I Want To Be Free - Various - Play It Now (Vinyl, LP)

I find it on Amazon but is that an inferior copy? Castle in the airOct 29, When it comes to the big 3 tracks from FeverI can never decide what release has the best sound. They seem to all sound different from the soundtrack through all the compilations. We need a Steve Hoffman mastering for the most famous Bee Gees songs. LouieGOct 29, Jrr likes this. Castle in the airOct 30, Location: Cincinnati, Ohio.

JeffMo and greelywinger like this. LouieGOct 30, Listening to it now on the cheap turntable I have so it does not do it justice but can tell it is a really good sound. Am in the process of moving and a good sound system is one of the bucket LP) things.

It is nice to hear a clear,non skipping pressing of a Bee Gees record after suffering through those abominable RSO pressings of the day. Castle in the airNov 1, Mine arrived yesterday from Amazon.

Mine had a bad fault on disk 1 side 2, I ordered a replacement which arrives tmrw. First impression decent audio, a little too much surface noise for my liking. TalismanNov 1, Location: London. JrrNov 2, Castle in the airNov 2, Location: Copenhagen, the city, not the village. If only I could "get over" that hideous album cover.

But I just can't. EternalAmbiguity likes this. Joined: Mar 30, Posts: 4, Which of these sounds more fun? How do you quantify "boring" and "interesting" in the first place? Are hidden object games bad games? Have you seen hidden object games? That's the problem all these question are relative to person, while his reasoning is good and not mere excuse they just don't apply if you aren't interested, so unless you know someone is interested you can't rationalized why it works, so it's after the fact justification, it's not predictive the quality missing for a generalized conclusion.

For example the equivalent of hidden objects game for open world would be hardcore survival game like RUST and DayZ, their full of nothing and meaningless elements, totally imbalanced, and that's the draw of it because it's totally the experience of a post apocalyptic world, aka when teh world revert to unfairness and power grabbing through resource camping. BillyMar 14, Last edited: Mar LP), AlanMattanoMar 14, Oh, great.

Someone else who won't answer questions, this time using the "it's in this 90 minute video" trick. EternalAmbiguityMar 14, Joined: Jan 17, Posts: 3, There is a consensus that the article should be moved from its current title, but not for the proposed target; the alternative has garnered more support and, specifically, less objection. They're typically referred to as vinyl records these days or simply vinyl or records.

I have just modified 2 external links on Phonograph record. I mean that there should be 2 separate articles, one for "Phonograph" the original invention and one for "Gramophone" the device popular during many decades.

There are multiple ways to achieve this, but none without controversial moves:. Repeating it here:. Taylor 49 talk18 August UTC [ ]. I just removed the following text: "Records may be scratched or warped if stored incorrectly but if they are not exposed to high heat, carelessly handled, or broken, records have the potential to last for centuries".

This statement was uncited, and it also can't be proven the "lasting for centuries" part due to the fact that phonograph records were only invented in the 30's. Not just that, but it's false as well. My copy of Shadow Dancing is 42 years old, stored correctly, handled properly, and yet the skipping and static is awful, not to mention the endless loop at the beginning of the last chorus refrain of "An Everlasting Love".

But if anyone can find a citation, or prove that statement is true, feel free to put it back in the article. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is an archive of past discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page. The following discussion is an archived discussion of a requested move. Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on the talk page.

No further edits should be made to this section. It is not clear that the current name is the most commonly used. Add to that the fact that the umbrella article is at phonograph and we have phonograph cylinder.

So it would appear to be better to use a single common name prefix. They just call it a "record". I've never heard anyone refer to a "phonograph record" or a "gramophone record". Rothorpe talk23 December UTC [ ] Comment I agree with Voortle that the current title is a problem since it does not reflect a name that is I Want To Be Free - Various - Play It Now (Vinyl used for this topic. However, that fact does establish primary use of the name.

A compromise would be to rename it to Record gramophone or Record phonograph. Either form would both correctly indicate the most common name used to refer to this topic, and would appropriately disambiguate it from other uses of the same name.

Rothorpe talk23 December UTC [ ] If the concern is that the title needs to be in the dab form, then any of these suggestions would appear to address the concern better then my proposal.

Apparently record gramophone or record phonograph are used in different versions of English and could be an issue while record disc may be language neutral.

I would lean towards record phonograph since the other related articles use phonograph. Using a common name would help with readability for the average reader. Binksternet talk24 December UTC [ ] Support but only for moving to 'Record', not 'Record disc ', which feels unnecessarily awkward, despite being neutral w. There are 40 or so articles mistakenly linking to the record disambiguation page right now.

Most of them seem to intend to point to world record. I would assume those that intended to link to this article have already been cleaned up. However, I would also not mind things staying the way they are. Please review previous discussions. There seems to be no name that pleases everybody, but "Gramophone record" has advantages such as being LP) and specific, and being the actual name the inventor gave to the device.

If there is a better option, I don't believe it has yet been proposed. What kind of record? Oh, a gramophone record. I find "Record disc " even more objectionable, since as far as I know noone has ever called it that, and I think such Wikipedia specific parenthetical neologisms should not be invented unless the actual name cannot be used due to ambiguity or other reasonswhich is not the case here.

Support move to LP) record" for consistency. All the alternative suggestions are less clear than the current title. Agree with Infrogmation. Ghmyrtle talk29 December UTC [ ] The above discussion is preserved as an archive of a requested move. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on this talk page.

They are not all made of vinyl. The present title is broader and more accurate, so also more encyclopedic. The article covers shellac discs and other formulations than vinyl. Binksternet talk29 September UTC [ ] In that case why don't we go with Phonograph recordwhich already directs here and seems a more modern name than the old-timey term 'Gramophone'. Wikipedia uses Phonographa more North American term, so 'Phonograph record' would assure site-wide consistency.

Looking at Google and other resources, even to this page, a 'gramophone' seems to usually be pictured in the old-time form. Support move to Phonograph record. Although Google Trends shows that "Vinyl record" is by far the more searched for termper Srnec, the title is inappropriate as the article covers shellac records as well.

Shawn likes this. Location: SF Bay Area. Great choice. Still, I really don't think you can go wrong with the C. Pavol StromcekAug 10, Location: USA. Enjoy your new deck. Not ready to pull the trigger just yet. Wondering if the will be released in the US. Want to get a 2m Bronze with it. So I can easily swap and check out the differences.

Maybe get something else later to try as well. Last edited: Aug 10, Rick58Aug 10, Location: Larchmont, New York. I have been very happy with mine. I am sure you will enjoy yours I Want To Be Free - Various - Play It Now (Vinyl well.

I did upgrade to a Blue stylus. I also have a Graham Slee phono preamp. Have fun! LeaoAug 10, Sterling1Aug 10, Location: Milwaukee, WI. What album are you going to play first? Phil ThienAug 10, Great question. Thanks for asking, Phil.

My go-to album when I want to hear what a good album sounds like is Stanley Turrentine "Easy Walker". I have a superb condition first pressing.

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