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I did tell police I had an alibi for the day and evening of the 3rd December I gave them her full name and address but to my knowledge and now by us having access to the police files they made absolutely zero effort or attempt in talking to her or taking her statement. She has never been approached by police or even my defence and I even gave them her contact details and told them that she could give me an alibi. She wanted to give a statement, she wanted to testify in court but was refused and seen as irrelevant.

Everyone in my neighborhood did back then. Heck maybe even now they all still do. We all owned a gun back then not just in my circle of street gang friends but also adults in the community did to.

Ive since learned even the victim himself owned a gun. It was common place and all I can say is I carried a gun for protection but I had never used it nor drawn it on anyone.

I feel stupid to look back now at those times. I hate guns now. I want to live somewhere that guns are not common place when I eventually get out of here. The only timeline the Police looked at was the timeline Mike Enis and Terry Portman gave them and never not once did anyone ask for my side of events or my timeline. Mike and Terry both asked to borrow my gun.

This was a couple of days before the 3rd Dec It must have been a couple of days before I gave them my gun that they asked me that first time.

I went to Bridgette Johnsons house early morning 3rd Dec. It was early because it was even before she took her kids to school. We smoked some weed for about mins. I then went home and chilled out round the house. She dropped me at home. It must have been about 3pm because my Dad was home from work when I got there. Then I went out to run the streets and I saw Terry and Mike on the corner of the road again.

It was getting dark at this time so it must have been about late afternoon maybe 4pm. My pager went off and I left Bridgettes house before Mike and Terry. They were both still there with Hasheem and Bridgette when I left. I went home and got a call from Heather my friend. She was with some dude who sold weed but he was also a Pizza Delivery guy but I just cant remember his name.

He picked me up and we went to Heathers Elm Street and must have got there around 5pm or just after it was very dark by this time. Stayed there for a while but then the Pizza man friend said he had to leave so I decided to leave too at the same time so he could drive me home. It must have been sometime between 7pm to 8pm. I must have got there between pm. But what you're thinking about is Template:Infobox grape variety notice the lack of the word "wine"which goes MP3) to just shortly after grapes were first trodden by man to make wine, or more precisely, March 20, I discovered this because I just added an infobox for Sacy grapewhich I simply took and modified from Chardonnayand I didn't get it to display the parameter for the grape's origin that I added.

The reason turned out to be that this new template has no parameter for origin, or for species, for that part. Looking at which varieties that use the new template [5] they are few but include some very well known onesI just can't believe that I missed that the existing infobox was replaced in e. Syrah with one that omits these central parameters. So I must ask if I missed a project discussion in early Febrary that reached consensus that 1 ampelographic information like species, pedigree and origin is not interesting to display in infoboxes on grapes, and 2 the project should have duplicate infoboxes for the same things?

If not, I suggest that the seven varieties now using this template be relieved from it as soon as possible, and the template is put up for deletion. Tomas e talk3 June UTC [ ]. Has anyone been following the deletion discussion here: [ [6] ] The consensus is going towards Keep, because recently an author slapped 12 references onto the articles it it now looks weel referenced.

I've actually checked them all out: half are not available for viewing you have to pay or subscribe and the other half are passing mentions in related fields tourism, cuisine, etc Not a single source has any actual content, let alone notable content.

Hello, I just had a look at another infobox, Template:Infobox Australian Cellar - Unbalance - Cellar (File. While there's nothing wrong to its existence as such, I noticed the last three of its parameters:. Should we really have infoboxes with these parameters? Tomas e talk4 June UTC [ ]. While we are at it, you better look here also, [7] I say keep but as always, I can be convinced I'm wrong :- -- Stefan talk5 June UTC [ ].

The result was keep. Sheesh, another winery article. Another issue. I've tried to point the user to the relevant policies, including WP:COI policy but this is something to keep an eye on. Reads like a blatant advert, but I haven't proposed it for deletion yet. Maybe the author with possible COI can dredge up some notability!

I placed the prod on that article. I still believe that the WP:CORP concerns have not been addressed, but I'll wait a week or so before going to a formal deletion proposal. The topic of winery notability has received a lot of attention in this Wikipedia Wine project lately. I would like to see Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not MP3) wine guide upgraded from essay to guideline status, because it is a guideline document that makes a lot of sense.

I created a new article for Croatian wine and would appreciate a review by the more experienced Wiki authors amongst us. One issue is that I don't seem to be able to get Croatia listed in the "wine by country" category box - obviously I'd like to. Farscot talk8 June UTC [ ]. While doing some housekeeping I came across Connecticut Wine Trail. Searching online provides scant referencing outside of MP3) trivial mentions in local newspapers.

Hello all! Once it gets going in a day or so I will update the main page so it displays the changes automatically. Hopefully this can help us all keep up on the many changes that are occuring each day in the wine field here on WP. Yeah, I will reset the page so it is prominent under the article information section of the page. Please see the discussion at Wikipedia talk:Wikipedia is not a wine guide Proposal to promote from essay to guideline. Especially over the last year its usage and focus has shifted along with consensus opinion regarding WP:CORPwinery articles and notability in general.

As a project, we've had a lot of discussions on this page and at various AfDs. Of course there are somethings we want to carry over from the current version of WP:WINEGUIDE like the restaurant test but maybe we should move some of the "style" issues regarding wine lists and vintages, etc to a separate article? I have split out and expanded the notability portion into a new article Wikipedia:Notability wine topics. There are sections to be expanded on wine, winemakers, wineries, regions, and competitions.

There should probably be a section on tourism attractions too. Please expand. The Concha y Toro article is a great example here. It is clearly a notable winery but it has a lot of "sneaky POV". It is not screaming out as a sales brochure but the descriptions of the individual wines and vineyards are very clearly written like something you expect to see in a wineguide or in a distributor's sales write up sheet.

The "referenced" material courtesy of the winery's own website on the Casillero del Diablo wine tells you that it "is medium bodied with smooth and friendly tannins and lingering finish.

It has hints of plums and cherries and a generous touch of toasted American oak" and so on. Now with all our time being very limited and precious, Tomas' words above have me thinking. As Wikipedia grows it seems like wineries are becoming more and more of a headache and the source of our biggest problems-be it notability, POV or COI.

Going forward this project does need a game plan on how to handle all these issues. I have also subscribed the group to WolterBot. This should help with the Improvement drive as we can now get a handle on those articles in most need of help.

This list is updated roughly bi-monthly. I have included several additional sections beyond just wineries that may have notability concerns. A couple are still blank, and others can use further expansion. Please participate, get involved, make edits, and discuss on Wikipedia talk:Notability wine topicsespecially if you disagree with anything. Overall, though, I think it's off to a good start.

Does anyone think we have a strong case to get Muscat grape and wine moved to Muscat as the Primary Topic? The closest contender is the city in Oman but in the English language it seems that the most common usage of the term is in relation to the grapes and wine. See Tempra Tantrum and Osborne Group. It's a user who has already been blocked, and who seem to be a POV-pusher in general rather than someone interested in wine, and doesn't seem to be interested in taking advice or writing NPOV.

I think he'll try again, so I wouldn't mind if a couple of more editors keeps an eye on this list. Tomas e talk25 June UTC [ ]. Its nomination at Did you know is being held up for copy-editing concerns. This is a good way to find new COI and low notability articles.

She then create a quick copy vio article so that the link would turn blue. That article won't be around long and looking online, I'm not sure if a referenced, pov article can be written. I've re-jigged the article to see if this works and posted it as a sub-page to my user page here.

I think it does work — just — but it's an unusual one as wine articles go. I'd appreciate your comments before I replace the existing page with this draft.

I noticed these varietals don't have articles. If I were going to write up an article on John Williams the winemaker, what would the expected article title be? John Williams wineJohn Williams winemakeror something else? Hey guys, there is a new "Google for wine" search engine out Able Grape that looks to be a pretty nifty tool for finding some reliable sources to use in wine articles. While not every link that shows up would qualify as an RS, it sure is better than just searching Google.

I recommend wine project members bookmarking the link. Once again a litany of editors have added their personal favorite grape or wine region to the template diminishing, in my view, its usefulness. Templates are not meant to catalog every possible article that can be included in a category but rather the major articles that contain links to these other articles.

My thoughts are that the template is getting too big and including too many grapes and regions that should be just represented with links to List of grape varieties and List of wine-producing regions. Other thoughts? Discussion about capitalization and including mention of other products using the term "Grand cru". All opinions and viewpoints welcomed. User:Dcousinoapparently connected with the winery Cousino Maculis pretty gosh darn determined to put a photo of his wine in the Chilean wine article.

Now if this photo was an improvement over the existing photo such as including an actual glass of wine or grapes with the bottlethen I might be incline to overlook the clear WP:COI because it would improve the article. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group. Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. Program to convert batch of M4A files to kbps Ask Question.

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Active Oldest Votes. Release day is closing in fast, so update intervals and releasenotes are a little shorter. Highlights of this Version 0. In detail: The scales puzzle in the Phex temple was implemented graphically. The boat trip puzzle in the Phex temple was implemented graphically.

The stone-sliding game in the Phex temple was implmented graphically. Lowangen: Additional quest at "Black Jandora" to progress for free. Knocking sound built into simple houses The spear is now held correctly. After finishing the main quest you will not be attacked in the salamanderstones by Elves any more.

Removed character comments that were dependent on game progress. The dialogue with the Hesinde statue in the Vault under Tjolmar has been revised.

This Update was all about "Sound": Actions in the inventory and out of it result in "audible Feedback", footsteps change their tone Cellar - Unbalance - Cellar (File stepping on a different underground, torches sizzle audible in Dungeons, water drips in caves and flows on fountains. We also included reworked spells, elfs now have their own "elfish representation" of the according formula.

Combat also sounds a lot more lively, even though it isn't completely done yet, there is more to come! In Detail: General. This Update sees a start in optimizing performance, making Kvirasim significantly faster.

Moreover, reducing the "overall quality" setting now has more effect than so far. We also added the possibility to enter smaller towns, added some cutscenes, added voiceover to existing cutscenes and more: General.

See More Content. No more content.

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