Whiskey And Coke - Dawn Trader - Castle (CD)

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Acknowledgements Thanks to Michel Rupplinot only for his books which I use daily, but also for a large amount of rare and unpublished data from his giant archive. Thanks to Mario Manciotti for sending session details daily Thanks to Kurt Rokitta for a lot of session info Thanks to Bill Daniels for sharing a lot of labels info Thanks to Lillies Ohlsson for many western swing contributions.

When we arrived in Bourbon street in the French quarter at around 2PM there were already live bands in every bar and thousands of people milling the streets drinking large cups of beer. This goes on well into the small hours and usually starts up again at around 10AM. It's also a daily occurance. Both nights in this place I ended up out until around 7AM the next day, If nobody else wants to go to sleep then why should I?

Tom and I did a fair bit of barhopping, at one point leaving a bar after sweet home Alabama had been played only to walk into the next 3 bars to hear the band there starting the same song again. Tom made a big thing all day about how he really wants to sit in a bar and have a nice whiskey on the rocks so later on the second night I obliged and we sat in a small bar and drank our whiskey.

Around 5 minutes after Tom finished his and 30 after I finished mine Tom was safely back at the hotel, unable to function. He no longer drinks whiskey. Tried to do a little busking but got moved on by the cops because you cant do it after 8PM. Only made about a dollar anyway.

Next time ill learn to dance instead. The next stop was Memphis on the way to Nashville Tennessee. I'm just going to speed things up by listing some words that relate to Memphis: Graceland, Elvis, Baseball, Motel, Road. Well not Llama, I got carried away. And so! We end up in Nashville at the Music City hostel. To be honest I'm not really sure where to start with this place, It Whiskey And Coke - Dawn Trader - Castle (CD) easily the best hostel I have ever stayed in.

We only planned for 2 nighs and have been here for the last 5, finally leaving today not that we want to to head off to Saint Louis.

Every single day and night at this place has been a party, usually ending up with going downtown which is also busy every night. We've made a lot Whiskey And Coke - Dawn Trader - Castle (CD) new friends here and learned a great new game called beer pong, I will be sure to bring this back to the UK. Tom even threatened to make a beer pong table when we get back. Note: Americans don't like it when you start beating them at a game they invented, especially on July 4th.

There are around 30 Germans also staying here, they are in a barbershop band and like to sing at dawn or just whenever anyone really wants to sleep.

It's also a little freaky because when you talk to them, their voices are like silk and their English, even though perfect, sounds a little Alien.

I woke up at dawn on a futon out in the yard the other morning clutching my guitar. It was the rain that had woken me, it was cold and moist, however what kept me awake was the Germans standing in all of the doorways, harmonizing, as if to greet the dawn.

This was one of the single weirdest experiences of my entire life. The twilight really didn't help either. Ah Completely forgot! We were actually pretty lucky in that a guy at the hostel knew a bit about cars and pretty much replaced it for no charge. Tom and I supervised.

Posted by Walexei at 5 comments:. Saturday, 21 June In the last week I have learned two things about the USA that put my own country to shame and sicken me a little bit. You probably think that around now I'm going to start talking about something political but surprisingly the first thing is sport related and the second is radio related.

We were in a bar on Fort Lauderdale beach called elbo room and a couple of local girls and a guy started chatting to us people seem to do that a lot and after much drunken banter I moved onto the subject of college sport with the guy. I was telling him about how amazed I was that college football and baseball etc had such large capacity crowd following's here, sometimes bigger than the NFL or MLB games. In Whiskey And Coke - Dawn Trader - Castle (CD) there are many people here in Florida who only follow the college games and don't care about the proffessional games at all.

Here is the part that got me: The Florida state college womens rugby team gets around 5 or 6 thousand people to each game. The womens rugby team! There is nothing at all wrong with womens rugby, in fact Rob, the dude I was talking to said that a lot of them were "smoking hot" what really gets me is the fact that in England our university mens rugby and football teams do not get anything close to that many spectators.

This is bearing in mind that these are supposed to be our national pastime sports and womens rugby is virtually unheard of in the USA. Where did we lose our spirit? Did we ever have one?

Are Americans just insane? This is by far the greatest radio station I have ever heard. They just seemed to play awesome track Whiskey And Coke - Dawn Trader - Castle (CD) awesome track regardless of whether or not the track had been released recently or had ever even been in the charts. They rarely played repeats and clocked up something like 53 minutes of music every hour. Why don't we have any good radio stations like this?

All of our radio stations seem to suck balls, radio 1 being the big ringleader here. I mean Radio 1 has some really good entertaining dj's yes I like Chris Moyles but they play around 3 good songs in any 24 hour period. I know with different music tastes that number will go up or down accordingly but I think it has to be admitted that Whiskey And Coke - Dawn Trader - Castle (CD) really do seem to just constantly repeat songs that are currently popular and sometimes will go a couple of hours with almost no variety at all.

Anyway rant over. I think I did well and kept that part fairly short. Since we last spoke we have done the drive, lived in Fort Lauderdale for nearly a week, both of us have lost and won money at the holdem table in the Seminole hard rock casino. I have been stopped for speeding by a state trooper, who was really really nice and didn't get his gun out at all we met a crazy Kansas local called Mike who said he hated cops and they deserved to die and also that he would "flip out if they ever tried to take his guns away".

He was also frightened by my passport with it's new biometric chip because apparently they can now use satilites to track me. I said I didn't really mind and that I wasn't doing anything interesting but that only seemed to anger him. This is all bearing in mind that we shared a room with the guy so tended to wait awhile before we slept. After a couple of days we moved into a motel a little further into town and a little closer to hooters so we didn't have to get as many taxis.

Yesterday we finally bought a car. It's a smallish 4x4 and its name is Chevrolet Blazer. It is 12 years old and is red. Other features include a broken driver side speaker, an indecisive fuel gauge and a wierd pull to the right. Apart from all this we completely love it. We love the noise it makes and I love that Tom finds the passenger seat very uncomfortable and can't adjust it because the handle is broken. He complained all the way to Miami.

We drove down to Miami this morning and are now staying in a hostel in South beach, just gonna go off now to an irish bar to watch the Russia vs Netherlands game.

Until next time. Suddenly, you start feeling an apathy towards your job, when you previously took pride in it. Then cynicism sets in. Your productivity drops, or at least it feels that way. You just feel even more tired.

Burnout, though, is not a recent phenomenon. Queen Latifah revealed all to Parade about her struggle with burnout as well. Selena Gomez, just 26, took a career hiatus in to overcome burnout, explaining that she even switched off her cell phone for 90 days. Finding time to recharge helped Latifah feel better mentally and physically.

As I said, we tend to think of burnout as affecting doctors, teachers, office workers. Now, forced productivity or not feeling a sense of purpose at a day job are just two of the reasons. On the contrary, many people are doing work they consider more important than ever. Many of us have been cut off from the people and activities that gave our life meaning before. But more than a year on, says Torsten Voigt, a sociologist at RWTH Aachen University in Germany Whiskey And Coke - Dawn Trader - Castle (CD) has researched burnout, this initial expenditure of energy may be catching up with us.

People in lower-paid jobs are in fact at particular risk of burnout, precisely because they are given less resources and less support. The world in which burnout was initially conceived was quite different to the one we live and work in today.

The gig economy, automation, smartphones, zoom calls have transformed the way many of us work. Though the World Health Organisation has not defined burnout as an occupational disease, the symptoms of burnout have become medical.

Living through the pandemic has been making us sick. Any primary-care doctor will tell you that the physical-health toll of collective trauma — high blood pressure, headaches, herniated discs — have become quite common.

And this has been before many people have returned to the office or resumed their pre-pandemic schedules. The mental-health crisis of the pandemic is also very real. According to research by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a staggering four in 10 adults reported symptoms of anxiety and depression, a quadrupling of the pre-pandemic rate.

More than one in four mothers reported that the pandemic has had a major impact on their mental health. I do not suppose that people in Malta have been spared the crisis, though the percentages may be different. This may be little comfort to those suffering, but this moment may pose an opportunity to rethink our roles at work and to reconsider our relationship with work — not just on an individual level, but on a societal one.

Addressing burnout in a systemic way could mean reducing workloads, redistributing resources, or rethinking workplace hierarchies.

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