of the sea Thrice Nightly At Home leeks Sweepings At Home smetana Silvaner At Home backpain, whiplash.

Quieres Chicle is a boutique L. Leon Ware is a soul music singer, songwriter, and producer, best-known for crafting the album I Want Youwhich was taken up by Marvin Gaye in Ware's music is continually sampled and has influenced many contemporary music icons including Ice CubeA Tribe Called QuestTupacetc. Orchids for the Sun Instrumental Side B Hold Tight Dynamo Tokyo Lights Side B Lips to Hips Song Cycle is a label dedicated to box sets and multimedia limited editions.

This limited box set presents a full retrospective of the artist's performance at Museo Marini in Florence on February 17, with additional features and bonus content: a DVD, photo albums and more.

A strictly limited edition of copies. Christian Fennesz is an Austrian electronic musician active since the late '90s and influenced by artists like Fripp and Eno and guitar-synth pioneer, Chuck Hammer. Fennesz uses guitar and laptops to created "multilayered compositions that blend melody and conventional musical instruments with harsh, irregular glitch-influenced sounds and washes of white noise. On this double LP Fennesz can be heard performing in front of a live audience at the beautiful Marino Marini Museum located in a Album) church in Florence, Italy in February of CD: If Satyajit Eye originally released inreissued by Staalplaat only blinks at Indian culture, the album Al Jar Zia Audio stares at it with both eyes wide open.

It is known that Jones looked further than the Palestinian conflict, and also borrowed extensively from the rhythms of India, Pakistan, and other Eastern cultures. Like crossing borders in the bigger Islamic region, Jones takes whatever comes to hand, and moulds it into his own trademark sound -- often imitated, never surpassed.

The tribal bang of the drums, the sampled voices of the radio, combined with a strong sense of melody, makes the music of Muslimgauze stand out a mile from the rest. Whereas others fell into the traps of commercialism, Muslimgauze remained faithful to his own principals and methods.

Even in digging through the vaults of his recordings, it's hard to find material that is of a weaker nature -- as Al Jar Zia Audio will prove. There is the uplifting dance rhythms of "We Have Shafika Habibi On Our Bus" which incorporates the chirping of cricketsthe bubble-bass of "Arvinada Jewel Box," and the endless crackles of sunburned vinyl; but there are also curiosity pieces such as the highly experimental "All I Have Is Sand," and the "stop-start" approach of "Brotherhood of Tikrit.

Al Jar Zia Audio offers 15 tracks in over an hour of exciting Muslimgauze music, and is of a rather varied nature. Less mysterious, more open -- this is the melting pot of many cultures from sunnier parts of the world, but all served up from a rainy UK city. Ayatollah Dollar Taliban Code Sari and Reebok Radio Sharia, Eyes As Well Arvinada Jewel Box Come Inside My Chador Lost Iranian Tourist All I Have Is Sand Najibi Brotherhood of Tikrit Purdah Zealot Al Jar Zia Audio Jai Jai Ram and Harmunium Rani Rupmati, Daimond Swallower.

It has been said that if we mere mortals attempted to write down everything that Mozart ever composed, it would take us 80 years to do so -- but Mozart himself only lived to be Something similar could be said, too, about the work of Bryn Jones - also known as Muslimgauze.

Jones died inat the age of 38 -- but produced an incredible body of work, much of which remains unreleased. From the ultra-creative period that brought us Hamas Arc and Vote Hezbollah -- and also the lost album Shekel of Israeli Occupation the master of which was returned to Jones -- who regarded the peace treaty signed in by the PLO, the original dedicatees of the album, as a betrayal -- and the music was subsequently erased -- were the first signs that Jones had a wealth of unreleased material -- so much so, in fact, that Staalplaat decided to give fans a "free" release in exchange for sacrificing a part of the cover of Hamas Arc : if you cut out the insert from the CD cover and sent it in with a blank DAT, you'd eventually have your DAT sent back to you, but now as a free six-song DAT-only release the severed part of the Hamas Arc cover would become the j-card cover for this new release - named Satyajit Eye -- and please note that xeroxed copies of the original CD inlay were not accepted Hamas Arc turned out to be one of the most successful releases from Muslimgauze, and endless amounts of these DATs have been copied.

The DAT consisted of three original pieces, and three remixes from Vote Hezbollah ; but there were also three pieces that were on the original master which, for reasons we may never know, were not used on the final release.

Unsurprisingly enough, Satyajit Eye was eventually bootlegged -- but not until this year. This expanded version, however, completes the whole picture of this album -- showing us the first signs of Jones looking towards Indian music for inspiration; but also with breezy, desert-like rhythms and sounds such as the intense "Zion Poison" -- which reminds us of O Yuki Conjugateor the way-out music of the title-track.

Satyajit Eye is a mysterious album, full of hidden layers; and evokes a lonely yet warm feeling of sun-covered sand dunes. Amritsar Re-mix from "Vote Hezbollah" Zion Poison Tuareg Satyajit Eye Dhobi Jan JelinekHanno Leichtmann and Andrew Pekler have formed a trio that can truly be called a supergroup. As solo artists, all three members are among the most renowned of Berlin's electronic musicians. When playing together as Groupshowthe three instrumentalists -- themselves largely informed by minimalist sensibilities -- engage with the idiom of free-form collective improvisation, which has a long tradition in Germany dating back to the days of Fluxus and Krautrock.

Consequentially, the individual members' roles are not entirely fixed. Jelinek uses a sampler, effects and a mixer. Leichtmann plays drums, cymbals and synthetic drum pads.

Pekler manipulates a tabletop guitar, synthesizer Album) effects pedals. The results are at once radical, otherworldly and intensely hypnotic. Groupshow performances do not recreate previously rehearsed or recorded music; instead, they attempt to make an open-ended aesthetic process both audible and tangible.

Wherever Album), Groupshow position themselves and their equipment in the middle of the performance space, avoiding the use of a stage, risers or any kind of spatial separation between performer and audience. The Lovely (Original Mix) - Fanatic Emotions - Trance In Love Vol.3 (File remains static and clinical throughout the performance while real-time video, filming from directly above the musicians and projected onto a wall or screen, shows the three members playing and manipulating their tangled pile of equipment.

Whenever possible, Groupshow begin playing before any audience members enter, thus deliberately avoiding the dramaturgical imperative of an opening from which the rest of the musical narrative is expected to unfold.

As the intensity of the music and degree of the audience's attention are both subject to flux, Groupshow set no time limit to their performances and members of the audience are free to come and go, engage and disengage with the music as they please. Live At Skymall was recorded live in Berlin and Lisbon inand Countdown to Naptime Not Your Ordinary Blanket Pet Hair Magnet.

In collaboration with Danish ensemble ScenatetJacob Kirkegaard 's two pieces "Labyrinthitis" and "Church" are here interpreted by classical instruments. The intention of this transformation into an instrumental score is to explore the musical dimension and potential of the sounds that were used in creating the original works. Like most of Kirkegaard's sound works, both pieces are characterized by a strong focus on methodology, and by the artist's wish to omit any deliberate emotional or "musical" intention.

Jacob Kirkegaard is a Danish artist focusing on scientific and aesthetic aspects of resonance, time, sound and hearing.

His installations, compositions and performances deal with acoustic spaces or phenomena that usually remain imperceptible. Using unorthodox methods for recording, Kirkegaard captures and contextualizes hitherto unheard sounds from within a variety of environments: a geyser, a sand dune, a nuclear power plant, an empty room, a TV tower, and even sounds from the human inner ear itself.

SinceKirkegaard has presented his works at exhibitions and at festivals and conferences throughout the world. Labyrinthitis ll B1. Church ll The average heart rate is between beats per minute while music tempos may range from 70 to beats per minute.

A review of studies indicates that heart rate tends to only moderately follow the music; increasing in response to fast music and decreasing in response to slow music Dainow, Dainow cites several investigations that actually show any type of music sedative or stimulative will show a moderate increase in heart rate. Much of this increase in heart rate by all types of music can be explained due to the fact that music does produce some kind of emotional effect, thus increasing the heart rate.

Application: The research applications suggest that fitness teachers may benefit their students by playing music that in many ways depicts the intensity of the upcoming workout as students enter the workout room. In this way, the increases in respiration and moderate increases in heart rate from the music will better prepare the students for the forthcoming workout.

Effects of Different Types of Music on Physical Strength Surprisingly, only one investigator has thoroughly conducted research comparing the influence of stimulative music, sedative music, and silence no music on measured grip strength Pearce, Subjects were 33 male and 16 female undergraduate students randomly assigned to the order of the three types of stimulation stimulative, sedative, and silence.

Analysis indicated that listening to sedative music decreased strength significantly when compared to stimulative music and silence. However, no statistical significant difference was seen between stimulative music and silence. Application: It appears that sedative music may actually decrease a person's muscular fitness potential training ability.

This is congruent with early pioneering research that shows muscle tension can be altered by choice of music: stimulating music increasing muscle tension with sedative music decreasing muscle tension Sears, Although more research is needed, the lack significant difference in strength comparing stimulative music to silence suggests that personal trainers would be well-advised in surveying their clients as to their perceived best workout environment with or without music accompaniment.

The Effects of Music and Rhythmic Stimuli in the Rehabilitation of Gait Disorders Neuromuscular and skeletal disorders may seriously affect the quality of a person's life by limiting a person's daily functioning capacity and impeding mobility. Research has steadfastly demonstrated that external auditory cues, such as rhythmic music and percussion pulses favorably affects coordinated walking and proprioceptive control Rudenberg, ; Staum, It has been suggested that the music or auditory stimuli improves gait regularity due in part to the use of the beat, which helps individuals to anticipate the desired rate of movement.

Application: Many health and fitness professionals are currently working with the physically challenged, due to neuromusuclar or orthopedic disorders. The use of music and auditory stimuli can be advocated to enhance a person's gait and gross motors skills, leading to increased stability and mobility of the clients.

The Effects of Music on Exercise Performance Studies investigating the effects of music on exercise performance have revealed inconsistent data. Music accompaniment has been shown to improve muscular endurance in the performance of junior high students doing sit-ups Chipman, and college women doing push-ups Koschak,while it did not enhance the running speed of female youth Leslie, In contrast, college-aged males and females were able to walk farther and with less effort when exercising to music as compared to no music Beckett, In a well-designed study, Schwartz, Fernhall and Plowman investigated the effect of music on submaximal bicycle performance with untrained college men and women.

Music exhibited no significant influence on any physiological variable measured aerobic capacity, ventilation, respiratory exchange ratio, heart rate, and blood lactates. In addition, the psychological perception of effort was not altered with or without the music stimulus, although subjects felt they performed better with the music. A possible explanation to some of the discrepancies seen in these studies can be attributed to subject bias.

In some studies the subjects were aware of the purpose of the study, which may have led them to try to "help the researcher.

Application: The practical application of this research is indirect. Research is unclear at this point as to the physiological effects music may have on exercise performance. New, well-designed and controlled studies are warranted. Music in many ways may improve a person's enjoyment and compliance to a fitness program, therefore ensuring long-term benefits, such as enhanced quality of life and reduction of risk to coronary heart disease and other causes of death.

The Effects of Rhythmic Accompaniment Upon Learning Fundamental Motor Skills In a rather large study with over boys and girls in grades 1 through 6, Beisman compared basic motor skills such as throwing, catching, climbing, balancing, dodging, bouncing, and striking learned to music and no music. In all grade levels and in both genders, students learned the motor skills better, as demonstrated by performance tests, with the rhythmic accompaniment.

In the discussion the author noted that the music produced a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for the students to learn. Application: This study supports the value of music in teaching motor skills that many elementary physical education instructors and teachers are aware of from their empirical experience.

A strong correlation between male and female responses indicated that gender is not a particularly important factor to consider when selecting music for an aerobic activity. Application: Although the results of this study are best generalized to college-age students, some applications seem appropriate.

Subjects emphasized the role that mental attitude was enhanced as compared to physical skill. Also, the results of this study indicate that musical taste of the class kids, seniors, boomers, college students, etc. The preferred music may facilitate focus on the music or other external stimuli rather than the discomforts that often accompany strenuous exercise. It should be noted that the exact neurological effects of music on pain or discomfort are not understood.

However it has been clearly demonstrated that music can reduce factors contributing to pain and discomfort such as stress, tension, and anxiety Maslar, Summary and Conclusions The review of original research on the relationship between music and exercise may verify what many of you already know from practical experience.

This does not lessen the importance of the research, it actually helps to validate the knowledge and experience of you, the applied professional. The following are some interpreted summary statements and conclusions from this review article.

One valuable way an aerobic fitness instructor can use music in the teaching arena is as a pre-class stimulus. The majority of the studies suggest that music may significantly increase respiration rate and moderately elevate heart rate, preparing the student for the anticipated workout. Personal trainers should be very attuned to the background music playing as their clients workout. Slower, sedative music decreases a person's muscular fitness potential.

Many persons may actually prefer a silent atmosphere, where there are no musical distractions, even of a stimulative quality. Health and fitness professionals working with persons affected by orthopedic and neuromuscular disorders may achieve superior results in improving gross motor skills, such as walking, with the accompaniment of music or rhythmic stimuli in the rehabilitation process.

Although performance may or may not be enhanced by the addition of music to the workbout, subjects regularly report that they felt their performance was better with the music accompaniment. Therefore, music may directly improve a person's enjoyment and fulfillment of the physical activity, leading to greater exercise compliance; a worthwhile objective for any fitness educator.

Boys and girls in grades 1 through 6 appear to learn basic motor skills such as throwing, catching, climbing, balancing, dodging, bouncing, and striking better when taught with rhythmic accompaniment. Music appears to provide a motivational construct to exercise, positively affecting the mental attitude of the students.

Music style, rhythm and tempo are factors that significantly influence the aerobic activity. Therefore, care of selection of music for the population kids, seniors, ethnic groups, boomers, etc. You can easily download time-tested hits and "high-profile" novelties. You can download mp3 free as a separate original song and download a music collection of any artist, which of course will save a lot of time.

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