He Does - Loren (2), Mash (8), Hazel*, Desire - Loren, Mash, Hazel, Desire (CD, Album)

The Wightman Cup is awarded in which sport? The Derby is held at which racecourse? How many home bases are there in baseball? Eskimo Roll is a term used in which sport? What does TT stand for in the Isle of Man motorcycle races? Carl Lewis. Mrs Peacock. Backward style of High Jump.

Tourist Trophy. With what did Snow Whites stepmother tempt her? In the desert, what two things did the Israelites eat? What substance forms the padding around the eyeball? Who, in his speech in the House of Commons on 4 Aprilsaid Hitler has missed the bus? Who is the French clothes designer born in particularly known for his efforts to bring fashionable clothes to ordinary people on a large scale?

What, in music, is a composition written as a setting of the Mass for the dead? In which church are English monarchs usually crowned? In which Oscar Wilde play is Jack found in a handbag? What do the words status quo mean? Cations have a net positive charge and anions a net negative charge. What is the chief element used in hydrotherapy? Into what two types of events is athletics divided? What is the name of the stiff, felt hat with a rounded crown and narrow brim?

What is the name of the youth in Greek mythology who was renowned for his great beauty? A poisoned apple. Manna and quail. Neville Chamberlain. Yves Saint Laurent. Westminster Abbey. The Importance of Being Earnest. The existing state of things. Track events and field events. What does the medical abbreviation OD stand for? From which plant is the drug quinine derived? In computers, what do the initials HTTP stand for? What is the gestation period of a rabbit?

Who is particularly known for his law of gravitation and his three laws of motion? In the binary system of notation, which number represents 8? In the name of what kind of algebra do variables express logical statements and relationships, rather than numbers? What is the name of the female reproduction organ of a flower?

How many sides does a nonagon have? What is the name of the molten rock that is thrown up from a volcano? What nationality was the astronomer Nicholas Copernicus?

What are caused by the gravitational pull of the Moon and Sun on the earth? Where do crustaceans mainly live? Which Swedish botanist established the system of naming living organisms? HyperText Transfer Protocol. One month 30 days. Sir Isaac Newton. Boolean algebra. In the sea. Carolus Linnaeus original name Carl von Linn. What was the name of the Human Leagues long-haired, lead singer? What is the name of the caf in TVs Allo Allo? Which disc jockey was the first to be heard on Radio 1 in ?

What were the names of the brother and sister of The Carpenters? Who played Ben Hur in the film of the same name? If I Were a Rich Man is a song from which musical? Errol Flynn played Robin Hood in Who played him in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves?

Which character was played by Su Pollard in Hi-de-Hi? Who sang the theme to the film Goldfinger? Which newspaper did Superman work for? For which television comedy series was Souzas Liberty Bell the theme music?

Ashes to Ashes. Phil Oakey. Rens Caf. Bernie, The Bolt. Tony Blackburn. Richard and Karen. Charlton Heston. Fiddler on the Roof. Sunshine Desserts. Kevin Costner. Shirley Bassey. Daily Planet. Monty Pythons Flying Circus. Who, indiscovered Newfoundland and claimed North America for England? When did the Louvre in Paris first begin to be used as a museum? In which year did Dutch settlers first land at the Cape of Good Hope and establish a trading post and settlement? The British East India company was given its original charter in the reign of which English monarch?

What is significant about the words What hath God wrought?? Which famous Russian author was present at the siege of Sebastopol during the Crimean War? In which year did the Battle of the Somme take place? Sir John Anderson, after whom the Anderson shelter was named, held which office in the British government? In which year did Joseph Stalin die? In which year did George Carey become Archbishop of Canterbury?

What was the maiden name of the First Lady, Hillary Clinton? John Cabot. Queen Elizabeth I. Jane Seymour. They were the first words sent in Morse code by its inventor Samuel F. Morse in Count Leo Tolstoy. Home Secretary. Yuri Andropov. Hillary Rodham. According to Shakespeare, who cried out for A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!? Whose novels first appeared under the name of Currer Bell?

Who invented the miners safety lamp? Which king was known as the Hammer of the Scots? Who in was the first man to reach the South Pole? Which landscape painters works include The Haywain and The Cornfield? Who was the first socialist to be elected to the House of Commons? Who discovered penicillin? Which rider is famous for not winning the Grand National?

Who sailed round the world in the Golden Hind? What did Valentina Tereshkova become famous for in ? Who led the Protestant Reformation in 16th century Germany? Who wrote the story of The Ugly Duckling? Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Richard III. Charlotte Bront. Sir Humphry Davy.

Edward I. Roald Amundsen. John Constable. James Keir Hardie. Sir Alexander Fleming. Dick Francis his horse, Devon Loch, collapsed 50 yards from the winning post. Francis Drake. She was the first woman in space. Martin Luther. Which former England cricket captain has the middle name of Ivon?

Inwho became the first gymnast to score a perfect 10? Which two letters have a points value of 10 in the game of Scrabble? Who famously collided with Mary Decker in the Olympics? Which snooker player changed his name to James Brown in ? Who captained Australia to Ashes victory in ? Which nation won the third place play off at the soccer World Cup finals?

In bingo slang, what number is represented by the phrase "Kellys eye"? In what year did Mike Tyson take a bite out of Evander Holyfields ear? Which was the first European nation to win soccers World Cup? Which Australian was named as Wisdens Cricketer of the 20th Century? In which city did Steve Redgrave win his first Olympic gold medal?

Who was the first Irishman to win the Tour de France? Club, Farm and Abbey are all the names of corners at which motor racing circuit? David Gower. Nadia Comaneci. Q and Z. Zola Budd. Jimmy White. Allan Border. Don Bradman. Los Angeles. Stephen Roche. What kind of apes live on the Rock of Gibraltar? What is the chief respiratory muscle called?

Which Scottish essayist is quoted as saying, History is the essence of innumerable biographies.? Which woman is holding up a torch in her right hand and represents freedom? By what is SIDS more commonly known? Who exclaimed Eureka Ive found it! What is the name of a serpent, lizard or dragon reputed to kill by its breath or look? What is the English title for the book of the Bible composed of sacred songs sung to Musical Accompaniment?

Upon which instrument, played before or during a Church service, is a voluntary played? To what kind of person does the expression Walter Mitty refer? In which novel by George Orwell did Napolean feature? In Scrabble what does the letter Z score? What is the name for a mans hat with a round, flat crown and a brim that can be turned down as well as up? In which film did Henry Fonda play alongside his daughter as her father? Barbary Apes.

Thomas Carlyle. Statue of Liberty. Archimedes Greek mathematician and scientist. An ordinary person who indulges in extravagant daydreaming and fantasies to escape reality. Animal Farm the chief pig. Pork-pie hat. On Golden Pond. What is petrology? An insects body is divided into three sections. What are they? Which of these is the densest: ice, butter or oak?

What is the term for an animal that feeds on plants? Which is the tallest breed of dog? Which disease is transmitted to humans by the tsetse fly? Parsley is a member of the carrot family. In which part of your body would you find the bone called the metatarsus?

What is the term for a young kangaroo? What is the junction between two nerve cells called? What is the distinguishing characteristic of apterous insects? Which planet was discovered by William Herschel in ? What do the letters that make up the word laser stand for? The speed of light. The study of rocks. Head, thorax, abdomen. A herbivore. Irish wolfhound. Sleeping sickness. In your foot, between the ankle and the toes.

A joey. A synapse. They do not have wings. Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiaton. Who played Rita in the film Educating Rita? Louise Lombard played a dress designer in which TV series?

Arthur Negus first became famous for his appearances in which antiques programme? Mr Rigsby was a character in which TV comedy series? Which Beatles album features a zebra crossing on its cover? Robert Allen Zimmerman was born in Who is this singer known as? What character did Patrick Duffy play in Dallas? Who wrote the music for West Side Story? How many number ones did Howard Jones have between and a 4, b 2 or c 0? Who presents Right to Reply on Channel 4? Bruce Forsyth. Julie Walters.

House of Elliott. A heart. Going For A Song. Rising Damp. Abbey Road. John Lithgow. Bob Dylan. Bobby Ewing. Alastair Stewart. Leonard Bernstein. Roger Bolton. Where was Joan of Arc burnt at the stake in ? For what is Wynkyn de Worde died about famous? In which year did William Shakespeare die? Who was appointed commander-in-chief of the Parliamentary forces in the English Civil War in ? The composer Ludwig van Beethoven and the poet William Wordsworth were both born in the same year.

Which year was it? In which year did George I become king of Great Britain? How old was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart when he died in ? What was the name of the ship that rescued most of the survivors from the sinking of the Titanic? In which year was Dr H. Crippen executed for the murder of his wife Cora Turner? Who was the prime minister of Rhodesia who declared its unilateral independence from Great Britain in ? Whom did Idi Amin depose as prime minister of Uganda in a coup in ?

In which year did Lord Home renounce his peerage in order to become prime minister of Great Britain? Harry Hotspur. In the market square at Rouen. He was one of the earliest printers who worked in England. Sir Thomas Fairfax. Elector of Hanover. The Carpathia. Ian Smith. Milton Obote. Which traveller first visited China in ?

Whose compositions include the operas Tosca, Madame Butterfly and Turandot? Which Marquis gave his name to the rules that govern the sport of boxing? What nationality is Christian Barnard, the surgeon who performed the first human heart transplant? Which English explorer was imprisoned in the Tower of London and beheaded in ? Who discovered the circulation of the blood? What religious organization was founded by William Booth? What kind of travel was pioneered by the Montgolfier brothers?

Which British impresario was noted for his productions of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas? With which art form is Henri Cartier-Bresson associated? Who became prime minister of India on its independence in ?

Which 19th century British explorer translated the Arabian Nights and has a famous 20th century namesake? Who wrote Don Quixote? Which astronomer first put forward the theory that the Earth and the planets revolve around the Sun? Joan of Arc. Marco Polo. South African.

Desire - Loren Walter Raleigh. William Harvey. The Salvation Army. Hot air balloon. Richard DOyly Carte. Jawaharlal Nehru. Richard Burton. Miguel de Cervantes. Nicolas Copernicus. In which sport would you use the term Dormie? Which horse won the Grand National inand ? The term Face-off is used in which sport? In which sport would you find a brakeman? What is the term for dwarf plant growing?

Lasse Viren was one of the worlds greatest long-distance runners. From which country did he come? With which sport do you associate John and Michael Whittaker? Clive Lloyd captained which national cricket team? How many players are there in each side of an Australian Rules football team? Which team changes if there is a clash of colours in a football league match? What kind of wrestling match is fought by more than two wrestlers?

What is the nickname of Newcastle United? How many attempts is a pole-vaulter allowed to take at each height? Manchester United. Red Rum. Ice Hockey. Mary Decker. Show Jumping.

West Indies. Away team. A tag match. The Magpies. What is the sweetener used to make Greek baklava? What kind of farming is arable farming? Who was the first leader of the Soviet Union, from ? What dish is made up of the following ingredients; sheeps offal, suet, oats and spices?

In what part of the body are the bones, the tibia and fibula? What does DAT stand for? How did a cockatrice, the creature of classical mythology hatched from a cocks egg, supposedly kill? The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

Of which Psalm is this the first line? In chemistry, what is the term for a particle of matter so small that it cannot be split? Derived from Latin, the term caveat emptor means we should ignore our hunger. What is the name of a hat that has a shallow crown, a wide brim that is turned up at the back to hold decorative flowers? What is found in the middle of a Sussex Pond Pudding? In music, what other term, apart from adagio, means slowly? Et tu, Brute?. Julius Caesar.

Leg calf. Digital Audio Tape. By means of a death-dealing glance. It means Let the buyer beware. Watteau hat. A lemon. A mule is the offspring of a female horse and a male ass. What is the offspring of a male horse and a female ass called? What is the difference between the teeth of dolphins and those of porpoises? What type of acid is found in rhubarb?

How is the disease varicella better known? What is measured in pascals? Phobos and Deimos are moons of which planet? Which biologist described natural selection as the blind watchmaker?

What is daltonism? Which ape has a name that means man of the forest? Jackass, macaroni and emperor are all species of which bird? Which element has the symbol W? What is the name of the British scientist who is associated with the Gaia hypothesis, the theory that the Earth is a self-regulating organism? Pure carbon can exist in two forms. By what name is the root Zingiber officinale better known? A hinny. Dolphins teeth are pointed, porpoises are squared. Oxalic acid. Richard Dawkins. The penguin.

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Collapsing Opposites - Inside Chance. Collapsing Opposites - Mean Letters. Comsat Angels - Waiting for a Miracle. Cone of Silence - Lift Twist and Jerk. Connie Saulnier - Dark Desert Night. The Constantines - Kensington Heights. Consumer Goods, The - Happy Bidet Corey Christiansen Quartet - Outlaw Tractor. Corpusse - Surrender to the Passion. Cottage Industry - The Winter's Tale.

Couch Addiction, Hazel - Filthy Hands. Counterrevolutionaries - afterbirth of the cool. Courage of Lassie - This Side of Heaven.

Cowpuncher - Call me when you're single Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River. Cripple Creek Fairies - Eater of Astronauts. Crooked Brothers - Deathbed Pillowtalk. Crown Heights Affair - Dreaming a Dream.

Crusty Comp. Curseovdialect - Lost in the Real Sky. Curtis Mayfield - Curtis in Chicago - Live! Custard Wally - Estrogenia Dementia. Night at the Civic Center. Magic Mike and M. Dafeldecker, Lang - Lichtgeschwindigkeit. Daggers, The - Right Between the Eyes. Daily Ice Cream Man - 31 Flavors and not a damn ones free.

Dakota Travels - Live Prairie Island. Dale Morningstar - Dale Morningstar. Damn 13 - Black Heart Northern Soul. Dan Cray Trio - Live - over here over heard. Dan solaris - Cover of the state compac disc.

Dandi Wind - yolk of the golden egg. Dandy Warhols - Tales from Slabtown. Dandy Warhols - Tales from Slabtown Vol. Daniel Asia - Breath in a Ram's Horn. Daniel Teruggi - Instants d'hiver - Summer Band. Danishka Esterhazy - The Harper's hands. Danny Brooks - After the Storm vinyl! Darrelle London - Edible Word Parade.

The Darylectones - A christmas gift for you. Das Macht Show! Dave Reachill - These Random Places. Dave Restivo - Prayer For Humankind ness.

David Berger Octet - I had the crazierst dream. David John Bitner - Duff on the Rocks. David Kristian - Micronymph vs Meganymph. David Occhipinti - Forty Revolutions. David P. Smith - Hurtin' Dance Party. Dead Letter Dept. Dealership - TV Highway to the Stars. Dear Mr. President - Dear Mr. Deborah Harry - Def, Dumb and Blonde. Deborah Romeyn - Diamonds in her hands. Deborah Romeyn - Distance in her eyes.

Decade of Dreams - The Parochial Zoo. Declaration of Dependence - king of convenience. Deep Though and Touche - Shady Thoughts. Degenerate Art Ensemble - The Bastress. Delta Spirit, The - Ode to Sunshine. Delta Will - Transcendental Visits. Deon Blyan - Lessons and other things learned. Depravity Brown - Domestic Depravity.

Derek Bailey - Fairly early Derek Bailey with postscripts. Details, The - Draw a Distance. Draw a Border. Detective Kalita - Detective Kalita. Devon Sproule - Don't Hurry for Heaven! Dexter Gordon - Mash (8) at the Keystone.

Diamond in the Rough - Diamond in the Rough. Dick Acidsoxx and Waxwn W. Wane - Tardplower. Dickey Betts Band - Pattern Disruptive. Diesel Park West - Shakespeare Alabama. Dietzche V. Dinosaur Jr. Dirty Angels - Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye. Disappearing Floor - Footprints Under the Window. Disappearing Floor - Haunted Wallpaper. Disciples of Power - Invincible Enemy.

The Disengagement - Masters in Escapism. Diving for Pearls - Diving for Pearls. Doers, The - Ready, Set Don Dixon - Most of the girls like to dance but only some of the boys like to. Don Swidinsky - Lake Winnipeg Legends. Don Swidinsky - My Newfoundland Journey. Don Swidinsky - My Newfoundland Journey cassette. Donald Harrison Terence Blanchard - Nascence. Doobie Brothers - Best of the Doobies. Doug Smith - Don't Pet it Yet cassette. Let's Attack Aggressively. Janowitz - Complete Unabashed Sensual Euphoria.

Rage and the Uppercuts - Sexus Diablo. Dragging the mule - I have more than you. Dragging the mule - That hideous strength. Dragline - visions from a bullet proof head. Drivin' n' Cryin' - Scarred but Smarter. Drivin' n' Cryin' - Whisper Tames the Lion. Dropouts, The - After School Specials. Drowned in the Harbour - A Hamilton Compilation. Dub Ditch Picnic - Retrospective Duchess Says - Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs. Duke Robillard - Stretchin' out-live.

Dunya - bibi Tanga and the selenites. Earl Zinger - Speaker Stack Commandments. Earthquake Pills - General Happiness. Easterhouse - Waiting for the Redbird. Edge, the, with Sinead O'Connor - Heroine. Edward Ratliff - Those Moments Before. Ekko - Ekkocentric- the ekko remixes. Eleazar vs. John - Pits in the sandblaster.

The Electric Cows - Wheatfield Fuzz. Elephant Band - Lessons in Songwriting. Elevator Action - Its just Addiction. Elio Villafranca - The source in between. Elizabeth Bruce - as we sadden each other to sleep. Ellen Burr. Elli Fordyce - Something Still Cool. Elmer Iseler Singers - Sing all ye joyful. Elvis Costello - Rock and Roll Music. Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Armed Forces. Emma Hill and her gentlemen callers - Meet Me at the Moon.

End Game - Here is where Tomorrow starts. Engelbert Humperdinck - His Greatest Hits. England New Order - World in Motion Ensemble Contemporain de Montreal - Nouveaux Territoires. Eric Glick Rieman - Ten to the Googolplex. Eric St-Laurent - Dimensions d'Istanbul. Erin Sudbury Benjamin - Erin Benjamin. Ethan Daniel Davidson - Alaske 11 North. Etienne De Crecy - Super Discount 2.

Evan Symons - Ten Year Obsession cassette. Evaporators, The - United Empire Loyalists. Evil Survives - Metal Vengeance - Cassette. Evil Survives - Powerkiller - Cassette. Ex-Boyfriends, The - Painless Bleeding.

Eyes for Telescopes - Sounds Around Us. The Fabulous Kildonans - Bottle Rocket. Fake Cops - Absolutely Falkner Evans - The Point of the Moon. Fall Silent - No Strength to Suffer. Famines - Free Love is a Sales Technique. Fatal Flying Guilloteens - Quantum Fucking. A Faulty Chromosome - As an ex- anorexic's six sicks exit. Felix Da Housecat - Transmissions volume Feminists - Can't Scream Loud Enough. Fife n' Drum - the Rythm and Truth brass band.

Fiftywatthead - Fiftywatthead Vol. Final Fantasy - Specturn 14th Century. Fisheye Lens - I like this older stuff. Five Minute Miracle - Universal Groove. Flashing Lights, The - Sweet Release. Flashlight Brown - Flashlight Brown.

Flock of Seagulls - Dream Come True. Flourescent Pea Pod - Don't Panic It's Organic! Floy Joy - Weak in the Presence of Beauty.

Fond Of Tigers - A thing to live with. Fool's Crow - Balancing on a Shadow. Foonyap and the Roar - Foonyap and the Roar. For the Mathematics - The New Science. The Forbidden Dimension - Widow's Walk. Fortner Anderson - Sometimes I think.

Four Tet - my angel rocks back and forth. A weekend at centre St. Francois Bourassa Quartet - Rasstones. Francois Theberge Group - Soliloque. Frank Bennett - Five O'clock Shadow.

Frank Soda - Saturday Night Getaway. Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Rage Hard. FrankySelector - Under the midnight sun Fredric Gary Comeau - Hungry Ghosts. Friendlyness and the Human Rights - One Thing. Friesen and Johnson - The moral universe within. From the ladle, to the Gravy - Covers Compilation. Fuck the Facts - Promo Winter Furnaceface - And the days are short again. Fusion Jones - Another Nuclear Family.

Future Sound of London - My Kingdom. Gael Mevel Trio - Danses Paralleles. Garry and the kids - I've been waiting for christmas. Gary Ferguson and Friends - Live at podunk. Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle. Gen Ken Montgomery - Pondfloorsample. General Public - Too Much or Nothing. Genesis Gennady Rozhdestvensky - Shoshtakovich. Gentleman Reg - The Theoretical Girl. Gentlemen Without Weapons - transmissions.

Geoff Berner - Light Enough to Travel. Geoffrey Wickham - Geoffrey Wickham cassette. George Brooks Summit - Spirit and Spice. George Koufogiannakis - Explorations in Improvised Music. George Nyman - Treasure Called Love.

Germaine Thyssens-Valentin - Testament. Gerry Barnum - Pickin' Up the Pieces. Ghislan Poirier - Beats As Polictics. Ghostkeeper - and the Children of the Great Northern Muskeg. Gianluca Petrella Tubolibre - Slaves. Gladys Knight and the Pips - Pipedreams Soundtrack. Glen Campbell - Christmas with Glen Campbell.

Golden Seals, The - Storybook Endings. Gomorrah - Reflections of Inanimate Matter. Gordon Grdina's Box Cutter - Unlearn. Gossip Music for man - Gossip Music for man. Gotan Project - Inspiracion-Espiracion. Grames Brothers - Strange Beautiful. Grant-Lee Phillips - Virginia Creeper. Grappelli and Thielemans - Bring It Together. Graveface Artists - Graveface Sampler. The Gravytrain Robbers - 4 Generals and 3 Stars. The Great Sabatini - Godstopper Split.

Greenfield Main - Hunting Tips for Everyone. Greg Lowe - Guitar and Bass Sessions. Greg Lowe - Thrilled Against my Will. Greg MacPherson - Balanced on a pin. Gregory Isaacs - Private Beach Party. Greyhound Tragedy - Myself is my Favorite. Grievous Angels - Waiting For the Cage. Grip Weeds, The - Giant on the Beach. Groove Corporation - Record Prophets. Ground Zero Movement - M. Grover Washington, Jr. The Gruesomes - Tyrants of Teen Trash. The Guest Bedroom - We like accidents! Moskoff - Global Villages featuring the music of H.

Haeresiarchs of Dis - Denuntiatus Cinis. Hammock - raising your voice The hanuman sextet - 9 meals from anarchy. Harry Belafonte - Paradise in Gazankulu. Harry Chapin - Verities and Balderdash. Harry Connick Jr. Harvey Fierstein - This is not going to be pretty.

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Hennie Bekker - Africn Tapestries Collection. Henri Duparc - L'Invitation au Voyage. Henry and the Folk - Bus Trip Songbook. Henry Livingstone - The Curtains are drawn on Closing night and the cast goes out for a drink.

Hey Ocean! High Watt Electrocutions - Desert Opuses. High Watt Electrocutions - Desert Opvses.

Bad Boyz - Scotty Foxx* - The Best Of Top Secret (Vinyl), Midas Shadow - Al Stewart - Al Stewart (Vinyl, LP), Second Attempt - bRUNA (3) - Thence (Vinyl, LP), Consult The Printed Sleeve - Swirlies - Gavins March To The Sea (File, MP3, Album), Key-K2 - No Artist - Sound Pool (Deep House / Progressive House) (CD), Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Louis Armstrong - On The Sunny Side Of The Street (CD), Ciao Amore, La Vie Est Belle - Boulimik Foodfight - Photos De Famine (CD, Album), The Trouble With Candyhands - Deerhoof - Breakup Song (CD, Album), Rodi Style, Ben Bostock & Dan Dyson - Freaks Come Out (Weazal Remix) (File, MP3)