Letch Patrol / Youth Gone Mad - Ode To Fred / Better Things (Vinyl)

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Posted for sale: More than a week ago Item number: One side of the sleeve is marked Letch Patrol "Ode to Fred". Across the bottom are finger prints marked Ena, Jim, Julian and Sage. The actual record is not marked, it has a yellow label on one side and a green label on the other. The record has not been tested. Condition Description: Near mint Letch Patrol record has no chips, cracks or scratches. Paper record cover has strong colors and graphics with no fading, stains or tears.

Thee Album Def Jam 2. Kranky 2. Red and White on Black. Front and Back Print. Old Shirt, worn. Sleeves and Neck cut off. Some small holes and a bigger tear along botton hem. Subterranean Mountain 2. Fanclub 4. Local metal!! All Negative Approach Covers!!! With insert. Pre Ringers Boston Punk!! Flash Gordon, Capitalist Casualties, Hellnation.

Answer 9. Submission hold, kid dynamite, stephen brodsky, dillinger escape plan, rocky votolato, onelinedrawing andmore. Profane Existence 6. Yellow and White on Blue. Black on Beige. Techniques such Middle East relations by Professor Chief of Statesman, came that night and sororities need a better method Hussein Gam Badr from the they were ready to ally themselves as letter writing and telephone to implore the Senate to give the of announcing events than putting Computer Science Department.

I with Arab countries. When it campaigns are still popular and paper the opportunity of being flyers on trees. At the suggestion of comes to the safety of the area, successful. Most stressed was the was taken aback to see only four placed on an upcoming referendum.

His arguments included the conditions and of being "vague. In the past, it was fact that Statesman has "been hit He responded that before he could that has the final say on tuition different. He stressed Dissatisfied with Joa- were also discussed. Naala Royale, Polity's Treasurer, announced her. Slepian briefly outlined the duties. Encouragement was governing body before him that the Slepian reminded Joachim as he given to those who are sincerely Keller International Studies confident and would not fear a interested and Slepian added that paper's budget was currently departed that there still remained program, Hussein had the oppor- peace initiative as much.

With the one option open to him; he could tunity to lead many discussions only led to an obdurate Israel. It is only Also discussed was the students, this figure would increase closely for many years.

He is the United States that can force Egyptian and describes himself as a Israel to change its attitude. That night, he wanted to share his views with the audience. In place, I recognize the legitimacy of the Israeli state to exist, but at the same time Israel will have to give the Palestinians control of the West Hit the Road, Jack got the opportunity to talk with him Bank. The cessation of territory by Israel will have to happen. Hussein By James F. Bama twenty-five minutes late as various organizations can afford concerts about the future of the Middle East.

He was very articulate, and he considers that a solution to the To students, the Stony bers wandered in. The first topic of It was during this discus- would carefully divide some of his Palestinian problem will arise from Brook Council is perhaps the most discussion was USB President John sion that a group of protestors led arguments in subcategories maybe the control of the West Bank by elusive of the governmental bodies Marburger's campus report.

At first it would be an that exist on campus. This is Marburger used this opportunity to Organization stormed into the sometimes launching a strong autonomous Palestinian govern- somewhat ironic because the deci- tell of the grave financial crisis council meeting to hand President statement.

He also Marburger a list of demands. The "Israel is the new kid on Israel on the Jordan River. This the council have far reaching reaffirmed his position on the list promised that students would the block, Letch Patrol / Youth Gone Mad - Ode To Fred / Better Things (Vinyl) it will have to meet autonomous state should have at consequences for the student body undergraduate tuition saying, "It's occupy the Administration building the Arabs half way.

Later on, the West Bank community. Israeli state finds itself. There is also a limitation treaty for conventiona by law. Brook are supervised locally by a -President John H. Nine are terms, while there is an Arab way; optimistic. He also says that many appointed by the governor; the from Dan Slepian concerning the suspended from the university for a sense of humor, a sense of place, American Jews question, at least tenth, a student member, with all New Student Concert Requirements allegedly causing a riot last a sense of friendship among Arab privately, the attitude of the Israel the rights and responsibilities of the that were promulgated by Unive- semester.

There are hopes other members, is elected by the rsity Vice-President for Student Concerning the concert The end of the Cold War When I told him that these are ver student body. He argued requirements, the council decided has modified the international chess pro-Arab comments, he did no According to State that many of the changes Preston to postpone any debate until Fred board.

Before, Israel was perceived dodge the comment. The next meeting is a year, although the meetings are many of the changes that were in May, after the semester ends, so usually held more frequently. The made. April fourth.

Parrino testified that wanted to peacefully demonstrate he arrested Valbrune when the while the former wished to lobby was packed full of antagonize. The smaller group demonstrators, and that he was began harassing officers behind the "squashed" up against the wall barricade, slinging a slew of while holding Valbrune. He stated obscenities in their faces. He he got orders from Captain Cali: testifies that "they were giving "'He's going,' or words to that donors flak," and that the situation affect.

It was seen to that the said he didn't see what happened to officers were rotated. Verfenstein Emmanuel Severe and does not claims that the smaller group know what happened outside. Yet became frustrated with their failed he also testified that he arrested attempts and lifted up the barrier Valbrune because "people were and charged the ft. He says that Sgt. Herbert During was Sue Riseling, former Assistant fixing the alleged fire alarms.

He Director of Safety, was trampled to claims that he saw one of the the ground and kicked by protesters leaving the site of various demonstrators in the surge. He says buildings in which the fire alarms Public Safety and the students had been pulled and that he arrived at the door at almost exactly followed him back to the the same time and Safety managed demonstration. During insists that continued from front page the group of protesters behind Development Office, where the to push them back outside, forming the barricades were knocked over that when they got there police Valbrune began running.

They Letch Patrol / Youth Gone Mad - Ode To Fred / Better Things (Vinyl) were held until they were a line in front of the protesters. He did barriers were set up but there was a claim that Phillipe had already escorted to the Sixth Precinct. Valbrune allegedly gained access to see Severe charge the line of space under an overhang where the gotten into the lobby, but when Outside, the HSO continued to the lobby by pushing and shoving officers but that he did not see him barriers did not extend all the way Severe and the rest behind him got demand that Severe and Valbrune his way in and was subsequently get arrested.

He also attests to to the wall. This wall led to the there Public Safety met them and be returned to them. That day a restrained and arrested by Parrino. He testified that a "handful but the area where the doors.

Severe and a few others had President's office and refused to and was restrained by Lt. Sweeney of ashtray gravel was thrown in my demonstrators gathered to receive made it in but were pushed out leave until Severe and Valbrune and Officer Anselome after he face Later, threw a punch at Verfenstein.

He grabbed by four to five of the distance away from the entry doors. Valbrune testified that the two were released on a low bail also says that Parrino also tried to demonstrators, I was pulled to the From the spot where they gathered when he entered the lobby he - a fact that Young claims he is push his way through but he, ground, and I was kicked in the they could be seen and heard by turned to see Lieutenant Frank responsible for.

Sue stomach. Parrino quickly close the double their behalf and got their bail Riseling was supposedly in the that kicked him he replied, "I don't The HSO maintains that doors behind which was the nurse's lowered.

Parrino grabbed Valbrune The complaints against assistance over the radio. He states that at that time Herbert During. Verfenstein was handcuffing of Severe ," and that them. When Sweeney says he saw Safety asked them to move. The and violently jammed his elbow that the first thing he did when he asked if helped to handcuff Severe Severe push through the lines and group held their ground, not into Valbrune's throat. Cali told arrived that morning at the Alliance he replied, "I don't think so.

At the "When they were that he also saw Valbrune were being asked to move, and orders were carried out. When Public Public Safety formed the line laying on the gurney donating pulled out. He also says that he, moving, they formed a shoulder- made a linked semi-circle in front the protesters outside. He to-shoulder line with their "billy" of the officers and held their Verfenstein later commented in a that a bookbag, an ashtray, and later goes on to clearly say that clubs extended out in front of them ground.

The students were yelling Press interview that he had given astray gravel were thrown at the Riseling put the cuffs on. Associate Professor Leslie were again holding their clubs out demonstrators had arrived. Cheryl and threats. He says he left that day was yelling a wide spectrum of Owens of the Africana studies in front of them and violently Chambers, Assistant Director of with "my coat arm torn and my obscenities and that they were department was standing behind the shoving outwards.

Severe says that the Student Union and Activities, shirt covered with dried blood. One black group and later testified that he felt he was on the left end of the semi- later testified as a Public Safety Verfenstein also states officer attested to being called an the "push. He claims his right arm police, but that most of the people believed that the demonstrators continued on page 4 had been violated. He because they really couldn't hear right to demonstrate peacefully, and Phillipe both attest to seeing what was going on in the lobby.

The group Assistant Director Joseph mention anything about Public became angry when they were Verfenstein holding Emmanuel's Safety forming the initial line to pushed initially but the protest arms down and Director of Public move the demonstrators in his really only intensified in volume. Safety Richard Young coming over testimony. When the Press About an hour and a half went by and punching Severe twice in the questioned him with regards to the and the group was peacefully face.

At that point Captain Call matter he said that "at one point the protesting again. They decided to came over, according to the two barriers were moved," but he attempt to enter the Alliance Room, witnesses, and put Severe in a couldn't say in what manner the one by one, and Letch Patrol / Youth Gone Mad - Ode To Fred / Better Things (Vinyl) to donate headlock while Young struck him barriers were rearranged. Valbrune says, "At Public Safety's accounts have it on record that they were that time I told Parrino to just watch of what happened at the blood drive prevented from donating blood what was happening.

Phillipe Severe says that Public from the one that would be later Valbrune began walking along the Safety's Associate Director Susan heard from the defendants. Emmanuel Wyoming, put the handcuffs on complaintent to speak. They say that they were held convinced that there were two others behind him. Severe claims in the corner for awhile and were factions of protesters from the 'that when Public Safety, over at not told that they were arrested or outset," he claims.

He believes the barricade, saw Valbrune near why they had been arrested, nor that one smaller group of the entrance, they began running were they read their rights until demonstrators, led by HSO towards the door. In fact, most of the witnesses testified to the same sequence of events:. The complaintants testimony excluded it. Richard Young and Joe Verfenstein denied it ever happened when talking to the Press.

Cheryl Chambers, Assistant Director of Student Union and Activities testified that the demonstration was peaceful until Young, Riseling, "and other Public Safety officers formed a shoulder-to-shoulder line and moved themselves into the students She also stated that "as a which includes, a three course meal buffet, music, dance, open bar, result, the chanting did get louder. Representative, in Polity.

Other discrepancies are the number and gender of protesters the witnesses claim to have been there. Accounts range from 5 to 40, and Young continues to insist that the group was all male when there definitely was a female representation there. People don't understand all of the nuances of a very complex situation and often react to the Haitians out of sheer ignorance.

Phillipe Valbrune received a MEN 2"i-- - message on his answering machine on April 8th from an anonymous female caller: "I just have a couple of comments about the sit-in and all that SHIT that's goin' on.

I don't give Desert Storm a fuck about the niggers in this school they can go to hell as well as the blood drive. I bet Welcome Home Rally! And please, don't disturb other people. This article was contributedto by John Scaly Voices that care Are crying out loud. And when you close your eyes tonight, Feel in your heart How our love burns bright! Power frwsrwnha for V. Iwarofo n. Only possible to form Once on the road to Arrested eform, Soviet Union President 4ikhail Gorbachev prided himself m encouraging an open forum for ifter the ceding of power of Gorbachev and hard line Com- nunist Cabinet, this governing he diverse voices within his body would include leaders from by Josh Gazes raditionally silent, repressed each of the republics.

Just as it is :ountry. However, in light of new- rue that the people are on Yeltsin's Rosie Chang, a forty- worn power struggles, Gorbachev side, they also have personal seven year old USB Chemistry ust may be feeling that a stubborn bstacles of their own to overcome graduate student, was arrested by :an of worms has been irreversibly before the coalition of republic Public Safety as a result of the pened.

Although not a republic leader and the republic can make a culmination of conflicts between President, Boris Letch Patrol / Youth Gone Mad - Ode To Fred / Better Things (Vinyl), leader of difference. While there exist her the the Chemistry Librarian, Russia's Parliament, has become a sentiments of antigovernment and Ms.

Janet Steins. Chang, serious contender in a political even anti-Gorbachev, there remains also known as Yuh-loo Chang, is by David Suarez Ms. Postal gave some face-off. On the right stands what one reporter described as a planning on graduating with a Phd. She claims she was not I Maxine Postal is a ips about appearance for women interested in campaigning. She Gorbachev, father of perestroika ad fearless leader; in short, the "political inertia.

Directly all republics do have a tendency, arrest, nor of the charges against County Legislature. She visited the nd that these must be coupled with facing him from the opposite side is rooted in past, long history, to her, but was immediately brought University as a guest lecturer on a personality whose impression is Yeltsin, a seemingly undauntable accept the restrictions levied on to the campus' Public safety April 5th as a representative of the one of a balance between passivity pursuer of republic sovereignty, them and succumb to ecohomic and headquarters on Jan.

She 14th legislative district. Postal md aggressiveness. As conflict At one time, Gorbachev informed that the charge of crim- Lecture Center and in the SBS experiences in North Amityville, breeds struggles and mass demon- appeared to be the long-awaited for inal trespass had been dropped. Imple- The conflict began when, A major theme of her substantial support from her black claims the most valuable assets in menting perestroika and glasnost as Ms. Steins claims in a letter presentation was the role of women constituency.

She feels this is a the life of politics arises. Un- was a mass moral booster and dated December 28, to Rosie in politics, especially in Suffolk result of having taken public note deniably, Yeltsin has the support of stream of hope at the beginning.

Chang "several weeks County. Postal said that women do of the disenfranchisement often the people. Yet one may wonder if Unfortunately for the Soviet people ago This this popularity is a fair match for and now, it seems, for Gorbachev, charging it out The constituency came into play in her the very real power that is already these programs and their results a "serious infraction" to which she often heard comment, "These victory over incumbent Victor in Gorbachev's hands.

At this point, responded with "only a written young men are our political future" Mimi, achieved by a substantial A twenty-eight word there are dismal statistics falling on warning. She margin, for a seat which had never referendum is the most recent round the Union: Predicted by the Soviet "However, after your irrational gave Suffolk County Executive seen a woman or Democrat.

In addition, response to your question I calmly for office right out of college. This and finally was able to provide that their land should be maintained industrial production will sink to a reminded you of a longstanding phenomenon doesn't seem to occur youth programs it had never had as a "renewed federation of equal minimal of 15 percent in The letter that she had Chang's key card enjoy by being members of male expense.

She experienced a one that established the Soviet gravely dismal morale of Soviet reprogrammed so in order to fraternal organizations, such as negative reaction from labor at that Union in The President's citizens was reflected in a recent prevent her from gaining access Kiwanis and the Lions.

Postal time as well. A disturbing figure after-hours. Postal was to an extent, relax the ties between of 65 percent of those questioned, Chang claims that on wins campaigns" over any other sounded out by a pro-labor, pro- the republics and the central "What does the Soviet Union offer December 27th Steins raised her consideration.

She cited the environment organization known as government in Moscow. However, its citizens? Taking Steins' broadcasting. Thus, a referen- for the position of doctor for the ill, Mrs. Chang resorted to grabbing the subject of the "gender gap," the Owen Johnson, long time holder of dum was drawn up in an attempt to factioned country with their own Ms Steins by the hair. Chang then situation which results when his senate seat in the 4th senatorial challenge the fledgingling demo- individual remedies, it becomes left the building and Steins made a women as well as male voters district.

Postal did run, "a very cratic republics. Postal said she would easily see that Yeltsin has working disadvantages. Gorbachev seems to responded. The incident was well as physically.

There is often like to try for Johnson's seat again, for him his goal to decrease centra be one ahead of Yeltsin for he does referred to Student Affairs when the feeling, however unjustified, and also confessed to having an government control anc have a position which legally Rosie was not to be found in the that women simply can't fight as interest in a congressional seal subsequently increase independence allows him to exercise his will over building.

In a system where there Chang says that in the As she continued her down. However, very real ob- influence, divisions such as the singled out by Steins. On Dec. First, there is the had given a most informative anc implementing the self-governing KGB, Yeltsin seems to be facing an copying card to the library's photo- guilt often felt by women in-depth presentation in which she process.

With limited admini alliance much bigger than himself. The means to al homage in their eyes. April 19, Day Of Outrage! Grad Chem Student Arrested continued from page 5 after the library had closed Chang was still in drop the criminal tresspassing charges. Five faculty members and 81 out of the library and was consequently asked to Chang was asked to sign a release form, Chemistry graduate students and faculty leave by Janet Steins, which she did.

Chang thereby not holding the University signed a statement condemning Stein's lack then went to Professor Fowler's office on the responsible, and was then released. Three Public Safety officers charges against her until she reached Public members of this department.

She was asked if sie her rights, including right to representation respected and well liked members of our was familiar with, a Dec. On Jan. Chang received a "stop her revengeful pursuit of Mrs. She answered yes, and then had her hands letter from Mrs.

Steins giving back her after- Chang Professor Fowler hour library priveleges. But on Jan. Chang received another letter, this time Chang's laboratory group, to be "an Public Safety vehicles and returned to his requesting her to appear in front of the outstanding person with very high moral office and was witness to these events.

When Student Judiciary regarding the Dec. But Students and faculty members were Chang to their headquarters, both she and with her priveileges restored, and aspirations also quick to point out that Ms. Steins is an Fowler objected. Professor Lenoble, who Safety problem at that point and time in my Mrs. Chang signed a waiver, thereby is on the Chemistry Library Committee, office with me.

She was not in the library, pleading guilty to the charges, thus openly points out that "Ms. Steins takes her work she was not tresspassing in the library, she admitting she was wrong in resorting to very seriously, and it is a very difficult job. She is now on academic probation. Rosie Chang fully realized the to be in this building" said Professor Fowler.

Chang, however, still feels her treatment severity of her action and wrote a letter of According to Mrs.

Chang and by Public Safety was a violation of her rights. Steins concerning the Dec. Professor Fowler, the officers stated that As an official of the university, however, any 27th altercation, and believed the matter to be there was a written complaint, and so Chang librarian would have the right to determine if cleared up. After being handcuffed Janet Steins,Chemistry Librarian way and could issue an official directive to parties and the arrest report, five minutes to a desk and interrogated twice, Chang was take away student's priveleges until due told that the officers convinced Ms Steins to process was carried out.

They were protesting the weren't involved in the demonstration Scott Ski. Indeed this motto captures the discriminatory FDA ban on Haitian and tend to view the current Haitian purpose of many law enforcement Sub-Saharan Africans. Public Safety demonstrations as an inconvenience Business Manager Michelle Fleck agencies, namely, to enforce regulations mishandled the situation by reacting to a which disrupts their daily activities.

The and maintain public order. Police are peaceful demonstration as a potential precedent, created by role models, has necessarily entrusted with a certain riot. They treated it as such and used riot aided in the spread of further ignornace News Editor amount of power, which unfortunately techniques such as standing in a phalanx and racism. In fact, when any police agency trunchons braced at chest level. The racism to blur their vision, but rather Eric Penzer abuses its power by engaging in brutality parallel to the Brown case is uncanny, as should realize that Public Safety is and other violent measures it is sub- Public Safety videotaped the incident capable of atrocious acts - don't forget, Photo Editor Greg Forte verting its purpose by robbing citizens of from the University Club located in the they are human too.

Chemistry building. Unfortunately the There has been much debate in Copy Editor Very often, police abuse of camera man wasn't a student and unlike the past few weeks as to whether Public Edward DeFilippis power masquerades as an act of good the Brown case the situation will not Safety should be given guns in order to Production Manager faith.

The"good cop" image is trad- make national television. Giving a potentially Rick Teng itionally propogated by Eastwood-type There have been allegations on corrupt police organization firearms machismo and can dangerously be both sides, claiming initiation of the should be seriously questioned. It is not Safety Department does not possess Police brutality is often racially uncommon in Letch Patrol / Youth Gone Mad - Ode To Fred / Better Things (Vinyl) of police brutality for guns.

In fact, if Public Safety is given motivated and kept well hidden from the the police to reverse the violence, guns then the students should also be STAFF claiming the attackee to be the attacker. Barna, Walter Chavez, Lily public eye.

Cops blood. Shapiro, Dave ban and, moreover, the ban violated the barrels could be hawked at the book Suarez, Scott Warmuth are more readily believed than the alleged criminal in brutality cases.

To University's anti-discrimination policy. Dozens of police blood drive. However, in the heat of their questionable is pure folly. Before The Stony Brook Press is published bi- brutality reports have poured out from all desire to protect blood donors and other entrusting Public Safety with death weekly during the Academic year and over the country since the unveiling of bystanders, Public Safety abused First dealing weapons one must strain their intermittently during the summer session by The Stony Brook Press Inc.

Amendment rights of the demonstrators. Randy Brown - no way, could Every individual on this campus is whisper of brutality. Advertising policy does not necessarily reflect editorial policy. Last semester Public so called highest law of the land. We don't think so, it needs to operate, SUNY's funding problems the public policy process.

In Trustees approved a long range tuition policy. The Governor's proposed education. Bridge located right here on the Stony Brook Legislature forge the state's public policy higher education. Latinos, Asian Americans, and Native inconsistent state funds rather than from a campus, I might as well be filled up with Tuition is considered within the context of Americans will compromise at least one thirdlack of tuition dollars.

Even if SUNY had something good. I'll go to the 'fancier how much or little the state has been able to of all new entrants to the work force. Well, the access. After, these considerations, the secondary education grew in the 19th expenditure. It came with a salad. Given the coming workforce shortage of state revenue, really caused the Sounded filling. I have never had a bad raise tuition. The argument that experience before at this establishment, and, What went wrong with the current like primary and secondary education - must small yearly tuition increases will make large didn't expect one this time.

However, when be an entitlement. The fact is that under the current The greatest challenge to SUNY in someone can prove that the tuition freeze plate I began to worry. I was hungry! I'm policy SUNY has found it too difficult to the coming years is to educate all those who caused the recession.

The real issue is that it not such a large person, but when it comes to raise tuition. In order to raise tuition more the State will need as educated workers. To has become impossible to guarantee stable eating I do all right. When the ravioli do that SUNY must have a better funding tax-dollar support for the university. Racistworld by Jerry Katz writers are responsible for their own work. He claims the White man and come back home to the original man. Jf you love Africa so much, why the first man was Black.

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