Learn how your comment data is processed. Explore these posts. Find out how. Notify of. Inline Feedbacks. Best solution is to save the disguise until you are at Aquelarre end of the tunnel. Comentario de If there is an opposing faction near by just wait a minute or two. Twice I had to walk with him out he attacked an opposing faction, furthermore they can just hit you once to knock the costume off to be facetious; the drop rate is horrible so its worth waiting a little bit for the area to clear.

Comentario de Whatever you do, do NOT stop to mine the pretty adamantite deposit. You will LOSE your disguise!!! Comentario de just pull them to the guards in the tunnel sooo easy Comentario de yeah dont die Comentario de This whole quest is just rediculous. WAY too much aggro and when you die you get owned in Sylvanaar. Comentario de A note for hunters: Aspect of the Cheetah works when you're in costume.

Comentario de When I went to go talk to the boss guy, there were 2 "Blessed Seers" or whatever, and they aggroed me. Needless to say, I died and now I have to farm the mats again. Comentario de just go to the place coords above stelthed if dru or roguefew steps from NPC put on the dress, speak with him and run out. Comentario de Indignation Don't try to mine any veins when you are wearing the costume, it will cause it to disappear and you'll have to get five more scraps for another.

It makes that quest a lot easier for sure. Comentario de Blackspirit I just ran into the Wyrmcult Blessed mobs while in disguise and they saw right through it. Be careful around them. Comentario de I just farmed 10 scraps before going in. Then I donned one costume at the mouth of the cave and ran in. I kept the other in reserve in case my time ran out.

I was lucky though, that he was alive when I arrived and I was able to run back out before losing my disguise. So it probably is a better idea to fight your way into the cave and then use the costume when you get to him so it will last long enough for you to get out. Comentario de zooni's comment is perfect, thanks for that. Comentario de Forget it, I'm an idiot. Comentario de ktharsis If you get to the Wyrmcult Blessed, the dragons that see through your disguise - you have gone too far!

Kolphis Darkscale is in a little alcove along the way, he looks just like all the other cultists. Comentario de I have got the costume now omw to the meeting :D I hope the Aquelarre are right.

Took me like 5min to get the suit good drop rate for me. I hope you got the same luck. Comentario de Guys Guys the patch 2. This is no longer the case in 2. Comentario de Be certain to speak to the Wyrmcult Provisioner just left as you enter the cave while still in disguise.

Fun stuff. Comentario de Why can,t all say the same cords for drop and so on! Comentario de Haunter Don't try buff yourself, that will break your disguise.

Comentario de For better info : you need to collect 5 just search it on wowhead they will tell you. Comentario de Dasasa Do not put on the disguise while in stealth. Disguise will drop instantly. Comentario de Hunters etc beware : If you want to dismiss your pet, add aspect of cheetah etc The disguise will drop instantly if you do this whilst wearing it with potentially disastrous consequences and then needing to go and collect 5 more costume scraps!

Comentario de well,its not rare i just farmed 3 from 4 mobs near Evergore Comentario de Another note about the disguise: even looting causes you to lose the disguise. I recently used the disguise after killing Maxnar for the followup quest just to get out quicklyand noticed a corpse that was still sparkling while making my way back - checking the corpse caused the disguise to break.

Comentario de TheRazielim I think they upped the drop rate on these significantly. Previous chars Paladin, Hunter and Magethis step took the better part of an hour to get the 5 Scraps needed.

Full-color slick, heavy pages throughout, filled with small, dense text--there's very little whitespace in this book. The is also no index. Normally, I'd be annoyed at this, but a useful index would probably bloat this to over pages. Besides, the Kickstarter included a pdf copy, and I find a digital search function much more useful and faster than an index these days.

Plus, as with many RPG books, the table of contents is so infinitesimally detailed that Aquelarre functions as subject-index in itself. Next: The Introduction. Dionysos Registered User Validated User. This will be a nice companion to my own reading. I'd only vaguely heard of Aquelarre through seeing the title pop up in the threads list on the right-hand side of my screen. That subtitle has me interested and watching, though. This one was not even on my radar even though I waited for years for Wurm to Aquelarre make it to the wide world in print at my local game store.

Now I must have this! I see on NobleKnight it is listed as a pre-order from Chaosium for a release; hopefully it will make it to Gen Con. So, excited by this thread. Sullen and silent soldiers march along dusty paths seeking enemies, whether they are infidel or not. This is the world of the Middle Ages, the one our ancestors knew, that formed our present. But, beyond the human, in the deepest of the forests, in the loneliest cave, in the most remote Aquelarre, in the deepest of human hearts, live the legends.

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