Attraction (D Noizer Remix) - Various - Tuning Beats 2004/3 (CD)

Aided early on by a crucial sync in the satirical blockbuster thriller Get Outthe song -- originally released in late -- maintained its buzz throughout the next summer, ultimately peaking at No. Lorde, "Green Light". The result elicits both thrill and trepidation, perfectly capturing the highs and lows of growing up.

Khalid, "Location". In the song, Khalid takes a look at the early stages of a relationship, presenting a cautious ode to young love in a world of social media and technology. Julia Michaels, "Issues". After four years of quietly co-penning hits for the likes of Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and Selena Gomez, Julia Michaels stepped into the spotlight with this instantly relatable ballad about loving someone, flaws-and-all. It may seem like Portugal. The Man came out of the woodwork inbut it's not their first bullfight by any means -- the indie rock veterans have been releasing albums sinceand this year's album Woodstock marked their eighth.

But once they unleashed this inescapable earworm in March, they went from commercial zeroes to heroes in what felt like a matter of minutes: The boogieing pop-rock jam "Feel It Still" suddenly found Portugal. The Man all over pop radio, breaking an Alternative Songs chart recordand landing the band a performance on the AMAs.

And to top it all off, the groovy smash notched PTM a best pop song Grammy nomination, showing that a little pep in their step was all it took to turn these cult favorites into pop fixtures.

Harry Styles, "Sign of the Times". Harry Styles marked his solo debut in the most ambitious way possible, with a near-six-minute power ballad that calls upon the likes of David Bowie and Queen for a type of rock grandeur rarely heard in Few sounds were as gratifying as pop radio in as the moaning, disembodied vocal loop and vinyl crackle that introduce "Mi Gente.

The duo even left the perfect amount of room for their special guest in the second-verse roll call -- " J. Willy William. That this wasn't even the genre's biggest or arguably best crossover should tell you everything you need to know about the impact Latin music had on American pop this year.

And yet here we are. A solo opening guitar line with Caribbean flair. And the lyrics, sensual but not raunchy, appealed to both male and female listeners. The key to the greatest producer-rapper s -singer super-teaming since "Yeah! It's telling that the song was used for the season two trailer of Insecureas star Issa Rae contemplates life situations while forgetting that she's in the midst of L.

The last few years have seen an increasing number of A-list stars struggle to land lasting hits, while newer artists emerge from the streaming shadows to claim the top spot on the Billboard Hot But make no mistake: "Bodak Yellow" is pulling in green because of the year-old Bronx spitter.

Search term. Billboard Pro Subscribe Sign In. Top Artists. Top Charts. Hot Songs. Billboard Top Videos. Billboard News. Top Articles. Billboard's Best Songs of Critics' Picks. By Billboard Staff. Copied to clipboard. Click to copy. Julien Baker, "Turn Out the Lights" Listening to the confessional musings of year old singer-songwriter Julien Baker can sometimes feel like looking in a mirror and seeing your truest self exposed. Bonobo feat. Rhye, "Break Apart". The Chainsmokers, "Paris" For a while there it seemed like The Chainsmokers couldn't miss with their go-to formula of pairing pop-leaning electro beats with irresistible female vocals on the hook, and "Paris" continued that streak.

Arcade Fire, "Everything Now". Lipshutz The xx, "Say Something Loving" On this delicate duet from their I See You album, The xx capture the exhilarating emotional spiral of new love and the nauseating need for reciprocation that comes with it. Miguel, "Told You So". Migos, "T-Shirt" From its brash opening synth-bass booms to its relentlessly catchy "Mama told me Klock Demi Lovato, "Daddy Issues".

Tove Lo, "Disco Tits" Unlike most top 40 newcomers with a surprise hit to their name, Tove Lo isn't slavishly attempting to recreate the magic of "Habits Stay High " on follow-up singles, and the world of pop is more interesting for it. Lynch Rihanna, "Lemon". Rae Sremmurd, "Love" Like its titular emotion, "Love" is a many-splendored thing: Ask a music fan to describe the song and they might come up with everything from rap to surf rock to punk to girl-group pop, all of which would be correct.

Charli XCX, "Boys" Only part of what makes Charli XCX such an enigmatic pop figure is the fact that she writes her own songs, usually confrontational, confident missives about love, life and having a damn good time. Vincent, "Los Ageless". Frank Ocean, "Chanel" In a year that the generally-reclusive Ocean spent knocking out scene-stealing guest verses, "Chanel" arrived as a welcome loose solo single that reminded just why his album Blond was so intoxicating.

Dua Lipa, "New Rules" Unlike some pop artists who seem to have the voice but not the presence or star power for the A-list, it always seemed like a question of when, not if, British singer-songwriter Dua Lipa would become a top 40 force. Drake, "Passionfruit" Leave it to Drake to pull up to the roller rink in a yacht.

Future, "Mask Off" Future was hardly the first hip-hop artist to back his rhymes with a flute sample, but in he made it meme-worthy as the unlikely musical signature of his highest-charting single. Migos feat. Lil Uzi Vert, "Bad and Boujee". Kelley The road is a small horizon, grasshoppers riotous at the edge.

She could only fear the fox for so long, the squawking assemblage. The other side rises past the verge. A white bird among magpies and crows, she steps into the road, music against her claws and beak. Terrible promise of what tilts beyond: the heft, the lift, the ascending. Chasing the sun, it ends in dust. Angels unfurl at the grounding, fine-toothed and soft to bear the loss.

Miami Beach sucks me in with tequila and tits and I — always so easily enraptured duck into a bodega find the black door find a plastic lover.

Get caught in a rainstorm laugh wildly run through the sweltering streets meet my death it sucked me in. While dying in Miami pulled again through the black door find solace in the needle wake to the waves wonder about dolphins and if they will disappear by the spear or the many propeller blades worry in such turmoil as if this is my only problem.

I drew her hair all during chemistry — though her eyes never worked. After that first kiss under the bleachers, I could only make them seem real when they were closed. A dream: the air, cold, hot, and then that girl again, leaping from a bridge in that French movie.

In the next minute, she was alive and wet in the back of a taxi. I sat next to her, holding her hand as her damp hair chilled my neck.

Then someone shook me awake, screeching she was my mother. The boiler had shut off during the night, and the phantom arms of my breath floated towards the windows. She held it in her trembling hands afraid she might contaminate it. Was it a wives tale? Would mother forever abandon her baby? So miraculous and foreign this tiny owl. In all her twelve years, her favorite present.

Yet she wanted to set it free. Frailty frightened her. She set it in a nest of silk and wool. Let it drink from a gold thimble. Eyes like glass, owl blinked girls heart skipped. The cage door closed.

Soon after, mystery. In owls place stood a lone tiger pup playful feline, pawed the gold thimble along the marble floor. Petting the cub girl noticed his sharp teeth, large paws. Out the window mother owl and her baby sat together on an oak limb. Gazing at the owls, contented by the reunion mother tiger pounced from above one bite on the jugular killed her.

Without her body, girl sat with the owls from the oak, she saw her body sustenance for the hungry tigers. I lash the sea to a frenzy heft water out of the seabed whip the clouds black flay wind into a funnel thrash up waves raise up surges. Christmas Island swarms and clatters with their bodies, millions of ruby-bright land crabs clicking from forest to sea. Sheer numbers demand the human world brake and go around. When the tide goes out, the roll of red bodies migrates home, roads and bridges ripening in a scarlet stream.

We make way and stare, wonder at such excess for such odds, whale sharks and manta rays feasting on the larval boon. Whatever that means—. Fire in my lungs and poisoned veins, fading in to white out to blackI see the eye of God— unflinching cold against the welcoming void of closed lids… …that dream? Is he keeping vigil? Calling in the loan? River and wind Carved the green valley.

Carried minerals Cut Attraction (D Noizer Remix) - Various - Tuning Beats 2004/3 (CD) and manganese. In a hollow of rock high above And large enough for a body. As the right hand held A thin pipe made. Of animal bone To carry pigment. Mixed with spit And breath enough. To convey. Blessed is this coffee in its bowl, on this pretty ceramic tray, hot steam rising into morning air, smell of cocoa and bitter orange and my fingertips warming as I hold the bowl to my lips.

Blessed is this cat purring, curled in a ball, tucked behind my kneecaps, kitchen curtains waving in the morning air, vertical blinds click clicking with each breeze.

Blessed is this. Radar the cat protects his family. A neighbor opens his back door. The cat jumps up, down and sideways. The cat taunts the dog on a leash, only a thread connecting dog to owner saves the cat. In the middle of nowhereshe thinks. The road is a sleeping snake between hills. The road and the hills. The road ecologist studies roads that are more like dragons: awake. Her car at the side of the road is a broken, hissing thing.

Roadkill. Though what was I trying to cross? The road ecologist is only sort of running away from her life.

Her heart is like the roadside soil. Standing at the roadside. She understands barriers, roads too risky to cross. The road. When the moose steps out of the woods, the road ecologist sticks out her thumb. Enter Amihan to rock our noche buena [1]. Landlocked Lazlo, landlubbered oyster pearled appeal for, or to peel off: scales, waves, fins undulations of steady hands quick slice.

We were that age when our parents let us stay in the same bed for sleepovers. You reeked of lavender baby lotion, horse sweat, piss — our hands were never exactly clean. My plastic Palomino stallion and your plastic Morgan mare got lost in the complicated river of the living-room rug, riding a raft made of socks. Sometimes they fell sideways and drowned. I liked your house better because it was clean and blue with bits of gold frame around everything.

Alone, I shambled to my house on an endless, expanding road, steep, dusty, filled with lizards and pine cones — sometimes red cars drove by and tried to get me to climb in. Sometimes it seemed like you were right at my shoulder, breathing, even when you were home listening to your parents scream.

During an overnight, we gave each other arm hickies to see what our teeth could do. Bad posture protects your minimal chest. Bone and flesh pulls into your cave chest, you retract like an inconspicuous bat in shadows, small enough not to notice.

You watch boys at school ogle Carol, blame it on her boobs and clothes. Your cousin shows you her wardrobe. She holds up fifty shirts, a number you remember because she counts the blouses out loud. An happy litany—colors, buttons, and stitching.

Fabric gathers, ribbons, needle weaves. Pleats, crimps, folds. Cottons that breathe. Satin lining in one blouse. Arm lengths, varied. Neat, starched, ironed.

Hers are store bought. Nothing borrowed. No donated goods. Your five blouses are well-used, culled by your mom from rumpled heaps on the ping pong table in your cellar.

A butterfly flapping its bright wings is pleasurable to view, she accepts admiring looks as due. When you are pleasant company, everyone wants you at the party. They were banned from passing bouquets in a bar or at the poor Christian service naturally held at dusk.

The governing heads scorned the idea of having these men as sparrows in a nest—their existence, not asserted. Despite these lacks. It was enough to refuse to turn away from the truth: about the invalidation. For them, surely. Red-bellied mama makes a slow trek across the Causeway, red belly full of unhatched eggs.

Red-bellied mama hauls her red belly from the delta, river left behind for a nest on land. Carapaced, log-basking mama tip toes her red belly from the swamp across the Causeway, whoosh of traffic missing her left and right.

Red-bellied mama pulls her neck and legs inside her shell in the middle of the Causeway because the lights the lights the tires the tires but red-bellied mama sticks her head out again, scoots her terrapin self across the Causeway, makes it to the other side. Red-bellied mama stops in the sandy loam, dreams of hydrilla and pondweed, sweet, crisp stems of eelgrass, as her eggs settle three by three by three.

Red-bellied mama with her alligator-tooth shell scars leaves her clutch of elliptical eggs in soft earth, enters the Causeway of turtle-ghosts back toward the delta.

Dreaming of basking, red-bellied mama presses toward the broken-shelled road. This wooden rocking zebra…. That rocking zebra must have belonged to a child she must have giddily rocked on it tipped back and forth laughed with hair tumbling in sync with the rock. I tell her shame is a useless emotion And it is, and after we talk and she is Soothed somewhat, I take a bath and reflect On this thing called shame. Yes, I was a thief. I hit a dog with my car riding too fast On a rural road and it died.

I still Remember pulling up to the house And still shaking and watching the dogs Sniff at the front of my car. They know I killed something, I thought At the time, and was full of shame at my Carelessness.

I want to tell my daughter You are human— this is your journey. You will make terrible mistakes. My father wiped my tears away The night I told him I stole from Him. The man whose dog I killed said Shame is useless when I offered to Buy him a new dog. Sometimes, He said, these things we do Are just things to move on from. I slip in and out of other skin, another religion trying to picture what life might be like being the other. My Finnish grandparents told me coming to America stories I grew up a believer of the American Dream, wanted the same opportunity for every newcomer.

As Afghan falls to the Taliban, I imagine life as a refugee, ask, Who is the enemy? I try walking in the shoes of an immigrant Muslim:. How can I be glad? Me: head and body covered, I smell like spice and garlic. You wear an obsolete rose, serve me pork and potatoes. I stand out like a Star of David tattooed on white Protestant skin.

I fit in your country as well as a star of blood on the surface of a muscle. Have you ever asked why anyone prefers to pass as white?

You play a white privilege game that benefits light-skinned people. I wrap my dark skin in your red-white-and-blue. A modest woman, I pull your flag over sable hair. You accuse me of sacrilege. No one mistakes a cardinal for a crow. Little blue penguins Down Under fairy penguins road-crossing nest to sea slate-blue penguins iridescent penguins reclusive penguins fishing at sea hatching on land oft-watched penguins declining penguins smallest penguins road-crossing Down Under underpass penguins sunrise-nest-leaving dusk-returning little blue penguins using the underpass Down Under.

I love all things that go unnoticed, as suddenly one of your feet imitates all the busy hands of the clock: hour, minute, second. Blue-green, black, vermilion. Those hands become frozen vegetables paying no heed to your saddest story of the day. I said I love the things that are being overlooked, not because your foot is bandaged in stark presentiments of winter but because it remains still, poised as a loaf of bread, reminiscent of the pearl earrings tingling elegantly in a Vermeer painting.

Your foot becomes the protagonist of your story. And I listen with a kind of attention that radiates berylliums and some fine words. Arti- fact which destroys an unwritten continent eggshell letter uncharted envelope secreting basaltic ropes—.

You nurse the terrors of the drowsing, hold the foreheads of the bloodless. The sky is so close this afternoon, Like a dome. I breathe blue — clouds, Cornflowers and hummingbird feathers. Alone he waits for the school- bus runny nose, ragged clothes, no Superman, Batman, Black Panther tee tears dried on his dirty cheeks pinned to his inside pocket a free-lunch ticket. Broken crayons scrawled on tiny desks the smell polished floors and new paper a child tries her best concentrate on the lines, hold steady a square house, a mom, a dad, a spotted dog, a friendly cloud scribble of blue sky, a spiral of bright yellow off to the side, the last thing drawn a child face, a big smile.

The road—un-hooved for decades—now butts skull to grille. Southside sheep spill northside, merge as swifter monsters beam small lamps under the milk-starred sky. Land to land, the architect dreams a bridge, sketches plans as bighorns constellate the granite range.

All these kids in our pool play Marco Polo form a moving circle it becomes a mini whirl pool sends me back to when I played Marco Polo in the same pool circled until I became dizzy laughed until I cracked open.

Nor is it the cheese melting on a fry pan, its cream always a status quo of surprise. I acknowledge my patience like how you acknowledge yours.

And slowly, I am going to close my eyes. Toy zebras, of course! Astrolabes and mandalas, why not? Or maybe a cute gift box that contains a cosmic-size publication contract. Grains of summer occupy so much space in my mind! One is an endless friendship with common things, lyrical as songs about fingernails. Two is to receive the package while my hands are still two happy hands. My third and final wish, your book. I cannot survive without sniffing its garden-fresh air. Like a nested bird Lazlo swings between masts, high-up in his hammock strung between infinite possibilities—and blue.

Candle flames speak in sparks and sputters, filling the air with chatter and the scent of dime store roses. Nine glasses, kissed by fresh rue leaf and cigar smoke, are filled with cool water, crowning the tabletop, and sparkling—on white linen—to a playful dance of religion, shadows, and sacred fire.

One by one, we place flowers, reverently, like prayers into an old vase, invoking loved ones with showers of velvet and petal, paving their ways, smoothly, back to us, back home. Then, we light the palo santo to disperse the shade—for devils, inside and out, above and below. Carefully, cracked plates of braised pork, fish head stew, and fried plantains are lined up on the floor between cups of beer, wine, and cool water—the largest, one of rum with a lit cigar on top.

Nine taps of the opa iku —stick of the dead—calls them to order, to us, and to their dumb supper: all within the confines of moons and suns drawn on the floor with powdered eggshell— cascarilla— in the corner of my kitchen near the pantry door that sticks. Bubbles going up mean prayers rising to Heaven. I d not know the names of any of these plants or trees. A friend died last night. We had just been talking 2 days before, making plans for lunch with beers.

Some of them scream. I watch one chase another off a telephone line, electricity wire, tree branch. That bird is an asshole.

In the waning light Attraction (D Noizer Remix) - Various - Tuning Beats 2004/3 (CD) hillsides come into view in shades of blues and browns muted by a sheer screen of dusty air traversing one hill top to another. Bunny Crossing. My friend was like an old uncle to me. I just have to say what a dynamite writer you are. Fire and blazing heat too hot so it melts things and fire. I stumble backwards and hit the blacktop on my ass and only everything sees this — those birds that look like penguins standing in a row on the electric wire, that other bunny 4, and even this patch of ants.

Last light falls grim gray. At the end of the driveway, sun slides out and dips into the Susquehanna in a tangerine light burst. Startled, I look behind me. An arc tops the black cloud mat covering the house, a half-rainbow shimmers rusty-red. Unrooted at one end, it glimmers atop slate cumulus and lands on the ridge. I hurry back for my camera and car.

When I return, color has vanished. The western sky, a flat and dark pool, sheaths a new sturgeon moon. The first spring night that comes both wet and warm, the salamanders crawl from forest floor to vernal breeding pools.

Soft-bodied swarms the first spring night that comes both wet and warm travel to wetlands. But the roadway forms a risky crossing. And so we stop the cars, create a door the first spring night that comes both wet and warm. The salamanders crawl from forest floor. I dangle over sapphire peer in an incurable amulet of longing hangs from me the spill of water into wound covers my body I float along a shroud in waiting mourn for myself.

Platicine wave, wall, hull, thin, high-pitched flute culling the children—for lemmings love of seagulls, grey gulfs, lava beaches, whale wails. They flick their tails and prowl about, pestering fellas headed home to cold wives and cold dinners, straight from the misery of their long evening shifts.

Persistent, with purrs and claws—smooth as cream— they graze oily pant legs and thighs for want of a rub…or two. Flicking my smoke at the sidewalk—a cherry-fire explosion drawing the glow of hungry eyes—a young, new one to the corner catches my eye, preening her strawberry-yellow hair, distracted by night shadows that stretch and duck in the periphery. Cautiously, she turns to me, as the sign overhead begins to flicker blue, casting a harsh pallor upon angled faces with its undead light.

Motioning, again, she slowly heads my way—eyes shining and features soft. And your sister marched up the driveway, a bruise on her cheek, sliding in the house and into the bathroom, the only room with a door that locked.

Layers of mountains backlight The Baptist church on this Short gravel road past the off ramp. Wooden fences.

The girl at the Coffee shop smiles and tells us too much About her boyfriend who hates. Hot weather but loves caramel sauce in his coffee. Back in the car we listen To old school. For you when we were teenagers and I wanted you to fall in love with me. I would Die for you amidst this short, burned-grass.

World where the sun begins to set blue and gold And you start singing me away with a wild wild life. The woman cracks. A crack appears. The fissure follows a ditch with part of her body in it. Her form stands tall before the fall. Her eyes track the growing gap. The shatter line runs on a path, veers off.

The road divides like a leaf vein. A white crayon f- ills in the shape. A stone. A bullet. Movement sets off an avalanche. Growing rifts claw mark the surface, the crazing bleeds. Parts of the woman fall out. Pebbles of glass, popped corn.

She looks down. This happened before in Sodom and Gomorrah back then the sky was lava red they knew it would all go to shit we dig up their stone entombed bodies in the Dead Sea where the sky is virgin white the spherules ache from the chaos several miles below the dig rests a phoenix.

But we are not interested in enchanted myths we lust for the salt of the earth and it is never quite enough. I was with my faith, political or racial or hologrammatic. I had to witness. She rebuilt herself amid rocket fires and air strikes: un homed.

I wasn t double-crossed by. Pinpoint, pinprick Polaris unwavering beside wormholes, quasars, pulsars, comets, satellites, asteroids, supernovas. Drops Just enough Drops too few Drops too many everywhere in my brain sliding notes calling cards and pink slips under doors. She smiles and they shiver. As the sun slowly and half-heartedly slips below the tree line.

Son profil musique-jump-et-voiture 29 ans tu le sera pas Belgique. Design by lequipe-skyrock Choisir cet habillage Signaler un abus. Ses archives 3 » Suite. Ses fans 4 » Suite. Sources » Suite. Commenter L'auteur de ce blog n'accepte que les commentaires de ses amis. House Music New. Techno, Electro, House New. Maintenant essaie de remettre la feuille de papier comme avant, bien lisse. Oublies ce que tu penses!! On dit que les Corses sont paresseux; c'est pas vrai Ils sont vite abattus, c'est tout!

On dis que les chiens Attraction (D Noizer Remix) - Various - Tuning Beats 2004/3 (CD) font pas des chats mais, trop de chattes font des chiennes. PutainJ'ai vraiment un boulot de merde! Qu'est ce que tu fais? Tu es aussi livreur de pizza? Pourquoi allez-vous tuer un dentiste? Personne ne posera la question pour les africains! Ne le fais pas!!!! Tu n'y vas pas!!!!!!! Calme toi, c'est juste une question. Retener votre souffle 2. Les mecs de nos jours c'est; '' T'es la seule que j'aime.

Facebook vs. Les "pokes" sa sert strictement a rien. Mon dieu qu'il fais beau dehors. Parce qu'un mec amoureux ne pense pas aux autres filles Lui : Bonsoir mon amour! C'est finit entre nous! Quand je t'ai connu, j'ai eu peur de t'embrasser. Et vous, quel votre « boisson » amoureuse? N'oublies pas que tu as le droit de pleurer, le droit d'avoir peur, le droit d'avoir mal. Tu as le droit de hurler ta peine ou de crier ta joie de vivre. Si tu pouvais lire au fond de chacun d Un peu de jalousie dans une relation est saine, il est bon de savoir que quelqu'un a peur de vous perdre Je n'ai jamais compris pourquoi les filles disent " sa me casse les couilles ", sachant qu'elles n'en n'ont pas.

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