Mind Blowin - The D.O.C. - No One Can Do It Better (Vinyl, LP, Album)

This week we get to chat with one of our all time fav lady sliders Lola Mignot lolamignot. We politic about contests, growing up in Mexico, the responsibility of being a female role model in surfing and much more. We also get to chat with Stoked stokedorg founder Steve Larosiliere stevelaros about how you can get involved with inner-city youth. Lastly we have some short takes with robotsfrom, victoriavergara and Breaking Boundaries from Vans.

So sit back and dive into this Mexican Hip Hop heavy episode patly curated by Lola herself. Canto Para la Tierra feat. This episode is sponsored by Ladder Sport. We also take a look into what's going in in the world with RacialInjustice and what we can do to change that. This episode's tracks are a reflection of what is going on in the world today and we hope it sparks some change. We also get to talk with the man behind hydrophilesurfcraft, Korey Nolan, and what it's like developing Mind Blowin - The D.O.C.

- No One Can Do It Better (Vinyl in the north east. We roll this joint up with some short takes from daydreamsurfshop, talk about vans new killer surf film Pentacoastal and a little piece from lenoelsurfboards. We get to use technology and get deep with Long Island born Mike Detemple mikeydetemple about growing up on LI, Moving to Florida and what film making means to him.

Next we go into our take on the Orange County Beach closings and what we can do to get them opened back up for all of us. We wrap this piece up with some short takes courtesy critterstoyco, robotsfrom and thesinglefinmingle. Make sure to get on this Southern State Parkway vibe where we tap into artists strictly from the The Heist feat.

We are back y'all with an all new episode. This time around we talk with none other than Robert "Wingnut" Weaver thewingnut about growing up at Blackies, moving to Santa Cruz, The Endless Summer 2 and competitive surfing. We also go some short takes this week with thomaslodin, mctavishsurf and a clip by theinertia. So sit back and shill out as we bring some cuts from our fav hip hop producers and DJs. What up yo! Time for a double dose of interview flava. First up to bat we got our homie David Arganda veedster dropping some knowledge about yoga, competitive surfing and the San Diego scene.

We are taking this episode from the island of Jamaica all the way to the streets of NYC ska. So make sure to get those speakers primed for some rocksteady action. Much love to all those cats stuck at home right now, we are coming in hot with some East Coast flava. This episode we politic with Crew Member Trenton Phillips barfxrake about growing up in Florida, the contest scene down there and what it takes to be heard from that side of the country.

We also discuss some ways to keep connected during these weird ass times. Lastly we drop a couple of short takes with LogRap, kaisallas, and thomassurfboards. So now that y'all gotta stay home we will keep y'all entertained as much as you will let us Yo Yo Yo, hope y'all have recovered from that Noosa sunburn hangover. It's time to get back into some killer cuts and dope verbal play.

So sit back, pump up the volume and absorb the new vibes What up fam, we're back after a lil hibernation spell. We politic about moving to the North Shore, the first bonzers they made, the principles behind them and how they have been received over the years. This episode we also take a departure from the usual boom bap and give you some trippier flavas so enjoy homies. We got a double dose of the ladies on this episode to get you through the holidays.

First up to bat is North Shore's own Kirra Seale kirraseale chatting about growing up on Oahu, how she got into longboards and tourist traffic on the North Shore. We also got a chance to sit down with our good friend Kassia Meador kassiasurf to talk about her new instructional initiative with the crew from the theinertia.

So sit back, drop some Henny in that eggnog and listen to some stories told by the best hip hop artists in the game. What up yo, we got a double dose of dopeness this episode. Two banging interviews for the price of one. First we sit down with Roisin Carolan roro. Second we sit down with French surf photographer Thomas Lodin thomaslodin and talk about his start in BMX photography, his new book and stepping into film making.

The tracks this episode are more on the instrumental side and a sick ass left turn from the usual so we hope you dig them. We wrap this funk joint up with some short takes from Max Weston middlesizemonsterdeflowsurf and hangtenmagazine.

All tracks are some classic NYC bangers thanks to our hometown for inspiration. We love you NYC. What up you suckas, it's time again for your ear drums to be blown up. This episode we sit down with famed Floridian surfer and DuctTapeKillah Justin Quintal jquinny and politic about growing up in Florida, competitive surfing and fishing.

We also sit down with Mr. Ed Factor from the hotdoggerchampionship and talk about some of the fresh and hype things he's added to this amazing surf contest. So sit back, take two and pass Crew Member Erin Ashley Worm sits down with a bunch of the competitors and asks them all about their time at this Duct Tape, music, what it means to compete with their friends and much more.

This episode is brought to you by our homies over at Nicaragua Craft Beer. It's been a minute for sure but we are back. After a bit of a hiatus we are back with a banger of an episode. We sit down with our homeboy Thomas Bexon thomassurfboards and politick about shaping, rider feedback and involvement style longboarding.

We also do our yearly catch up with our boy Kris Chatterson of hulloholic fame and talk about what he gets out of the TheBoardroomShow. Lastly we have a couple of short takes with howlerbros, hangtenmagazine and the Nine Foot and Single event by deustemple.

So sit back and we are glad to be back in your eardrums yo. We are back at it once again party people. Sitting down with us this time is none other than River Covey rivercovey and we talk about surfing at San O, working as a sushi chef and the similarities between surfing and music.

We also address the Relik drama surf. Lastly we have some short takes with The Electric Acid Surfboard Test by stab featuring stephaniegilmore, Lograp the movie and a clip of mr. So sit back and get into the groove of some tracks not expected here and some politicing y'all have come to expect. We got a special joint for all of y'all as we sit down with surfboard shaper Ryan Lovelace as he tells us about his beginnings in shaping, what he's learned along the way and how important hand done craft should be.

We also sit down with new WSL longboard tour director, our homie, Devon Howard as he drops the on what's going on with the tour. What is up party people, we are back with a dope episode for your eardrums. This episode we sit down with our homegirl Makala Smith shredsista. We politic about surfing in the coalition events, the Doheny pecking order and being a woman in surfing. We also got some short takes with thomascampbellart, andreacolemanphoto, torrenmartyn and moonwetsuits.

So sit back and spark one for this nice ladies driven episode of the podcast. We took a little time off but we are back and funkier than ever. We also drop some short takes with daydreamsurfshop, mollusksurfshop and the vanssurf DuctTapeFestival in Waikiki.

Thanks to Evan for picking some tracks and taking you on a weird ride for the next 2 hours. We are back with a new take on our podcast. So let us know what you think of the new direction of tracks we dropped on this elongated episode yo.

Sit back and enjoy this short version of the podcast as we end it on a funky tip. It's that time of year Y'all, the Hotdogger Championship hotdoggerchampionship is back! We sit down with Ed and talk about the history of the event and what's the this year. I politic about local activism and how to get involved to help your communities and diversify your time. So sit back and spend the next 2 hours getting into some illmatic surf knowledge and tracks hand picked for the people Six Pack feat.

This episode we shed light on some of the illest surf shops in the game. This one is a long episode so make sure to set aside some time and walk those dogs before you crank this joint up yo. Back after a swell hopping few weeks we are back with the ladies of the DuctTapeInvitational on this ladies only joint. We also have some short takes with sea.

So sit back and give all praises to the queens and ladies out there in this world on this special episode. This one is a banger so listen close. So sit back and listen to this episode of Hank and our birthplace Brooklyn. We sit down and politic about growing up on Maui, traveling for surf and the idea of etiquette in lineups.

We also have some short takes with themattson2, avocadosforlunch and lastly the announcement about the DuctTapeInvitational at the vansurf US Open of Surfing this coming week. So sit back and enjoy this quickie of an episode.

Gots a banger of an episode with 3 plus hours of funk focussing on the OBX. Next we do a lil shop talk with Rascoe Hunt galeforceguy and Murray Ross about their surf business, Gale Force Glassing, and what the industry is like in their neck of the woods. So sit back, relax and get on this 3 hour tour of the OBX and beyond. Hope y'all been enjoying the summer as much as we have. We also spin some short takes with surfersjournal cover shot of mr.

So get our of that heat, twist a cap and spend the next 2 hours with the crew y'all. We are back with a posse track filled episode of the podcast We jump it off with our homeboy Joe Rickabaugh joerippenbrah and politic about the scene in Malibu, surfing in the cold, wave pools and logging contests.

Lastly we wrap this join up with some short takes with troyelmore, campbellbros and a charity raffle our girls kassiasurf and leahloves are putting together to benefit refugee moms and their children. So sit back and relax as we get into some tracks and surf talk What up fam. Hope ya'll been enjoying some of this summertime weather goodness.

This week we politic with our man Christ Gentile pilgrimsurfsupply about growing up skating, skim boards, surfing in Florida, the Brooklyn we love and where the surf scene is in NYC. Hope y'all enjoy the 2 hours you spend with us and thx for the love yo. Let's get the summer started with an all new episode of the cast yo. We also discuss the sitch with the Waikiki beach boys and what we can do about it.

We end this episode on a bit of a trippy steezo so make sure to stick around for it suckas. Coming to you live from Brooklyn we got a banger for you. We sit down with our homegirl Leah Dawson leahloves and discuss growing up in Florida, finding her surf style, her LP changingtidesfoundation and what it's like to quiet your body down. So sit back, enjoy this SSW swell we've been getting and thanks for chilling with us for the next 2 hours. So take some time and vibe on this LA steezy episode as the tracks take an unexpected turn at the end.

Damn fam, this is a straight up 3 hour edition of the podcast. This week we sit down with Troy Elmore troyelmore about getting his start in surfing, fishing, shaping classic inspired sleds and how skating makes a different type of surfer. We also politic with Kris from hulloholic about the magic of going down the rabbit hole Mind Blowin - The D.O.C. - No One Can Do It Better (Vinyl hulls. So get your feet up and be ready to spend 3 hours with us and some unexpected indie rock inspired tracks yo.

Got a banger of an episode for all you surf hip hop heads out there. This week we politic with famed surf film LP Jason Baffa jasonbaffafilms about growing up in Cali, working with Tyler Hazikian tylersurfboardshow technology might be hurting us, his love for wine and where his film making is going.

So sit back for some dope tracks, insight into some of my fav surf films and end with some surprise classics. We got a double Happyday inspired banger of an episode this time peeps. And to get even iller we sit down with matuseinc co-founder johnvincentcampbell and we get the on thematuseblackspot. This one is gonna take up some of your day so make sure to quit your day job and chill for this special episode.

We drop some surprise tracks with an ending that you wouldn't expect yo. Thanks for being mad patient y'all. I politic about how surf festivals could be better.

Last of all we have some short takes to do with miked, danssurfvideos, surf. So sit back, twist the cap and take in this long format episode of the podcast nice and slow yo. What up everybody, psyched on starting this March off with our main man Hudson Ritchie hudaddy.

We politic about growing up in the South Bay, logging events around the world, how jazz and logging are a like and much more. We also got some short takes for your dome piece with leviprairie, mfanno, and much more.

So spark up that cheeba cheeba and get ready to be taken to another place. Coming back at you with some local flavor by politicking with Venice Beach local West Adler breakfwest about LP up in Venice, the changing lineups, contest surfing, events with deustemple and much more.

Also got some short takes with sanonofresurfco, torrenmartyn, daverastovich and garymcneillconcepts. So sit back and enjoy this slice of local flavor yo Now part of the Yew Podcast Network. There was mad drama up in the South Bay so we needed to take a little break. But know we are back with a super hype episode. We sit down with film maker Tin Ojeda dirtymovies and politic about learning how to film surf, busted cameras in Costa Rica, how to make money off of surfing and what it's like to make some of our fav surf flicks of all time.

Better late than never kid. Back at ya'll with a sick Album) episode where Matt Chojnacki TheWaxHead drops some serious knowledge on Australian surfing, the transition era and total involvement logging. We also got some short takes having to do with crowd funding surf films, false missile launches, surf pop-up shops and much more.

Get ready to spend the next 2 plus hours on this piece and have your mind blown with some dope tracks. Now part of the Yew Online network. What up all you chicken heads out there in 'gram land. Time for a new episode of the podcast where we politic with leviprairie about music, the Blackies scene and growing up in Costa Mesa.

So sit back, twist the cap and get blitzed with some golden era hip hop and surf culture. Hope y'all been surviving this holiday season and shit. We also have some short takes with georgetrimm's Bootleg being back online, sealtooth riding a campbellbros Bonzer and a year end video by surfersjournal.

So let's end with a fat buddah sack of tracks and surf talk, namean Every little bit will help them get through this horrile experience that will change their lives and change the spirit of the community. Rest in peace Telma, you will be missed more than you know. Happy Holidays to all our funky cats out there this December. This week we depart from our normal programing steezo and bring you a special holiday themed episode.

ZigZagSurfer and I sit down and give you our Christmas wish list. We also give you our NaughtyOrNiceList for If you wonder what suckas made it on the list and shit make sure to listen til the end y'all. Get your stockings hung, blunts lit, nog spiked and ears open for this special joint yo. Coming to you now as part of the yewonline network it's an ill episode of the podcast. We sit down and politic with North Shore's own rosiejaffurs and spin about Buttons, North Shore etiquette and being a woman logger.

We also drop some short takes about Bruce Brown, a jackcolemanpluto joint about the Prairie Bros. So sit back, listen to these obscure cuts and get back in the line up asap suckas. What up fam, we are back from our stint on TheNorthShore. This episode is a bit different than most of our usual steez. This time around we reminisce about our time out there. We also ask a few people who live there what's the with them and how they feel their hood has changed.

Lastly we end on a sad note about the recent tragedy that the Emery family went through, how it's effected the community there and how you can help. But enjoy our time back with some sleeper tracks and some jazzy vibes to remind you of those Kammie Land sunsets and illmatic Mai Tais.

Coming to you live and direct from TheNorthShore is an extended version of the podcast. Also make sure to stay tuned to the very end for a special surprise freestyle joint we dug up from the personal archives.

We are back up in this piece with a sick ass episode this week. We also politic about the 1wv1fn17 contest, the new videos from theseea and the new video series put out by globebrand. So make sure to twist the cap and listen to our rap. Ya'll better be ready for a ill episode with some tracks Kris picked to make your ear drums get rattled suckas. We were sleeping a bit fam and got a lil sidetracked but here's another episode. We also have some short takes on the new Spitfire spitfirewheels Arson Dept.

So sit back, get your blunts rolled up and be ready for some street knowledge. Back up in this piece with a recap of the hotdoggerchampionship where we did interviews with some of the competitors including zigzagsurferjphonoluajahmorgan and many more. Keeping it short this time around so ya'll can get hunting for some swell with the quickness yo.

Back with some dope tracks to get you through the last of this depressing swell. This week we sit down with Ed from the Hotdogger Championship hotdoggerchampionship and discuss the contest, the culture and everyone involved.

So sit back, spark one up and dig the vibe we have for you this week Here's a banger of an episode yo clocking in over 2 hours and shit. We also touch on the latest episode of Epicly Later'd epiclylaterdJason Dill, The Hotdogger Championship hotdoggerchampionship and a new shark detection system. We took a week off while in NYC and are back with a banger yo. We were lucky enough to get Eden Saul of Dead Kooks deadkooks to sit down with us and politic about growing up in Australia, spliting time between there and LA, travelling and shaping all over the world.

We also drop some knowledge with a few short takes having to do with the Hotdogger Championship hotdoggerchampionshipCall Me 's latest video calmeThe Dime dimemtl Glory challenge and a bunch of random nuggets. Sit back and enjoy this dope episode filled with some killer cuts. What up party people Enjoy the tracks this week because we bumped heavy on those for all you cats. Mad love to sealtooth on the birth of the two new little ones.

Getting back into the groove y'all. This week we are setting it off via an interview with Jack Sabala of Nighttrain Surfboards nighttrainsurfboards where he talks about how he got started shaping, influence from mid-century design and what he's hyped on shaping lately.

We also have some short takes with the recently announced Hotdogger Championship hotdoggerchampionshipNathan Oldfield's nathanoldfield new film and news from the WuTangClan. Sit back, relax and enjoy the weird mix of tracks we picked this week. We put in a little Bushwick surprise for our homegirl JoJo Bean.

Hope y'all been havin' a good time out there avoiding the crowds in this tiny swell season. Heard it's been getting ill at first point.

We also have some short takes with Palace Skateboards palaceskateboardsthe recently announced Hotdogger Championship hotdoggerchampionship and shaper Forrest Minchinton forrestminchinton. We felt like keeping it a little grimey with Method Man sprinkled in all over the place and ending with one of my favorite classic soul songs.

What up everyone. Hope ya'll been catching some waves because it's been flat as fuck out here. In this episode we sit down with Mike Siordia zigzagsurfer and start a new segment called "Hyped on, Hated or Whatevs" where we discuss topics like leashes on logs and drones in the lineup.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the weird mix of tracks we picked this week from old to new. Props to Sean Tully innocnts for turning us onto Marlon Craft. Mike Siordia zigzagsurfer.

Bandits LA thebanditsla. We are back yo. In this episode we get to sit down with our home girl Kassia Meador at her crib in Topanga. This one was such a dope experience to do that I am so stoked to have this as our third interview. Make sure to sit through this long episode.

This episode we mix it up between some hip hop and end on a little island vibe since I am missing my beef patty spot on Myrtle Ave lately. We politic about how whack the WSL is and what shook moves they've been up to. We finish up with some short takes talking about Bing Surfboards' new model, Deus' 9ft and Single festival and Thomas Campbell talking about his next surf flick.

So sit back and enjoy the tracks, politicking and surf steezo. In this episode we get to sit down with our home girl Worm Erin Ashley down in the LBC and talk about beating sections at Malibu, the Ska scene she grew up in and her "Felicity" start in surfing. This one was such a dope experience to do that I am so stoked to have this as our second interview.

This episode we mix it up between some hip hop and end on a jazzier vibe. We also have some short takes to do with Kelly Slater's fucked up foot, Tyker Hatzikian's sprint car dreams and the paddle out for Jack O'Neill. In this episode we get to sit down with our main man Mike Siordia ZigZagSurfer and talk about his roots in the South Bay, working with some amazing shapers, the "ride everything" movement and his brand The Bandits LA.

In this episode we talk about the sharks showing up in the lineups and what experts are saying. Is Surfline trying to put on a new Starter jacket or do a complete about face? This is the first of many episodes of the Bodega Boarder Crew Podcast.

This is just "a taste" to get y'all thirsty for more. Coming to you live from the beaches of the OBX. On this episode we take a more jazz influenced route with a few grimy bangers thrown in.

Hear about why we started the crew and what's coming in the next few episodes. Not in our directory? Add Show Here. Podcast Equipment Center. Follow Us. Stay Connected. View Top Chart. Back to Rankings Page. Outdoor Bodega Boarder Crew Podcast — Surf Podcast The home of the best surfing interviews and news mixed with some of the best hip hop and indie music on the planet. The Gas Face - 3rd Bass 3. Vapors - Biz Markie 4. Illegal Business - Boogie Down Productions 5. Treat 'Em Right - Chubb Rock 6.

Top Billin' Instrumental - Audio Two 7. Bucktown - Smiff N Wessun 8. Danger - Blahzay Blahzay 9. The World Is Yours - Nas Code of the Streets - Gangstarr Shook Ones, Pt. II - Mobb Deep They Reminisce Over You T. Go On Girl - Roxanne Shante Nappy Heads Remix - The Fugees In Between Days - The Cure 3.

Say You're Sorry - Ministry 4. Dark Entries - Bauhaus 5. The Headmaster Ritual - The Smiths 6. Carcass -Siouxsie and the Banshees 7.

Pay to Cum - Bad Brains 9. Bad Mouth - Fugazi Demons - Sleigh Bells Fazers - King Geedorah Hooks Is Extra feat. Hydrant Game - Quasimoto The Gift That Keeps on Early feat. Funk In - Vinyl 4. Get Down - Sunny and the Sunliners 5. Cardova - The Meters 7. Don't Swallow the Cap - The National Crazy On You - Heart Pat Lewis - The Parliaments 3.

I'll Stay - Funkadelic 4. Funky Dollar Bill - Funkadelic 5. Cosmic Slop live - Funkadelic 6. Biological Speculation - Funkadelic 7. Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts - Funkadelic 8. Body Slam - Bootsy Collins 9. Flashlight-Redux - Bernie Worrell Frantic Moment - Eddie Hazel Red Hot Mamma - Funkadelic Balance - Funkadelic Red Hot Momma - Funkadelic Alice in my Fantasies - Funkadelic Graffiti - Digable Planets 2.

They Come in Gold - Shabazz Palaces 3. Six Degrees feat. Ghostface Killah 4. One Thing - Roots Manuva 5. Stay With Me feat. Syntax - The Mouse Outfit 6. Worry Dem feat. Junior Reid - Mystro 7. Day to Day - Richy Pitch 9.

Dogg Starr - Ladybug Mecca President - Channel Live I Don't Stop - Desdamona Give Thanks feat. Niamaj - Kero One Suspended In Gaffa - Kate Bush 5. Peacebone - Animal Collective 8. Out of the Blue - Roxy Music 9. The Orchids - Psychic TV I Want You - Spiritualized Metal Postcard - Siouxsie and the Banshees Unwrap the Fiend, Pt.

Tuff Gnarl - Mike Watt Arpeggiator - Fugazi Claudine - The Geraldine Fibbers Dust - Parquet Courts JC - Sonic Youth Brass Monkey - Beastie Boys 3. Eggman - Beastie Boys 4. Shake Your Rump - Beastie Boys 5.

Pass The Mic - Beastie Boys 6. Bring It Here - Wild Sugar 8. Big Sur Suite - Johnny Hammond 9. Loose Booty - Sly and the Family Stone Slivadiv - Back Door Sure Shot - Beastie Boys Get It Together - Beastie Boys Nas] - Beastie Boys Root Down - Beastie Boys Remote Control - Beastie Boys Bodhisattva Vow - Beastie Boys Gratitude - Beastie Boys Sabotage - Beastie Boys Time For Livin' - Beastie Boys Break Through - The Funkees 2.

We're Laughing - The Psychedelic Aliens 3. Malukayi feat. All Of My Thoughts - Spiritualized 6. Swept Inside - Future Islands 7. Crowns - Money Mark 8. The Free Design- Stereolab 9.

Aragon - Roy Ayers Backlash Blues - Nina Simone Slowing these words down from their gangsta-rap presentation and adding a melody creates an absurd effect, both sad and funny. Sung this way, the misogyny in the original lyrics, no matter how wrong, COULD be explained by how badly the narrator was hurt".

The single's A side, "Landed", in two weeks on it, peaked at 77 on February 26, Although defaulting to the Hotthis webpage has a drop menu that, categorizing the Hot as a "popular" songs chart, can switch to a "pop" songs chart, rather, the Adult Top 40where "Landed" peaked at 40 on August 13,and where "Brick", a single by his earlier band, Ben Folds Fivepeaked at 11 on March 21, [" —Adult Top 40 "]. Meanwhile, on another "pop" songs chart, the Mainstream Top 40"Brick" reached 17 on March 28, [" —Mainstream Top 40 "].

Outside of "popular" and "pop" but under a "rock" is Alternative Airplay, where Folds has five songs charted, the first four as Ben Folds Five and the fifth as Ben Folds: "Battle of Who Could Care Less" for 12 weeks at 22 peak on April 26, ; "Brick" for 26 weeks at 6 peak on February 7, ; "Song for the Dumped" for 9 weeks at 23 peak on June 13, ; "Army" for 11 weeks at 17 peak on May 29, ; "Rockin' the Suburbs" for 11 weeks at 28 peak on September 22, [ "Chart History: Ben Folds—Alternative Airplay"Billboard.

Note that the Billboardrather, is a "popular" albums chart. Ben Folds"PasteMagazine. Viewable on Amazon's Look inside feature, they say, in part, that the song "was expanding my audiences much like ' Brick ' had done for Ben Folds Five in the decade before. I can't say I was completely thrilled with this new demographic", "more drunken college boys", and "YouTube was full of CHILDREN lip-syncing along with the vulgar song—something I wasn't expecting"—which "never got easier for me to sing.

It always felt so very wrong, but, then, that was also part of what made it interesting", while "this crude and melancholy tune was undoubtedly my hit" [p ]. Music should work to ease social tensions, not throw gasoline on the fire, even inadvertently. I don't want non-white people in my audience subjected to large numbers of white people gleefully singing a racial slur that had never been the point.

We had our Dre moment. Moving on" [p ]. A, amid backstory on their precursor, contemporary, and evolving rap scene in the Los Angeles area. In more focus on the scene's transition from electro rap to gangsta rap, whereby N.

For more on the album, see Steve Huey, "N. Dre says he didn't want to appear on his classic '' album at all"NME. Interview clip opens on money gripes sending Dr.

Dre from Ruthless Records. Death Row Records' formation enters near mark. Snoop Dogg's development enters near mark. Dre's brother, Snoop's early rap battles and his new album", Hot 97 YouTube "Verified" channel, 10 Augmark. Jeff Weiss adds, "As much as 'The Chronic' is a psychedelic and sinister warp of the Parliament and Funkadelic records that constantly rotated on Dre's childhood turntable, it is the sound of Long Beach, too: the ecumenical hymns of the Baptist church turned into filthy harmonic gospel by Snoop, Nate Dogg, Warren G and Daz" [J Weiss, "25 years later, Dr.

Dre produce Snoop's Doggystyle? For fuller discussion, mainly defenses of Dre, while Dre seemingly concedes some crediting neglect at Death Row Records, but asserts diligently avoiding such at his subsequent label, Aftermath Entertainmentsee Jake Brown, Dr. Drew drew the foundation of the G-funk sound from Cold umwho, as record producer of rap group Above the Lawworked near Dre at Ruthtless Records on the group's second album, Black Mafia Lifewhile Dre was working on N.

Yet it was Dre's guidance whereby it became, rather, "a fully formed universe" [Jeff Weiss, "25 years later, Dr. Dre"Grammy. The building included office space and his Galaxy Sound Studio where most of his acts had recorded their hits" ["This is a Tribute to SpadyCharles G.

Media, visited 25 Aug Meanwhile, the song is listed 16 and the album is copyrighted at "The Chronic: Dr. Dre"Music. Completing the first bar, then, is silence till the next beat—the second bar's 1 beat. Snoop's hook recital will always neatly align this way in sync with the bar. Among the instruments, rather, the 1 count is distinct throughout most of the song by a cymbal strike, exclusively on the 1 beat. Stephenson, Jr. Yet decades ago, rock music popularized accent sounds on 2 and 4, and so such backbeat strikes now sound familiar, not eccentric.

Even if consciously noticing the chord, a casual listener might call it simply "a note" or "a key press". But if literally a single note, it could sound unnaturally empty.

The "Bitches Ain't Shit" chords, if synthesized, mimic piano chords. But their origin and nature, perhaps two chords, each struck twice per bar, then alternating, remain unclear as to this Wikipedia article [this footnote last revised 24 Mar ]. Wolfe demonstrates and discusses his use of Moog keyboard and bass guitar to help write The Chronic instrumentals. Comments on meeting and working with Dr. Dre start near mark.

The charts explained"BillboardMar 26; 13 —, p Near markD. Near markhe comments, rather, on imparting to Snoop "the formula". Groping a moment for an apt word, he apparently invokes the theme of his own single " The Formula ", released in by Ruthless Records before a car accident, injuring his vocal cords, ended his own rap career. On some principles he imparted, see Soren Baker, "Doing numbers with the D. A's final album inalready forming Death Row through assistance now often overlooked—creative partner the D.

In the studio at the back of the V. Rebuffing Warren G's requests, Dr. Dre refused to listen. Dre, whose own listen had him summoning to his home studio, where he immediately recorded Snoop. On that and more on Warren, see P. On the V. Records to close"LA Weekly5 Jan That's why I was there. His departure took away my heart and soul. But I stayed down, did what I had to do. And then Tupac got killed, and it was like, Damnand then Suge went to jail, and it was like, I can't handle this by myself, 'cause I don't have control.

When the company's structure broke up, I was just an artist, a player with no coach. A long dash, —, symbolizes silence for a full beat, so instead of counting, "One and two and three", we count, "One. Boldface denotes any stressed beatsome of which a performer freely chooses, personalizing the rhythm. Stress variation concerns metre and rhythm, whereas pitch variation, atop these, helps create melodybut pitch, not covered here, differs from stress, which is depicted here for Jewell's first two lyrical lines, prefaced by her ad lib 's closure: ".

Jewell's first three actual words on her 1 counts—the beats that receive primary stress both vocal and instrumental—as thus seen seen to be yeahthen fuckthen bitch.

Meanwhile, the hook always starts—the very beat after the four count—on the next bar's one count. Strictly, then, a beat is skipped between Daz's verse and the hook. And yet Snoop effectively jumps into Daz's verse and, on the four count, in Snoop's signature drawl of blaxpoitation pimp caricature, blares, "Beeo—tch! A manager, dead at 75"Rolling Stoneonline, 3 Sep Martin's Press, p Martin's Griffin Press, p Ten of them postdate the 2, Dr. Dre et al. Of the five that instead predate it, two are by, alike Dre, a recent N.

A"One Less Bitch" Ruthless, The remaining three, predating "Bitches Ain't Shit" but not connected to N. Harrington explains that the Newsweek article, more like a mere opinion piece, so broadly stereotyped rap that it triggered a unified rebuttal by some three dozen music critics, including Harrington. Besides his Calabasas house, bought with money from N.

A's or debut albumthe "former N. In the year leading up to The Chronicdisturbing headlines overshadowed his music: a punch by Dre shattered another producer's jaw; MTV News reported on a shooting that left four bullets in his leg; he totaled his car; and his house burned down. In MayDre left a music industry convention in New Orleans in handcuffs after allegedly participating in a brawl that left a year-old stabbed and four police officers wounded.

None of this even accounts for his attack on rapper and Pump it Up! The July shooting was in South Central at a party, where, Dre claimed, he was among a group calling someone's girlfriend ugly, whereas the assaulted producer was Damon Thomassoon prompting Eazy-E to comment, "He had the Dee Barnes thing, breaking that kid's jaw, driving his car off the cliff, getting shot, New Orleans. With Howard's attorneys expected to claim this as an influence and mitigating factor at his sentencing, the widow, Linda Sue Davidson, filed in October a product-liability lawsuit alleging gross negligence via music that incites "imminent lawless action".

Interviewed, she said, "Ron Howard may have pulled the trigger, but I think Tupac, Interscope, and Time Warner share in the guilt for Bill's death and they ought to take responsibility for their actions" [Chuck Philips, "Testing the Limits"L. Times13 Oct ]. Levin, publicly defended the song's release. But in July, at a shareholders meeting, eminent Hollywood actor Charlton Heston read "Cop Killer" lyrics and condemned company officials.

By August, the Body Count album went gold—over copies sold—but over 1 stores pulled it from their shelves. An intermediary label may accept into its own catalog a small label's releases, thereby distributed with the intermediary's catalog.

Yet the major label—Warner Music, a Time Warner company in — controls this distribution. Lucie, Floridathe brutalized and mutilated body of Mollie Mae Frazier, age 81, was found in a field near her home. Victor Brancaccio, 16, once an altar boy, but otherwise troubled, would recall listening on his walkman to The Chronic track "Stranded on Death Row" when the elderly woman, a passerby, unwittingly provoking his attack on her, had criticized him for rapping the coarse lyrics aloud.

And although other rap acts with lyrical misogyny predatinglike N. A and the Geto Boysbecame targets for it in —year of The Chronic and Snoop Dogg—it was here that misogynous lyrics overtook murderous lyrics in the cries against gangsta rap. For a broad view, see Carlos D. But we're here to say that we will not stand for it. We know what is right. We know what is wrong. Music is not the killer, it is not the ill. The ill is the streets". Willie Stiggers, 15, an aspiring rapper, before climbing onto the steamroller, shouted, " No justice!

No peace! Janice told him, "You did not listen, my brother! The Reverend said he was not attacking rap or rappers. He was attacking negative rap! But he should be attacking the white power structure, who own the record companies, who own the cable stations. He said it was mainly their fault because they were the ones with the money.

Actions speak louder than words! He's attacking us black rappers now! You tell me what negative is! DeLores Tucker, 78; civil rights pioneer led a spirited campaign against gangsta rap"Los Angeles Times14 Oct A couple of tracks are confusingly listed in the track-listing, but nothing actually new, so let's just clear those up real quick.

And while I thought "Centaur Gordski Rmx " might actually by an unheard take on the song, it's actually the remix from the Anticon 12" B-side. Gordski 's name appears nowhere on that record's label or cover, so I never realized it wasn't by Buck himself So, blah blah blah, that's enough about the previously released songs that us fans all already have. Let's talk exclusives. Now, even if you didn't pay attention to the dates, it's obvious this album closely followed Secret House Against the Worldbecause all the exclusive remixes are from that album.

It features the same or similar guitar riff for the body of the instrumental, and the cuts are the same. But the piano has been changed up, and the whole thing sounds down-pitched and darker. And where the short, original mix it's less than two and a half minutes ends, this new mix builds into a crescendo with new instruments and non-verbal vocals.

It was interesting, and the production except maybe for the drums was effective. But the fact that he shared the vocal duties with Claire Benes who, to the album's detriment, was all over Secret House Against the Worldwhere they constantly go back and forth, alternating words or phrases in a single sentence, is really abrasive and annoying.

It was just the sort of thing that plagued Secret House - it's like he thought, "I'll put a woman speaking with a French accent all over this album and it'll sound really avant-garde, regardless of the fact that her cadence is dull and her delivery's sleepy, lifeless and sucks all the energy out of the songs like a vacuum cleaner. Okay, he probably didn't think that second part. In fact, there's barely any perceivable difference at all. This version was just mastered slightly different, maybe?

I dunno, every vocal and instrumental bit from this version seems to be on that version, and vice versa. Oh well. Anyway, unlike the two versions of "Drawing Curtains," the differences here are easy to identify; there's whole instrumental riffs and elements that are unique to this "Raw Demo" version.

It's exclusive just by way of it being an instrumental for a song that was only released as a full, vocal version, anyway; but here we also get to hear a different take on the music and how "Drunk Without Drinking" might've otherwise sounded. And then the last song on this album is probably it's biggest selling point, because it's a song that is entirely exclusive to this album, and hasn't been otherwise released in any mix or capacity.

Pennies in the well, I wanna sing like Bill Withers. Card carrying member: Neighborhood Task Watch, keepin' our children safe from the Sasquatch. Any last thoughts? Some spare change? A little bit? If I live to be a hundred, I will always be illiterate. You definitely get the sense of how this is something he recorded and couldn't find a home for, so a tour CD was a fitting place to make it a little exclusive. At the end of the day, this is about what you'd expect from a tour CD. Not worthy of being a proper album or suitable for wide release, but as a little scrappy little bonus for the more devoted fans, it's a nice little score.

Though, for the fans who have everything i. So you have to figure: you'd basically just be tracking this down for one cool remix and one new song which is good but not great.

And since only were made, that won't be too easy. So, more of a collector's thing, I guess. InMarley Marl made history with by assembling one of the greatest collective of hip-hop artists ever, The Juice Crewand releasing perhaps the most legendary posse cut of all time, "The Symphony" off his debut album.

And on practically the complete opposite end of the hip-hop spectrum, that same year, Kurtis Blow put out his eighth and final album, Back By Popular Demand. But for a brief moment, those diverse paths crossed, as the lead single and title cut of Blow's album featured none other than Marley Marl. Also, interestingly, big-shot producer Salaam Remi gets "Concept By" credit I'm sure it has more to do with the fact that Salaam is Van Gibbs' son.

Now, let's talk about the production for a minute. And making that loop seems to be the majority of the work Electrik, Gibbs and Blow really did here. The bulk of the rest of the music, certainly the stuff that really stands out here, is the "Scratch Production," done by none other than our man Marley Marl.

It's certainly possible that any of the other producers added the "Back! By popular demand! One really cool element is that the song has looped crowd cheers throughout But then at the end, the crowd sounds get cut up, and it sounds fresh! Unfortunately, Blow the MC isn't up to the track.

Gibbs and Blow share credit for the lyrics the album just says "Written by: K. Sainsbury," but the 12" specifies credit to those two for the lyrics. It's a bit mind boggling that it took two men to come up with such simplistic, corny stuff as, "I know you missed me, so don't diss me; be down with the history So let your fingers snap.

Or whatever makes you move CazKool Moe Dee and Melle Mel wouldn't ever have spit silliness like that; and even Blow himself was capable of much smoother rhymes on earlier stuff like "Rappin' Blow. And that wish that came true with this album's reception.

So, this 12" has the 12" Version, which seems to be exactly the same as the album version, and the 7" version, which is just a shorter edit. But there are some more interesting mixes on the B-side. If you read the credits of the album, you'll see a "Trumpet Solo" credited to Marc Leford on this song. I was quite baffled by this as a kid, because there is no trumpet or anything resembling a trumpet anywhere to be heard.

But they must be crediting the work recorded exclusively for this 12", because here there are two instrumental mixes called "Black [as opposed to Back] By Popular Demand," the first of which is the Trumpet Mix.

Blow's entire vocal track has been replaced by a trumpet. Then there's also an Organ Version, where his vocals are replaced by a plectrum banjo. I'm just kidding, it was replaced by an organ, of course. By the way, this isn't the only work Marley did for Blow. But unlike "Back By Popular Demand," you would never recognize "Love" as Marley's work if you didn't read the liner notes. In fact, the soft keyboard tones sound a lot like the stuff Blow put on a ton of records he produced back in the early 80s.

So, to wrap things up, this single is like the whole album. Sure, on one level it's wack and easy to dismiss. But it's all strangely endearing and catchy.

And it's certainly got a unique mixture of musical sounds that nobody else was brave or goofy enough to match. This is a time capsule not only of the wild, unrepeatable 80s, but a brief period when rap albums were starting to get big budgets and no idea what to do with them. And some of the stuff on the album "Blue Iguana," anybody? And, hey, it comes in an awesome picture cover! What's not to like? Thursday, August 4, Infinity and Grandmixer D.

There's a couple reasons you might know of The Convicts. You might've read Unkut 's king-making post some years backdubbing the Rap-A-Lot duo "a testament to the genius of ignorant rap. But if you don't actually know them for their music, you're missing out. The Convicts, who have an odd habit of contradictorily referring to themselves as The Ex- Convicts in their songs, consists of just Big Mike and later of The Blac Monks.

They only dropped one album on Rap-A-Lot Records in before going their separate ways. And this is the one single off of that album.

Depending on your attitude, you might be pleasantly surprised or heartily disappointed that there's nothing particularly ignorant about "This Is For the Convicts" at all. Big Mike and are both really just flexing their spitting skills, kicking your basic, "we're the toughest on the block" rhymes. Mike impresses more, coming off as a seasoned vet even though he wasn't yet one at that stage, but comes nice as well.

It certainly helps that they're blowing over the dark bassline Paris used for "The Devil Made Me Do It," but laid over a cracking, classic break that really ups the energy of the groove, but keeps it nice and hard. None of that later-year keyboard sound of later Rap-A-Lot releases, this is pure hip-hop. The one drawback to the song is the minute long intro, where they sign a humorous song about life in prison. What you might find amusing the first time is a torturous minute to get through after you've heard it a few times.

Fortunately, the music changes drastically enough that you can see on the vinyl where the song changes and you can needle drop right to the good stuff. The B-side is another dope beat, slower and chunkier.

It runs a bit dangerously close to the intro of the last song, however, in that, while it's not badly sung, it's still a jokey song that can wear out its novelty value with regular rotations. It's called "Wash Your Ass" and it's a collection of amusing anecdotes and complaints about people with poor hygiene.

Both songs are straight off the album, but the 12" does also include both instrumentals. That's nice for "This Is for the Convicts" just because it's a dope track, but even better for "Wash Your Ass," because at this point, it's the preferable way for me to listen to this song. If any of the less original producers out there would like to jack this beat and repurpose it for a more straight-forward acappella, I wouldn't be adverse.

Either way, though, this is a nice, underrated 12" that deserves a little appreciation. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Latest Comments. Most Popular Posts. Just the opportunity to talk to one of the original Hip Hop legends from its earliest days in The Bronx is enough to get me amped for a gre Darc Mind. The 90's fucked up when they didn't put out Darc Mind. They were a serious NY duo; with the ultra-deep voiced Kev Rock dropping ha Micheal Jackson's Rappers.

I was going to stay out of the whole MJ thing, just because I figured you were all already suffering from media overload. And also, I wa Ultra-Magnetic M. Remember when amazing, one-of-a-kind Ultramagnetic MCs acetate of a classic, unreleased Ultra jam from the 80s popped up on EBay and blew This is another long one, but I promise it's worth it.

Not every Questionable Lyrics post is gonna be about biting, but Graveyard Terror. This Halloweenwe examine the last outlier from The Fear soundtrackTerror. Who was he? Let's journey into the graveyard and find The Snagglepuss Legacy Continues. Fourteen years later, and we're back with more Snagglepuss! Lost, unreleased stuff and a brand new album. The Reservoir Dogs Across the Pond.

Most of us in the US pr I've been looking for that song for 15 years! I need it! Please send me an mp3! So, usually I'll spend two seconds to find a super cheap copy of the 12" on EBay, link it like, "there ya go. Get yourself the original with the picture cover and everything. Search This Blog. Subscribe To Posts Atom. All Comments Atom. All Comments. Find Posts About Rep 1 B. Thugs N Harmony 1 B. Fresh 12 Doug Lazy 1 Doughnuts 1 Dr.

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