Coração - ForróNela! - Volume 1 (CDr)

Each book is a different band member's story. Novella: 2. View all 12 comments. It was a charming read, I enjoyed it. This was a solid 3. There were a few moments of head shaking regarding the whiplash speed of mood swings between the two main characters, but quite honestly, it must be a challenge for an author to wrap up a love story in ish pages rather than a three or four book series. Other reviewers were unhappy with the speedy pace of their relationship, mostly claiming that it was unrealistic Are we really reading this genre for the realism and probability It was a charming read, I enjoyed it.

Are we really reading this genre for the realism and probability of the pure young woman seduced by the rock star? I'm not. I was looking for a cute little love story to get lost in for an evening, and I think this qualifies. There are plenty of other options for erotic romance where the main female's personality is absorbed and forgotten in the wake of the male lead, this book wasn't one of those, and didn't try to be.

Buddy read with my sistah from another motherGeorgia!!! Coz we are cool like that View all 5 comments. What the hell had I been thinking? There are times in the book where Jake shows his vulnerability, his caring side; he's afraid he's not good enough for Abby So we've established this story is about your innocent girl meets bad boy rock star, the leading characters have interesting back stories and a fabulous supporting cast Music of the Heart has all the elements for an enjoyable sexy read and that's what it was for me, light, sweet, nice and enjoyable.

Sometimes you don't need a big signpost to know something…. Also the 'drama' at the end, where he rejects her, was again not really plausible for the character or situation, imo hide spoiler ] I just needed something more Sometimes it warmed my heart, made it swell and was 4 star worthy and then at the other end of the spectrum I found I was cringing at the cheesiness I'd found my angel to live happily-ever-after with.

I liked it I just wasn't in love with it, maybe another day and my thoughts may have been different. I know many others have loved it more, so if you like Rock Stars, a sweet love story and fancy a nice light read then pick up this book, I think you'll enjoy it!!! This was such a fun and intense read, full of emotion and ups and downs.

When a miscommunication lands her on the wrong tour bus and Coração - ForróNela! - Volume 1 (CDr) the bed of Jake Slater, the lead singer of the famous band Runaway Train, Abby is shocked out 3. When a miscommunication lands her on the wrong tour bus and in the bed of Jake Slater, the lead singer of the famous band Runaway Train, Abby is shocked out her mind. This leads to a fun bet in which Abby stays on the bus for one week. I know, convenient, right?

But suspend reality for a bit and have some fun. Jake is so full of passion but I would expect nothing less of a great performer. I think it takes someone full of intense emotion to be really good at entertaining, and it just pours out of Jake.

That boy was all over the place!! It took me a little bit to warm to Abby. She was all about trying to see the good in people and forgiveness, very admirable IMO. Sure lust at first sight, but love?

But now as Jake stood before me, I wondered if it could be true. I Coração - ForróNela! - Volume 1 (CDr) this was more of a wild ride than a study in real life here, and usually stories that revolve around rockers are, but who can resist? Usually, I like my romance to be a slow build, but this seemed to work here. Plus, their feelings came first before anything on the physical side happened. On that front let me just tell you, Katie Ashley knows how to write some scorching scenes!

She had a talent for writing chemistry filled scenes and wicked and flirty banter! Gotta love a man who can dance! This was made more fun by my lovely read along partners in crime: Laura, Bethany and Anna! Thanks ladies! View all 37 comments. Want Coração - ForróNela! - Volume 1 (CDr) read this so freaking bad it hurts Katie has hit another home run! This story wasn't good. It was amesomely fantastic! Oh where to even begin with this book! Abby is all set to meet up Coração - ForróNela!

- Volume 1 (CDr) her brothers The Christian Crossover Group - Jacob's Ladder to start her life as part of the band. She flies out to meet up with her family at a Mega Concert, much like Woodstock, and finds herself rushing to catch their bus before they take off for the next town. Weaving her way through hundreds of buses that all look alike, she asks O.

Weaving her way through hundreds of buses that all look alike, she asks a Roadie who was a little "busy" with a groupie trying to find her way into a bus, that she asks for directions and swiftly gets put onto the bus before it pulls out. The only problem is, she finds outs later that it's not her family's bus, but the bus of superstars - Runaway Train.

The comedy insues from there and this book had me laughing and crying from laughing over and over again. The boys of the band sweet and protective of Abby, especially against their own lead singer Coração - ForróNela! - Volume 1 (CDr) Slater. Slater the known womanizer of the band, has thoughts and plans going through his head about Abby.

But he has met his match in the southern spitfire. You don't mess with a girl who grew up with 4 older brothers. If you love The Propostion and The Proposal - you will love this book. Abby is a spunky, spitfire who stands up for herself and doesn't back down. Katie Ashley pulls me in more and more with each book that she writes and I cannot wait for more books coming our way from her!

There was a lot to like about this book. You have Jake the bad boy rock star although, to be honest, while he was no choir boy, he was pretty darn mild for a rock starwho gets the sweet innocent girl, Abby, to stay with him. I really enjoyed the banter that Jake and Abby had going on in the beginning of the book. Or when she was constantly calling him a horndog — it just seemed silly hide spoiler ] I liked Jake most of the time too.

He was charming and sexy, and it was easy to see the soft heart beneath the rough exterior. I do have to admit to being blown away at some of his more douche moves though. When he went for it, he could certainly bring out his inner asshole. I was really frustrated with his last outburst view spoiler [ when his mom was dying hide spoiler ] because, honestly, at that point he should have figured out a better way to deal with his issues then doing whatever he could to push Abby away.

I also thought that Abby was perhaps a bit too forgiving. Jake would be a jerk a BIG jerkand then, 10 minutes later, apologize, and that was it — it was all ok again. Overall it was an entertaining, if not always realistic book. In one day. Didn't even like that I had to put it down to eat. For those of you that might actually see my reviews, you should know that character development is HUGE with me. I also need to be able to visualize. I'm sure I'm not the only one and that's not why I'm saying this.

I'm saying this because this book right here - Music of the Heart - I was right there. I WAS Abby. Jake was wooing me. Every emotion, every second of angst - every second of pleasure, they were MINE. Within the Finished. Within the first chapter of the book, I was hooked. Abby and Jake's "accidental" meeting was cute and funny and I knew from that point on that I'd love their banter.

The descriptiveness in Katie Ashley's writing doesn't falter in this book. I love how she keeps me visualizing every aspect on the page. Blue eyes, hazy with a mixture of sleep deprivation and desire, stared down at me. I can already picture how HOT this man is in my head. At this very moment, I wanted to get to know Jake a little bit better. And I did get the chance.

Lots of great supporting cast in this one too - I fell in love with AJ and all his Latin Lover glory. Rhys and Brayden along with Lily were all fantastic too and lend lots of great storyline to these two fantastic main characters. I can't wait to meet more of Runaway Train in future books. This story is a keeper. The beginning was great when it got to the middle I wasn't feeling it no more Has good bones, but strangely feels flat to me. I got a little frustrated with some basic contradictions.

Corri ao teu encontro. Marido e mulher. Esperavam o carro. O homem ouviu. A mulher ouviu. Qual dos dois ajudou mais? Donde se infere que o homem ajuda sem participar e a mulher participa sem ajudar.

Ajuntando novas pedras e construindo novos poemas. Recria tua vida, sempre, sempre. Remove pedras e planta roseiras e faz doces. View all 3 comments. Jul 20, Alexandra rated it liked it Shelves: kindle-readings.

Um conto pequenino que deixa vontade de ler mais. Foi o meu primeiro contacto com a autora, mas gostei muito da escrita de Carina Portugal. Gostei bastante desta reviravolta que observamos no fim.

Deixou-me com um sorriso no rosto Feb 08, Raquel rated it liked it. Foi um pequeno conto cuja leitura me soube lindamente. Um pequeno conto que me surpreendeu pela positiva. Gostei muito do ambiente e a vibe steampunk, mas faltou aqui qualquer coisa Jul 21, Ana Luisa Henriques rated it really liked it Shelves: read-inebooks Feb 19, Daniela Maciel rated it it was ok Shelves: contose-booksleituras Elisabete rated it liked it Oct 23, Karen rated it it was ok May 18, Carlos Silva rated it liked it Jan 01, Catarina rated it really liked it Mar 30, We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website.

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Oitenta e alguns avos de enxada e terra. Sabedoria agra. A Flor Promessa, encantamento. Folhas longas, espalmadas. Espadins verdes montando guarda. Da Flor A expectativa, o medo. O vento, a chuva, o granizo. Para a Flor Chamei a tantos Afinal a Flor Vara florida de castidade santa. E foi assim que eu vi a Flor. Horas de sono, de acordar. Horas da escola — ida e volta. O menino, o homem. Marca sempre horas felizes neste lar. Pablo Neruda I Perdoa-me poeta. Tantos cantores pelo mundo E eu a pensar que foste apenas um grande poeta entre outros grandes Pablo Neruda II Poeta.

Amarrada em cordas grossas. Minha pequenina poesia Quando te foste para sempre plangeram os sinos da terra e silvaram todas as sirenas dando aviso no universo. Partiu-se o fio de ouro filigrana da tua poesia universal. Grande poeta. Vieram as chuvas e o calor acamou o limo na camarinha das grotas. Deflorando a terra. Era a casa deles. Gostavam de flores, de vasos e de roseiras.

Um quintal muito grande de fruteiras fartas e escolhidas. Gaiolas dependuradas. Meninos brincando. Meus e deles. Minha casa amiga De dois em dois anos descia do alto da parede da despensa, onde ficava ancorado o barquinho de uma nova vida, prestes a chegar. Vinha para a terra o pequenino barco. A liturgia foi assim, anos repetidos. Bons amigos. Minha gente! Antiga rua. Velhas casas. Eu ficava sozinha, incerta. Uma jovem esposa no passeio. Pesada e linda, numa veste solta. Adiante, uma senhora, cabelos grisalhando.

Olha, sobe, vai caminhando, cruza ruas e avenidas. Brancas; rosadas, escuras, tristes, floridas. E vieram: Pinto Ferreira e sua mulher. Os Pintos Antigo administrador dos Bens Patrimoniais da Capela levantada.

Vieram os homens escuros e derrubaram Coração - ForróNela! - Volume 1 (CDr) mata, espantaram as feras. Uma nova floresta ordenada e ritmada se estendeu, e cobriu Jabuticabal.

Comprada, requerida, apossada. Foi e voltou. Queimado e arrancado. Plantado de novo. Extravasou seus limites.

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