Grim Talkers - Grim Talkers - Grimy City (CD, Album)

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Share Embed. Early Access Game Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. Why Early Access? We have already done quite a lot, and we see that the game has enough content now for a full-featured and long-lasting play. However, we do not consider the game finished. We want to publish the game now to develop it together with the players.

Skills, items, magic weapon prefixes, monsters, etc. We hope that with the help of players we will find out if we've missed the balance of the game somewhere. For example, some skill is too weak and useless, or otherwise, too strong.

Also, being an IDLE game, Grim Clicker should combine active play when the player is required to constantly interact with the game and passive play when a character can be left alone and is able to progress on his own. We need to balance these styles of play well, so that each player can choose the style of play according to his or her preferences. We count on Album) help of the players with this too. The game will continue to be updated with new features and content even after the full release.

Ideas tend to start from a lyrical theme, and then they branch out from Jeremy and me and then hit the full band and expand into its final form. Concluding the conversation on the struggle to balance writing music with other work-related commitments, the topic shifts to lack of funding for artists of the internet generation.

Although it could be argued that the emergence of services such as Spotify have allowed complacency with underpaying artists, internet-based music platforms are allowing more and more independent and underground artists Grim Talkers - Grim Talkers - Grimy City (CD significant exposure.

Murphy makes an interesting point with regards to this greater exposure, however. Any major cost that Little Grim can avoid by using their own capabilities they have and will. With a diverse range of skillsets among the members, they can promote themselves to a professional degree.

Yeah, we balance our work which kinda plays into that too, like I cut videos for my profession, which is really useful because I can apply that to my work and the band. Three tracks from Strup last 26 minutes mostly occupied by the first track "There is a higher intelligence!!! This is more noisy material, not really harsh noise, rather more contemplative and detached stuff. The split is dedicated to the famous Soviet serial killer Andrey Chikatilo The interplay is perfectly conceptualized and executed… immense, lightless ambience with piercing slivers of beauty and serenity breaking through dense clouds of swirling dust and monoliths of blackened synth hum.

What has stayed constant is the massive scale in which Terra Sancta operates. This is at once majestic and panoramic, yet desolate and abyssal, drifting in varied and continuous shades of desert and earthen colors, the track titles revealing the nature of the sounds: Empire of Ashes From the opening moments, what immediately strikes you is that this probably isn't what you thought it was going to be, given the history of both acts.

Sure, there are a good deal of passages of volatility and focused intensity as you might expect, but they are complimented by an equal amount of passages of hallucinatory ambience and cold, serene atmospherics. It's this very dichotomy that makes this such a masterful recording, and listening to it one sitting becomes almost mandatory just to wrap your head around the mind fuckery that unravels over its 7 tracks, as celestial drift and horizon filling textures collide with sudden eruptions of militantly hostile vocals, machine clatter, blistering frequency pulsations and writhing distortion.

The title track is clearly the centerpiece here Hubrizine clearly takes heavy electronics in a direction where few have dared go, and few will ever match.

In fold out presentation folder with artwork by Andre Coelho Sektor Quite abstract musical compositions made from the pieces of orchestra music, all sorts of samples and found sounds and acoustic instruments pipes, mouth harpand a detached female voice reciting gloomy existential poetry in Russian language.

With Between the Horizon and the Abyss just being their first full length recording in over 15 years, Yen Pox will never be accused of being prolific.

After all, with the two members spread out between Indiana and Washington State, creating new material doesn't exactly lend itself to convenience. And yet throughout its entirety, Between the Horizon and the Abyss is remarkably polished and fluid. While this technically falls under the banner of dark ambient, what Yen Pox has managed to create goes far beyond genre specifications and boundaries, crafting a new benchmark and adding a high water mark to an already stellar discography.

The compilation has united the cream of Russian Neo-Folk - 18 projects provided exclusive tracks, as well as historical rarities, also never released before.

The participants feature both well-known stars and completely new bands and artists with their first publications. And it is difficult to say why. May be thanks to the romantic, tragic and the beauty of the music that are very appreciated by Russians and may be thanks to the disposition of the people who formed such style to the experiments and unavailability to understanding of their music:.

But we could say with the assurance that being such popular this style of the music is elite in some way. At the very beginning of the genre foundation almost all bands had it's own face and style. But in the course of time there were more and more imitators and it's find really difficult to find something that could draw attention.

This compilation includes the most interesting to our opinion representatives of these genres on the modern scene. Ufa Muzak in cooperation with Anenerbe Music Club presents to all fans of epic, conceptual and electronic music this 2-CD album with a collection of tracks from bands from all around the world, dedicated to the film by Sergey Eisenstein "Ivan The Terrible" Over minutes of the most varied and interesting sonic palette present the contemporary soundtrack to the motion picture which is a milestone in historical cinema.

Big and complex work which was never entirely finished being shot during the World War II, 2nd part released many years after the first one, 3rd part remained only in screenplay, preliminary sketches and notescontaining mystical prophetic motives of the tragic role of the country at the crossroads of world history, offering most violent physical and moral ordeals.

The very image of Ivan IV The Terrible, ruling Russia during 50 years in uneasy times, is very ambiguous and open for research, and at the same time it is a historical symbol of those times, inspiring not only science workers, but also artists to create works in honour of his name.

Having this monumental picture created by the genious director, now the musicians make no less painstaking work to express the breath of those dark times, soaked in dissension, wars, tyranny, oprichnina and constant civil strifes. The Word and the Deed. This is the special "Slatebox" edition limited to 50 numbered copies. The box consists of two slates 20x20cm and two felt sheets glued on the slates. There is a metal band on the back and the front, the band on the back is left blank, the band on the front shows the "ZugZwang IV" label cut out Grim Talkers - Grim Talkers - Grimy City (CD laser.

Includes a 4-page booklet, the english flyer for the festival and a sticker. The new album shows a further development — the magical mixture continues: Mrs. Fragile ghostly melodies, with weeping pad sounds together in tried and tested partnership, powered by driving bass figures and thrashing rhythms that strike sparks of divine light through the comfortless darkness of the present European Condition. Let your soul be illuminated from this shining jewel of timeless Synthesiser music, and thus experience — The World In Devotion.

Second unlimited edition, black vinyl, sturdy cardboard cover, standard white inner sleeve. Too much Internet in our lives, we have to do more walking in the streets, more rafting on the rivers, more repairs in Tulas, more journeys on rafts, shoot more films about journeys and rafts, sing songs about rafts, well, you got it Rec, sr, ltd.

Rec proudly presents a new release produced in collaboration with "Open Readings". We and our friends who organized this project are concerned with negative trends which are taking shape in modern culture during last years. Barbarization of content, devaluation of moral and spiritual values and denial of cultural archetypes raise the main uneasy. We couldn't keep aloof and decided to focus on strengthening the role of cultural and educational activity.

It resulted in the produced cassette where you can listen to the works of the best classical writers of the Silver Age performed by leading artists of the theater and cinema to the accompaniment of the talented contemporary musicians. Edition of Material repeats on both sides. Petersburg-based label La Notte Di Architetto - minimal dark lo-fi techno at it's best! From a musical point of view this is probably the most complex and certainly the most rhythmic work of the duo which opens a new chapter in its history As when a match boosts energy to let reagents gain ability to cross the threshold, and continue to roll freely and independently The listener is taken from a thicket of dark techno to a rave meadow, and in the middle of dark ambient wasteland he or she gets thrust against a rock of minimal electro The album can be regarded as a box of matches, or an experimental map of passes for those who feel confined in their valleys The former gave us untypical material for his music which he made with a cunning sound synthesis including software synthesizers and additional analog devices, the latter works with analog equipment to conjure feedbacks and noises.

Dense and slow textures of the latter contrast with animate and moving soundscapes of the former. This release consists of a video DVD, which contains the film, and a audio CD that features the original soundtrack and other compositions inspired by this project that Turner created on purpose; they are accompanied by an oversize 20 pages booklet that offers some images taken from the film and delves more into the concept behind it These are places where the human presence, fatigue, pain, hope are palpable presences, where silence seizes the humble labor objects almost by magic and where things talk and expose without having to necessarily utter any words.

The music created by Turner as a soundtrack to the film expresses a delicate tranquillity through notes of piano which are just mottled by the electronic elements in the background, while an unspoken sense of drama hovers in the air and the circular motion of the composition gradually absorbs the listener. Among the remaining tracks, is worth mentioning the evocative and intense soliloquy of "Piano For Double Lesson" and the hanging drones of the first part of "Some Lost Music".

Size M. Released one year after "The System of Objects", a tribute to Jean Baudrillard, "Decomposed Days" relates to the possible connections between space, time and memory, making reference to imaginary movies as well as existing ones like Peter Greenaway's "Vertical Features".

The album's five compositions are built with a crosspollination between musique concrete, abstract noise textures, radical computer Album) and techno splinters, leading to surreal territories. In the island of Samothrace, the triple Goddess devoted to the earth, the night and the everflowing cycle of nature was reigning. In order to be initiated into her mysteries, men and women, Greeks and foreigners, free people and slaves had to submit to nine rituals called creation, dominion, love, birth, sacrifice, ablution, memory and crowning.

The last ritual had no name, the ninth ritual couldn't be revealed. Fascinated by the mistery surrounding the island and feeling the urge to portray in music an age and a place where the balance between the feminine and manly powers and their deep link with the nature voice and rhythms were as natural as life itself, we started the adventurous creation of this album.

The music draws archaic mantras, ritual movements and lunar elegies, whispers magic spells and eastern litanies, forge tribal rhythms and dark ceremonies inspired by Samothrace's full of energies sites.

This album is inspired by the lights and shadows of an extinguished civilization, a lost world which eclipsed with its secrets. A mix of acoustic sounds, strings, electronic and eastern percussions and a deep evocative singing become the door to enter the purple reign of the Goddess. Llyr Lyra is the name of the instrument of the Bards and the Greek lyrical poets; a sacred musical instrument visually inspired by the grace and nobleness of the swans.

Ataraxia, in this voyage, played the following instruments: classical, folk and 12 strings guitars, chitarra battente, keyboards, flutes, sitar, gamelan, daf, frame drums, santoor, tablas, zard and bells.

Female vocals are sometimes accompanied by male vocals. This new album is a new story inspired by pagan myths, feminine celebrations Of Mother Nature, celtic traditions… Ataraxia and her charismatic singer Francesca Nicoli have now create their uncommon genre of music: a cosmogonic dark folk praying for Beauty.

Aube -- "Reworks Nimh Vol. Ethnic-electronic sound sources as with "The Missing Tapes" by NIMH transfigured and remodeled into completely new sonic lifeforms with state-of-the-art audio processing algorithms.

Residual fragments of the original sound-sources occasionally appear in the mix like aquatic fauna swimming to the surface for a brief second. A magnum opus in four movements. Intensely facinating work by the unparalleled master of experimental sound design. AUBE is peerless. A minimal mosaic of sound that takes the listener on a slow-motion expedition into the very fabric of tone.

A ocean of sound-grains for the listened to swim in. Spoken language doesn't yet contain words that properly describe these sounds Loops and fluctuating waves meet expand sonorous carpets and push-buttons electronic micro-sequences that progressively decompose in minimal rhythmic structures Submerged melodic fragments emerge soft between stuffed with wadding magma flows Extraordinary atmospheres and great new tension for this, most waited chapter of "Aube Reworks Stefano Gentile"!

Magrini left aside his more experimental vein creating a series of retro-modernist tunes using his usual tools joined with a little bit of acoustic drums and electric guitar. A set of surprisingly rhythmic and organic songs, supplemented with minimal and conceptual "lyrics".

Made by mixing digital structures and analog warmth, this album is another weird planet in the pretty large universe of Bad Sector. Second print with a new full color re-worked cover! So the album was recorded as conceptual reference to Tom's "Italian neuro-poems" collection "Rebis". Short spoken fragments of the texts are treated and inserted in a sonic structure built with minimal, strangely sincopated pseudo-rytmhs and sharp pulsing noises. In the background, Bad Sector's trademark chilling micro-melodies completes an upsetting, allucinated but crude vision of our "Collapsing Civilization".

This album will be certainly followed by other cooperations, considering the big friendly artistic sodality between them. Fabio e Gianluca are a strange duo, considering the big differences of their artistic back-ground. Fabio Orsi is a young and unexpected talent. Gianluca Becuzzi is a very well known character of the Italian experimental scene since from the 80s, under many different alias. The unexpected uncounter between different forces, experiences and visions of this two artists is prefectly melted in this album: strong and tied, an imaginary place where folkway and research, past and present, distance and closeness, mud and clouds, ghosts and machines meets.

Shreds of ballads, guitars and old keyboards floating on the vibrant surface of this faery river and disappear, towed off by drones and rumors, pouring between distant voices and centenary blues songs from the Alan Lomax archive. Raptur and sweet lostness: this is the main sensation. It could be listed as Avant-Folk, or Experimental-Blues, Ambient- Roots or contemporary aesthetics and aching nostalgia Bianchi, Maurizio M.

De-structured music that instead structured music. Not to complex and articulated technologies for recording, mixing of the parts and mastering; not to one sophisticated production and maniacal and defined participations correct in post-production This the new "challenge" capacity to the extreme limit from Maurizio Bianchi, a new musical effort, "directed", "raw", immediate, absolutely uncompromising new, to outside of every law and from every pre-constituted rule Fragments of music, short fragments of sonorous material of varied extraction, now short, now long, placed in sequence one behind the other, in a "dry" way, following absolutely unforeseeable times and dynamics.

Continuous loops, raw unexpected cuts, noise alternated to musical parts, single sounds, drones, notes of piano, buzzes, soft pads, electric current workers Two long traces, 75 minutes, a listening experience over any edge and reliable definition Officina Fonografica Italiana is particularly proud to introduce this title because it is one of the best entries in Maurizio Bianchi's ever-growing discography.

Originally released in the U. The title track is led by elaborate electronic textures that float above an intense soundscape, it has an absolute claustrophobic feeling, and is as creepy as mysterious.

The rest of the album consists of more transcendent ghostly droning sequences with long and immersive synth lines. It's represents Bianchi's more extreme direction Amazing impact, immense slabs of industrial sound in motion.

Sweeping vistas of intense static energy, storm-fronts moving across the stereo field, an acoustic tidal wave approaching landfall, breathtaking deep and dark voyages through underground abysses Sounds of Sodom and Gomorra burning An apocalyptic prophecy of sound. Waves of sound that can penetrate the thickest steel-plate. Let it wash over you. At high volume, this cd becomes a very physical experience.

Originally published only in Japan in and deleted since long, it's now time for this long awaited re-release, which - along with the CD - features the photographic work "Micro" by Stefano Gentile, inspired by the album. The two lengthy tracks of "Altarwise" were recorded in late and remastered earlier this year. The first track is a minute experimental work that gradually moves through a wide range of sounds echoing chimes, mysterious noises, subdued clanking, drones. While many modern day experimental artists have moved on into the computer realm, Birds of Tin has remained true to the experimental sound of tape loops, lo-fi samplers, and collections of unique toy instruments running through small fx boxes.

The sound of the work may have become more cohesive and seamless over the years, but the methods have largely remained the same. Birds of Tin was always about creating and expressing by opening the heart and mind to the muse Birds of Album) is honest music.

As the quote from Jackson Pollock states emphatically, every artist paints what he is. In the case of Birds of Tin, the sounds are no mere window dressing. Brooke Oates' Birds of Tin project has been active since Additionally, Birds of Tin has collaborated extensively with such artists as Rapoon, Mechanism, and Augur Housed in a custom printed color wallet. Hermione Granger highly doubted the Grim's status as an omen of death, thinking that if the Grim even existed, it was most likely the cause of death rather than an omen, as people who ever saw it would die of fear; she took Ron's claim that his Uncle Bilius died twenty-four hours after seeing a Grim as proof to her belief.

You'll start seeing death omens everywhere, it's enough to frighten anyone to death". Harry Potter Wiki Explore. Rowling Story. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? View source. History Talk 2. Do you like this video?

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