White Girls In Mexico - Various - Noise Punxxx (File, MP3)

Hardcore techno from North Korea's underground anarchist movement. Not very traditional, but these guys are about as punk as it gets. They're called Victims White Girls In Mexico - Various - Noise Punxxx (File Circumstance.

There is over people confirmed to go so this would be the biggest crowd Ive ever played for. I just thought id let you guys know, ive seen some stuff about BTMI on here before. Ill let you know how it goes tomorrow, and wish me luck! And we all know there's nothing better to do in NH. I run a student radio show, and we cover everything from reggae through ska to a bit of punk.

Someone else already posted some skatepunk, here's more! Learn to love it. Punkskahardcore wk7j5 Supposedly Refused broke up in my MP3). What's the coolest fact about your DIY scene? Our first recording. Done in a basement. Punkskahardcore sf7x9 Whats the most you've paid for a HC show? If shows weren't so rare nowadays I definitely would not have. I am guessing the price is due to the fact that the lineup is made up of MP3) big metal bands, but its seriously a scam to charge kids 55 bucks for a show regardless.

I would have thought that even metal bands had that opinion, but I guess not. I mean when I was living in Philly and went to This is Hardcore fest 4 years in a row it was around 60 bucks for all three days every year without fail. Whatever, I am just venting about having to pay a lot of money to only go see 3 bands that I actually care to see Shipwreck, Bane, and Cruel Hand. Anyway, whats the most you guys have had to pay for Hardcore show?

Punkskahardcore rh2r3 Is there a online hardcore community somewhere I don't know about or is everything really this dead? It's sad, but I guess I gotta face whats obvious. But what I don't understand is how their isn't some online community which previously used to be there just isn't around anymore. I mean I was never a huge big shot on any forum message boards, but I was a pop in every once in a while kind of person and I always felt like some life was still around.

But now, I just went around the b9 boards and broke out the old soulseek client looking for a ride from Boston to the CB show tomorrow in Worcester still am looking so if you can help out a fellow redditor please let me know! Now it's possible I am just not that lucky and nothing is going on recently, but it doesn't feel that way. Anybody have an opinion or have some place on the Internets that I missing out on?

Punkskahardcore r2r4c It's a longshot, but maybe someone here might know It was an amazing show. I want to know what that band was. All I remember is that they were fast and aggressive, and female fronted. They had awesome shirts that said the band's name and "death to jock punk. If anyone can help me find something that would show me who played at that show i would be eternally grateful. Edit: The band was I Object!

Thanks seebanks and Laurzone. Hooray internets! Come to it if you want to have some fun! Would love to hear some feedback! This sums up last night's gig Features Converge,Paint it Black and a ton more bands. Punkskahardcore m01v3 I need some suggestions for some hardcore!

What's your favorite? I need some more hardcore though! Gimme your favorite hardcore bands and their best album s! EDIT: I need to get some of these on vinyl! Hardcore from my region is often overlooked for bands from a more coastal-locale. Feel free to leave Midwest appresh in comments. Fucking awesome band, never ceases to be awesome. Hardcore, powerviolence, punk and much more! I'm stoked. Punkskahardcore l4v8b Did you guys here about the fire at the Coors Brewing company?

Punkskahardcore kzobn Anyone have any cool Halloween Shows they're going to? I'm excited to do the Atom set dressed as Finn from Adventure Time. Punkskahardcore k3kmy Kraytracker. Punkskahardcore ikx9t Best of so far? Punkskahardcore hk2hj Anyone going to Punk Rock Bowling this weekend?! Punkskahardcore grn0v Guns Up! Punkskahardcore fn4wd Got Fury of the Aquabats! Instant classic. Here they are streaming if you want to check them out!

I bring this up after suffering from endless tinnitus and a lifetime that will surely consist of many instances of "huh? Anyone have any cool plans for the best time of year?

What do you guys think? Punkskahardcore cpiho Who wants a free Community Records sticker and mystery patch? Any takers? IDEA: If we have enough people, a secret santa of sorts would be awesome and unrivaled. Pewwp, expect to receive some surprises! Punkskahardcore cy Good Skin music? Now, my minions, go educate the masses about our culture.

Here's an awesome song by them so you can get the idea. Punkskahardcore baeui What are some good bands from your respective areas? Saw them in Portland last Halloween.

Let me know what you think. BTW, a wapple is a weed-apple. Punkskahardcore azqsm Operation Ivy - better or worse than Rancid? Punkskahardcore ac3nu What do you want to see on your punk subreddit?

Do we want to spread the word on our fav local acts? Should we just be arguing over Clash vs. What would excite you? What kind of content would keep you returning? We do a little of this and a little of that. You can stream it here! Hardcore Punk from NJ! In the spirit of older Casualties, Blanks 77, Violent Society, etc. Absolutely D. Check it out. Punkskahardcore 15aphd Friend of mine got arrested for upping the punx. Bullets are fake mind you, and this dude has been wearing this belt since the first day I met him.

Here's the articles. Sign the petition if you feel. The next logical step was to get all the horn players from every other ska band to play solos during our last song. Sorry about it being on facebook, the guy accidently deleted it while uploading it to youtube! But this cover makes them way better. But alas as im only 17 i cant see them, tis a shame alright.

Punkskahardcore u4l0i Central Jersey ska-punk band looking for a frontman! Backyard Superheroes is looking for a new singer to, well, replace me. I am more of a backup vocalist than anything and prefer to run around with my guitar than being stuck to a mic.

We have gigs lined up, recording for our 5 song demo already paid for, and practice times per week every saturday from 11am-5pm in Branchburg, every other monday from pm in sayreville Overall it's just a bunch of guys hanging out and having fun.

Not in it for money or anything, just like getting on stage and playing. All have experience, no egos minus the horn section and plenty of gear to go around. It streams online, we play new music and do giveaways! Punkskahardcore nf9c6 PSH Best of ! What are your favorite albums from this year? This seems cool. I don't go on the b9 and my state's hardcore message board is pretty inactive. I hope this is a happy medium! Fucking awesome. Bosstones played Don't Worry Desmond Dekker.

I was happy. As awesome as it was, I'd be hard-pressed to see either band at a venue with seats again. Thought I would share. Fastest 15 year olds in 80's hardcore. Be sure to give it a listen. We're called Hot And Ugly. Punkskahardcore i34vx What are some of your favorite concert memories?

Punkskahardcore gghew Burlington, VT! April Fools on Burlington! Two Fr33 Shows! Th3 crazi3st half hour in Burlington Hardcor3! Moshing, MP3) Diving and b3ating Hipst3rs! I might b3 filling in on bass for this band. Com3 giv3 this aw3som3 ska band fond far3w3ll. Aft3r th3 Radio B3an show. My band R3gr3t might b3 playing, no on3 knows y3t. Also, fuck this R3ddit Mold bullshit. What a shame. Start by purchasing or whatever you prefer, mateys this album Punkskahardcore f3mid Hey folk, what was your favorite album of ?

Punkskahardcore ewnre Anyone have amusing action shots? They were the handsomest guys there. Punkskahardcore evto0 The Taxpayers are in south Florida! And I have been bestowed the privilege of finding them a place to play!

Does anybody mind having some kick ass bands play at their home? I only have a week in advance and no venue will book it, so a house is my only option Help me out guys! You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.

Punk is dead? It's been too long since anyone's posted any Operation Ivy. As a poli sci major i've gained a new appreciation for this band. Leftover Crack - Super Tuesday. So as someone who never really liked hardcore, I just barely got into Have Heart.

Anyone remember Emogame? AND it has a few scratches. By Pedro J. Aguilar Sr. Images in this review. Thank you. Size: Small Color: Matte Black.

First, this helmet is tight. I wear a large comfortably in Quin and a few others and this one was tough to get on and tougher to get off. I assume its for the ear phones. Once on, it felt very comfortable. I will say it "feels" heavy to me, but I have a Quin that is under 3lbs so it might not be a fair comparison.

The helmet is very nice looking, although the camera is a bit higher in person, but it kinda looks like a cool mohawk. Everything else about the helmet was nice, BUT, the blue tooth would not sync with any of my 3 iphones. I tried to update to the 1. It see's the BT, but it continually gave me a "cannot connect". So after waisting an afternoon, I packed it up and returned it. So unfortunately I could not tell you how it sounds or works.

You would think it would be fairly simple to have working BT inbut it is Good luck. I gave it a 1 because I bought it to be "smart", it turned out to be dumb. It's not a horrible helmet, but the price is best in class. I didn't Amazon so I actually paid more to be certain about a few things and I regret buying it. It doesn't do anything much. I can't get the camera to work with my phone and apparently uses an old camera app so you have two apps helmet and camera. The quality for videos of other people is levels or worse.

The Google talk function can hurt if the volume is up. It's so loud I screamed and the speakers couldn't handle it and only produced some weird noises. INC is this far useless it's the same as ambient noise mode and at 25mph makes all kinds of wind noise and only makes it harder to hear my aftermarket exhaust.

Should White Girls In Mexico - Various - Noise Punxxx (File bought a GoPro and attached it to my older LS2. Let's put it this way. This might be what kills this company and it's about time if this is what you get from them.

This review will probably not recognize me as a certified buyer, I got this helmet from a different source. But I had this helmet for a year. First off the fit: It hurt my ears terribly, feeling like a vise clamping down on my head, That is after I returned it for a larger size.

The fit was fine otherwise but just pressed in on my ears. This caused me to have a close call several times. Imagine going down the road and straining to hear what is being said and all of a sudden the phone rings and it is like a semi-truck horn going off right beside your head.

Scared the daylights out of me! Calls were great, the other party had no idea I was going 70mph down the road. Easy to use and records your voice beautifully. I really liked that feature. I eventually sold the helmet on Ebay as it was too late to return. Love the concept, just did not work for me. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Translate all reviews to English. One person found this helpful. Translate review to English. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Make Money with Us. Amazon Payment Products.

Let Us Help You. Glenn Branca, Pitchfork's last recipient of the 1. Chiming and grinding as chimeras, "Lesson N. His previous band's only single, the Theoretical Girls' "You Got Me", grafts amplified anvil hits to the chord progression from "Trans-Europe Express" and a bludgeoning guitar attack that will in ten years' time be called Helmet.

Lydia Lunch and James "Blood" Ulmer are left out, unfortunately, but there are many vying for its cramped space, and inclusion White Girls In Mexico - Various - Noise Punxxx (File The Dance and The Blood surprises. Collection opensource media.

Various Noise Genre: Electronic. Rating: 4. Performer: Dr.

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