Brokedown Palace - David Gans - Solo Acoustic (CD, Album)

That is especially gratifying to me because I have always thought the Dead's songwriting was world-class even if their performing and recording skills weren't exactly mainstream. GANS: These are great songs that have always deserved a place in history. If the Dead's own performances were too homely for the sensibilities of a large proportion of the populace and I think we have to grant that they werethen it's a great thing that other performers tackle this body of work.

Wake the Dead is another very satisfying take on the music, intertwining Dead songs with traditional Celtic tunes. I think it's also great to hear musicians adopt a Dead song or two into their repertoires without devoting an entire CD or career to it. That was my mission in putting together Stolen Roses: Songs of the Grateful Dead : rather than recruit musicians to play the songs I chose for them although I did that in the case of Dark Star by the David Grisman QuintetI wanted to collect the Dead covers that artists had come to in their own time.

I would like to see more of that. Frankly, it's a lot better than I expected: the songs are very very strong several of them would have become Dead classics, I feelBob's guitar has emerged from the gimmicky sounds that it was buried in since the early '90s to be soulful and kick-ass again, and the live feel of the album — like the jam between Two Djinn and Corrina — is very pleasing.

The lyrics, too, befit Weir's age and station, reflecting on some of the darker questions that one becomes conscious of at mid-life. A younger musician wouldn't have been able to get this profound on certain essential matters, such as when he sings about drinking from "the cup that is always dry.

I wasn't expecting to love this CD as much as I do, but I found myself listening to it over and over in my rent-a-car on several long-distance drives recently.

Bob's guitar sound has indeed arisen from the grungy murk of the latter-day Dead. His singing is as good as it's ever been. And he has taken songs written with a number of lyricists and created a body of work that hangs together very well indeed; that says something important about his maturity as a songwriter.

When you've bonded with those three CDs, there's plenty more where they came from! And check out On the Good Ship Lollipoptoo — that's the delightful collection of children's songs that the Persuasions put out last year. We aren't getting any of that in the Persuasions' CD, of course, but it wasn't part of the deal; this is abut the songs.

When I play Grateful Dead music, I want to do what the Dead did: take off from a known realm into the uncharted ether, where sensitive musicians listen to each other and build structures in thin air. At their peak — I'd offer and much of as the place to look for awesome examples of this the Soundcheck Jam from Watkins Glen on So Many Roads leaps to mind — the Dead could go for upwards of half an hour between "songs" without a heartbeat's worth of wankage.

The best of the "cover bands" take the stage without a set list, because it is contrary to the spirit of the music to plan anything beyond your point of departure.

This was my problem with Dark Star Orchestra when I saw them or the first time, and I still don't think theirs is the most appropriate approach. But last Brokedown Palace - David Gans - Solo Acoustic (CD I found myself dancing in the dirt in front of their stage, very much enjoying the authentic vibe they were putting out. And I was surrounded by a few hundred more ecstatic dancers, so how can it be wrong?

They do plenty of improvising within the known song list, so I had to withdraw my objection. I had a conversation with someone the other day in which I was trying to sum up the special magic of the Dead. What makes this music work so well for people of a certain mindset — and psychedelics may be an important part of its formation, although not essential to the practice — is that combination of great songs and extended jamming.

What we got in a Grateful Dead concert that is damn hard to find anywhere else in the post-Dead world is some deeply challenging idea — a story, a moral question, an evocative poetic notion — followed by a jam that serves as perfect accompaniment for rumination. I have often written that I get some of my best thinking done at Dead shows, solve problems, cry wholesome tears, etc. It's because the songs tend to give you great food for thought — and not just in the lyrics, either.

I remember certain times hearing Bobby's keening in the jam out of Estimated Prophetwondering what lives inside him that inspires the desperation he's portraying. The Dead would set us up with something in their world that illuminates something in our own private universe, and then we'd think along with the music while they worked at building those cathedrals in the sky.

Album) have yet to hear another jam band whose songs provide that same sort of charge, let alone an ensemble whose Album) provide a comparably stimulating soundtrack for cogitation. What does this have to do with the Persuasions? Not much, I guess, but the depth of their interpretations of these songs feeds back into my appreciation of GD music on tape, and that's one way to keep the music alive and fresh.

To order, Click Here! It includes most of the original studio forms, those parts of Ned's concurrent but unfinished composition "L" that are shared with "Seastones", as well as some of the moment forms generated and incorporated into the composition from live performances that took place from to The album is available through the Spiritcats store.

You can read read more about his first public music in a few decades under the music link on the home page, or go directly to the Spiritcats store. Cat Dreams t- shirts are also available! Ned's official website Spiritcats. Melvin Backstrom, Ph.

Backstrom's dissertation captures in detail the intertwined popular and avant-garde new music that was created in the San Francisco Bay Area between and This in-depth research and analysis constitutes the first academic and musicological study about "Seastones".

Tuesday, September 16, Brokedown Palace - David Gans - Solo Acoustic (CD Nedbase - Updated Nedcast, an in depth and extensive Deadcast interview with Ned, in which he talks about composing "Seastones", playing live, his album "Cat Dreams", the Grateful Dead, and more, is now up on:. Ned also appears in the following Deadcast podcast episodes:. A two part podcast in which Ned talks about art and technology, his composition "Seastones", and more, is now up on:.

Below are listed the performances, rehearsals, and recording sessions where Ned Lagin is known to have performed with the Grateful Dead, or with Phil Lesh, Jerry Garcia, and others. These occurred in the years between to This list is thought to be accurate but remains incomplete. Ned has reviewed the list and added notes. He has received and listened to recordings of many but not all relevant performances, performances which he had not heard at the time of the interviews,Album),and other concert recordings.

Where he did not remember, or was not sure about shows or other events, he qualified or asked that those listings be eliminated. Most of the "Seastones" sessions and electronic jams at Mickey Hart's ranch in the summers of,and were recorded. These are presumed to be lost. I- ihor. In the over five y ear existence of NedBase, we have had visitors from countries:.

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Ollabelle's members continually add traditional and original material to their live performances. Several members of Ollabelle guest on the album by American folk-blues artist Chris Smither entitled Leave the Light On and has seen the release of Before This Time an album culled from live performances featuring both old and new material.

Other Ollabelle members have occasionally joined up with the Levon Helm Band, including Tony Leonewho sometimes sat in on drums with the band while Levon Helm stepped out front and played mandolin. Since leaving Ollabelle, Jimi Zhivago has focused on a solo career, as well as production for other artists.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dec 3, Nov 26, Nov 19, American Beauty 50, Episode 7: Brokedown Palace. Nov 14, Nov 12, Nov 5, Oct 29, Oct 22, American Beauty 50, Episode 3: Sugar Magnolia. Oct 15, The shows would yield the live double-albums Reckoning and Dead Set, as well as a Halloween simulcast that became the concert film Dead Ahead.

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