The Bad Actor - Various - Plastic Bomb # 52 (CD)

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Batman nurses Two-Face back to health, but Two-Face suspects Batman of trying to betray him and rubs acid in his eyes. Batman tells Two-Face that he can cure Two-Face's split personality.

Two-Face does not trust Batman to help him, however, and so threatens to destroy Gotham City with poison gas unless Batman gives him the cure. In the end, Batman injects The Bad Actor - Various - Plastic Bomb # 52 (CD) with the "cure", which turns out to be a sedative that renders Two-Face unconscious.

Batman then takes Two-Face back to Arkham. Harvey Dent had murdered a man whom he could not convict in trial. Two Face says, " Harvey's the good one. He has to be. Otherwise, What am I? In the Watchmen sequel Doomsday ClockTwo-Face is among the villains who attend the underground meeting held by the Riddler. Before his transformation The Bad Actor - Various - Plastic Bomb # 52 (CD) Two-Face, Harvey Dent has a successful career as Gotham's district attorneyand is driven to bring an end to the city's epidemic of organized crime.

Following his disfigurement, he becomes obsessed with the number two and the concept of duality, and thus stages crimes centered around the number two—such as robbing buildings with 2 in the address or staging events that will take place at p.

Two-Face is a skilled marksman, and regularly uses a variety of firearms such as pistolsshotgunsgrenade launchersTommy gunsknives and rocket launchers during his battles with Batman. To further improve his proficiency in the use of firearms, Two-Face hires the sharpshooting assassin Deathstroke to train him. The Batman: Face the Face story arc reveals that Batman, shortly before leaving Gotham for a yeartrains Dent extensively in detective work and hand-to-hand combat.

This section details the character's most notable relationships across various interpretations of the Batman mythos:. Gilda Dent [a] is Harvey Dent's wife. Her character debuted in Detective Comics 66, alongside Harvey, and became a recurring character in Batman stories involving Two-Face.

It is established canonically that Harvey knows Bruce Wayne is Batman. The character's knowledge of Batman's secret identity was introduced in the story The Big Burn from Peter Tomasi's Batman and Robin ongoing series, [38] [42] and is shown in subsequent comics such as Scott Snyder's All-Star Batman.

Renee Montoya and Harvey Dent have a complicated relationship, introduced by writer Greg Rucka in the sixteenth issue of 's Batman Chronicles[43] in which Renee reaches out to Two-Face's Dent persona and is kind to him. Years after the release of Half A LifeRucka would reunite the two in Convergence: The Question infollowing his return to DC Comics after his departure from the company in The trauma Harvey received from his father's constant abuse fueled the inner torment that eventually turns him into Two-Face.

The first impostor was WilkinsHarvey Dent's butler, who uses makeup to suggest that Dent had suffered a relapse and disfigured his own face. This would give Wilkins the cover to commit crimes as Two-Face. Paul Sloane becomes the second impostor of Two-Face. This occurred when a prop boy working on the film got jealous at the fact that his girlfriend developed a crush on Sloane.

This causes the prop man to switch out the water with actual acid that was to be used for the trial scene.

Sloane's mind snaps, and he begins to think that he is Dent. Sloane recovers some of his own personality, but continues to commit crimes as Two-Face. Dent does this out of jealous bitterness and the hope that Sloane would commit crimes based on the number two, thus confusing Batman. At the end of the story, Sloane is once again healed physically and mentally. They had originally offered Two-Face the part in the scheme, but his coin landed on the non-scarred side.

During his impersonation of Two-Face, Batman discovered that this Two-Face was an impostor when he killed a security guard without consulting the coin. When the real Two-Face learns about this, he captures Sloan and disfigures his face. Scarecrow then experiments on him with fear toxins.

Driven insane and deprived of fear, the Charlatan becomes obsessed with both getting revenge on the criminals who hired him and completing his mission to kill Batman. Charlatan is defeated by Batman and incarcerated at Arkham Asylum.

The third impostor of Two-Face is petty criminal George Blake who passed himself off as a manager of an anti-crime exhibition. However, he is not actually disfigured, but is wearing make-up. Furthermore, his makeup is worn The Bad Actor - Various - Plastic Bomb # 52 (CD) the opposite side of his face to Harvey Dent or Paul Sloane, which easily enabled Batman to identify him as an impostor.

Batman defeats George Blake and clears Harvey Dent's name. Also noteworthy The Bad Actor - Various - Plastic Bomb # 52 (CD) a story where Batman himself is temporarily turned into Two-Face via a potion. With the establishment of the multiversethe Two-Face of Earth-Two i. He meets Lois Lane and Clark Kentand his shared name with the latter creates confusion.

His plans were foiled by Damian Waynethe fifth Robin and Batman's biological son. Unlike the original Two-Face, this version of the character was born deformed with a second face, rather than being scarred by acid or fire, and flips two coins instead of one. He is then killed when a machine falls on him.

A number of alternate universes in DC Comics publications allow writers to introduce variations on Two-Face, in which the character's origins, behavior, and morality differ from the mainstream setting.

In the alternate future setting of The Dark Knight Returnsplastic surgery returns Dent's face to normal, but at the unforeseen cost of permanently destroying the good-hearted Harvey Dent personality. The monstrous Two-Face is left in permanent control—to the extent that one of his henchmen now refers to him only as "Face".

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