Irrgang - Various - Fremtidskongressen # 2: AUX (Cassette)

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Dystopian images about the Irrgang - Various - Fremtidskongressen # 2: AUX (Cassette), utopian dreams. The whole concept was to show these fragments of emotions through music.

What if these cities had emotions joy, rage, sadness, etc. Human emotions. Can we read these moods? Are there some hidden signs, that they want to show us? I wanted to add dramatic, chaotic soundscapes which merge very Irrgang - Various - Fremtidskongressen # 2: AUX (Cassette) with cold, lifeless ambient.

Noises and screams Irrgang - Various - Fremtidskongressen # 2: AUX (Cassette) the human life, which once ruled the land, but now there is only tranquil silence.

A very melancholic, uncomfortable, nerve-racking silence, which demonstrates the loss. More about Graphplan: Facebook - Soundcloud. An interdisciplinary journal, offering eclectic mixes and smart interviews with original artists and label owners as well as contemporary art reviews.

Cobra is a double album featuring a live and studio performance of John Zorn's Irrgang - Various - Fremtidskongressen # 2: AUX (Cassette) game piece, Cobra recorded in and and released on the Hathut label in His and Sharlings agenda was clear from the start, they wanted to cut to the chase and make lean, strong working method meant that both pure hard rock, catchy power pop and a few quiet ballads now live side by side on a comprehensive and coherent album.

Ophiophagus hannah was accepted as the valid name for the Irrgang - Various - Fremtidskongressen # 2: AUX (Cassette) cobra by Charles Mitchill Bogert in who argued that it differs significantly from Naja species. A genetic analysis Irrgang - Various - Fremtidskongressen # 2: AUX (Cassette) cytochrome b, and a multigene analysis showed that the king cobra was an early offshoot of a genetic lineage giving rise to the mambas, rather than the Naja cobras. Naja Naja.

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