Org-D2 - No Artist - Sound Pool (Deep House / Progressive House) (CD)

Moderate tempo with atmospheric synths, a smooth bassline. Size: KB [ tags: synth electro breakbeat ] [ genres: breakbeat electro ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. Size: KB [ tags: electro downbeat hiphop ] [ genres: hip hop electro ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.

Size: KB [ tags: experimental electro ] [ genres: experimental electro ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. Size: KB [ tags: electro metal ] [ genres: electro metal ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. Size: KB [ tags: electro drumandbass metal ] [ genres: electro drum and bass ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. Sustained notes with dissonant harmonies. Size: KB [ tags: dark electro bass ] [ genres: electronic electro ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. The guitar chords are all exploratory, dissonant sounding. The chorus could be worth sampling.

Slow tempo. Size: KB [ tags: electro dub ] [ genres: dub electro ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. Org-D2 - No Artist - Sound Pool (Deep House / Progressive House) (CD) the middle there's a crazy keyboard section that's worth a listen.

Size: KB [ tags: ] [ genres: downtempo loop ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. Moderate tempo hip-hop. Size: KB [ tags: electro bass beat hiphop ] [ genres: hip hop electro ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. He has been playing bass sinceand synthesizer for about the same amount of time. He began playing guitar in See a missile and sea a bullet or Sea Bullet is the way we bend all towards and lapse into a lapse like gold.

M Monday on 23, May Five-Word Farrago was composed and recorded in Seattle in July of It was originally featured as part of Open Air: a Radiotopia in Austria. I was looking for man-made patterns; Darrin Drda's polka-dotted cartoon man painted on the side of a bookcase, skyscraper windows, a page of Stravinsky, the marquee at Grand Lake cinema in Oakland.

This time a full length tune. I would like to see others can do with my tracks. Remix and manipulate them. Have fun. Lyrics about a guy whose woman has left him and he doesn't know why Acoustic guitar, vocals.

International pride lyrics. With LOTS of guitar leads. Bad Drugs! Baaad bad Drugs! Recorded at my home in San Jose, CA. A variety of styles is represented, from hardcore to acoustic country blues. A mad, insane noise that we are somehow able to ignore, to push to the back of our consciousness, but is there all the same, keeping you off balance.

So invasive is the onslaught of sounds and smells, that you only start to notice it when it's gone. Excellent production adds an edgy-ness and color to the simple song format. Built around an ambient sound, it comments on glaciers and other cold things with a bite, and an excuse to cut loose with a durty guitar [ tags: guitar blues beat hammond solo ] [ genres: blues indie ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.

Girl goes walking in the hills, lord of the underworld grabs her, and gets her to eat pomegranate seeds, her mammy cuts a deal so she can come above ground for the summer months, but she still has to spend Six Underground [ tags: ] [ genres: groove electroacoustic ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.

The idea, emotionally, is that its a sad song, but tries to have an optimistic up-lift in the middle: "this is a song of hope", as yer man once said. If it makes people think, thats a bonus [ tags: london bombs ] [ genres: downtempo vocal ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. Based on the acappella vocal track of Lisa de Benedictis's "Below", I first jammed along with an electric bass, then added bongoes and guitar to get the core of the song up and running.

After that, it was mainly a question creating the structure of the song. I felt the song should be going somewhere, that it should build-up to a stronger beat. It would have been nice to spend some more time, re-recording parts and mixing, but times-up! There seems to be about entries to the contest, of which they are selecting 10 winners, and there is some amazingly good stuff there, so you won't see me on the podium, but I enjoyed the challenge.

Oh yeah, and it's a tribute to Massive Attack's Unfinished Sympathy and The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony [ tags: synth guitar happy break ] [ genres: trance techno ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. The much shortened radio edit of "Peter Tong", featuring the excellant vocals of Jerry Allen, transforms this dance track into something much more accessible This song documents an event on the island of Ibiza last summer.

After sitting around on the beach all afternoon, playing guitars and bongoes and sampling local and imported produce, we thought we'd get a taxi into town and catch Peter Tong's set a famous DJ, and more famous now that he has a film named after himand try and get him to play a demo of one of our songs. He wouldn't of course. Anyway, that's the story behind this song: it starts out on the beach, the sun going down, taxi to a club I don't think it was Space - prob.

Pacha - but that makes for a better lyricback to the beach in the wee small hours. Another strange one from the mystical island of Ibiza. The track started life as a normal ballad, called "Something New", and we were like just strumming along on the beach one evening, thinking no bad thoughts at all, when this fella turns up, and starts singing his own words over it: "Otay, otay, don't you worry, everythings gonna be otay!

Now here's the funny thing, his name was Frankie Wilde, and he'd been on the island a good few years, doing some Dj'ing and stuff, then this movie comes out about him and whilst there are some similarities, its definitely made-up. I even think the Austrian in the movie is supposed to be me don't ask P is A Music Project creating songs built in a strong groove, spanning trip-hop, techno and trance beats, over which plays thoughtful and emotional vocals, classic synth sounds as well as powerful guitar riffs.

Drawing from contempory as well as ethnic sources for inspiration, Markovich tunes remain accessible and meaningful to a wide audience, favoring a pop song format. Also, for remixers, a synth-only track is available. Music style is inspired mostly by Phil Collins like his songs from the movie Tarzanwith other rock and ethnic influences as well. For easy remixing, you can download all of the tracks I used to create this song.

The song has a considerable amount of variety in it, so you are sure to find some interesting material for reuse. I have also provided some vocal-less mixes to make it particularly easy for you to replace my vocals with your own. Pheasants, pigeons, crows and plains. Walking-bird, walking invisible, walking pulling all the sounds, walking-hearing as act of the mind. I work interdisciplinary with paintings, videoart, bioart, objects, installations, soundart and netprojects. My work is based on a relationship between biology, technology and art.

Aint love a strange thing? This could be a feeling after you lost your first love Good times. Bad times. Taken by surprise. Vocals by Sagat [ tags: rap stranger sagat ] [ genres: psychedelic spoken ] [ info: 4. A spanish and oriental mixture of classical instruments [ tags: arabian lawrence chupito ] [ genres: classical orchestral ] [ info: 4.

Please review this item on the link provided. Hope You Enjoy! These little keyboards were so much fun as a child. I still love the sound of them to this day. Obviously used some effects as well. I must say I really enjoy. Would like to make more like this sometime. The death, into rejuvenation. Am I cyclical variations of infinity?

Experiencing to chaos, nothing, enjoy it, and we fly, the wind blows, forever, leaves fall. Other interesting ambient noises to follow. Embrace The Noise Make Music. Collaboration between NoSushi and OldDog [ tags: ] [ genres: ambient soundtrack ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. HC is a firm advocate for people making their own music and not indulging in the shameless and absurd false consciousness of worshipping media-appointed demigods.

In other words, learn to play the instrument first, then grow a goatee and scarify your body later if you have the time. Everything 8bit, 11khz. Bob Dylan, mac style. Dark, spiritual groove meditation, arabic trip hop, Oslo style. It is all about groovy and eclectic sound exchange over the internet, with the additional and very necessary overdubs and mix of acoustic sounds in physical space - e.

Nood has released two full-lenght CDs entitled "Hettylettynetty" and "Shaped like a taco" All songs are copylefted, and can be downloaded from the homepage at www. The purpose of APO33 is to create the conditions for the development of all the kinds of music and sound practices which contribute to the advancement of sound creation. These kinds of music and sound practices include those called electronic music, concrete music, contemporary written music, sound poetry, sound art or those that have no name : we group these multiple practices under the name of audio art.

The CIA develops research projects and organises artistic interventions. Its mission is to « play » with the situations and contexts to which it is invited. The CIA mainly uses the sound medium as a field of action and as an instrument of articulation of its interventions.

Audio acte in France and Europe, in concert hall, exhibitions center, Musuem, streets, house, underground With the initial one it is composed of Sylvain to play guitar and sing and of Germain to play drums. Not a long time after, Antoine the Sylvain's brother oined the group with the sing. They start to make small concerts with a repertory of recoveries Korn, Nirvana, Bloodhound gang The band starts "to compose" in at the end of Some time after Stephan leaves the group it joined ScarcityKevin the brother of Germain replaces it.

The band composes and composes and They records a Demo 6 titles with tears off with a MD in the room of repeats. An album should leave before the end of the year. Korg Microkorg, Clavia NordLead 2 [ tags: microkorg nines warsaw nordlead ] [ genres: ambient avant garde ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.

Julie Loi - voice, lyrics [ tags: rec dwagramy neurodisco ozoz ] [ genres: downtempo avant garde ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. Voice samples from "Full metal jacket" movie. Riyu Konaka - vocals [ tags: japanese rec 2g dwagramy riyukonaka ] [ genres: experimental idm ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. Stack-based live session: korg microkorg, clavia nordlead 2 and the kings of sound: max pd and ni reaktor. Microkorg, kaosspad, etc [ tags: live rec 2g fsp current microkorg kaosspad ] [ genres: avant garde downtempo ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.

Michael Jackson's BAD remix [ tags: rec 2g fsp current avantgarde wrong jackson ] [ genres: avant garde downtempo ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. The band was formed by musicians who play in many different bands so doing concerts with is quite difficult thing, but there where some concerts so there is hope. Nena Polla takes you by the hand to deconstruct your space and time. The lyrics, salty like ice cream, sweet as pipas, warm in winter, fresh in summer, dressed in Spanish, English and French.

Nena's Polla is also acoustic music triturated by machines put into the most beautiful unexpected harmonies. It's the weld of the rage of the conceptual and charm for a new energy. I live and grew up in Michigan. I play the guitar, bass, keyboards, and I have a passionate relationship with the programming of analogue and virtual analogue synthesizers. I'm basically a post-Eno era synthesizer, midi, and computer geek.

I am a CG artist by trade. I usually describe my groove like this: The sound of an a. Throw in some underwater piano breaks and confused sounding synth noise, and you're beginning to get the idea. I wrote and recorded this little miasma of cosmic moods of an album called "stream of unconsciousness" quite some time ago; production spanned mid through August of I am interested in collaboration, providing content for others to remix, sample, or listen to in stock form.

Please enjoy, and thanks for checking my stuff out. We encourage all free men and women to start their motors and join the fight! Spinal Tap-esque problems with everchanging guitarist lineup has only slowed us down. Now it's time to catch up. Punk with diverse influences, or something. Sao Paulo, Brasil. La Paz, Bolivia. Bavaria, Germany.

Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro Monterrey. Serbia and Montenegro. Santa Fe, Argentina. Porto Alegre, Brasil. No bells or whistles added, no mistake corrections.

Tracks were imported to PC via USB and post-processed in Audition using multi-band compression and dynamics processing in order to bring up the levels. A great tool for live recording situations. The ambient domain participle still dangles [ tags: psychedelic ambient space eno fripp ] [ Org-D2 - No Artist - Sound Pool (Deep House / Progressive House) (CD) ambient psychedelic ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.

The muse visited that night. Completely composed with Korg M1 Digital Edition. Post-processed, of course, in Adobe Audition 3. Pour yourself a bowl of ethereal cereal, its time to rock new age style! Composed 4 tracks in Reason, and percussion track added later on by Orb Gettarr AKA 'grampa' - no other 'tweaking' done except for mixdown in Audition 3.

The apple does not fall far from the tree, eh? Analog acoustic guitar added in Adobe Audition 3. This track is ripe for the pickin'! Agnes de Croix "Other"- experimental Reason 4. This track has been on the shelf a little while, finally got around to uploading it. Hoffman's Epiphany Propellerhead Reason 4 composition [ tags: new space ambient age hop trippy ] [ genres: ambient new age ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. Bit-rate is kbps studio quality Have Phun!

Done in classic Ambient style, of course! This is a single MIDI keyboard track with NO post-processing done except for dynamics and multi-band compression for mastering purposes. Dec [ tags: instrumental piano guitar composition ] [ genres: composition instrumental ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.

Abstract, pure improvisation, not your average melodic tonal recording. Good old-fashioned heavy-metal Fender Stratocaster rock.

Ambient, space-sounding, distant [ tags: ambient highly domains arf she said ] [ genres: ambient algorithmic ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. The child's voice is my daughter Rebeccah at the age of 7, sampled into a digital voice sampler and layered over a synth voice, and the sample then looped.

Acoustic jazz styling. Slice, dice, and julienne as you please- just e-mail me where I can find the result. If you listen, you can hear the wind Maybe it is the lovebug that bites you or something else. Maybe we geht trough but what if not The beat of a city, of a love, of a live. Enyoy it Jean Hester's "Hello". In an effort to be consistent with that concept, 'one hour before the trip' had built their own recording and rehearsal Org-D2 - No Artist - Sound Pool (Deep House / Progressive House) (CD) and have been trying to equip it adequately ever since.

Furthermore, the band itself, took the initiative in trying to establish certain relationships with certain people - ranging from those with technical background and experience as engineers, to others with their own similar artistic visions and demands - and made an effort to invite and provocate them into playing an active role in the development of the project.

Despite the fact that the situation in our local area - athens, greece - is far from being helpful in terms of how venues are equipped and gigs are organized, there has been a success in realizing a dozen or so live performances that included video projection of sychronized material.

Following several months of recordings, audio processing and mastering sessions, which had a great impact on the way we relate to our equipment and rigs, there has been a 4-track demo release of the band's music. Moreover, the website went online as an initial however hesitant effort to achieve internet presence while additional recordings, video material and further website content come their way as plans for the following months.

We also wish to continue playing live under terms as close as possible to what we consider acceptable. What counts is what is heard, not what is read Prequel to 'Nihilist Antiorem'. The sequel will be released late on Art Prime [ tags: contemporary opera symphonic modern ] [ genres: classical new age ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.

THis si a very ambiant song with spoken word from Catherine Lenne [ tags: experimental industrial lorca spoken theatre ] [ genres: ambient spoken ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. I made this with Sony Acid Music Studio 6.

This song is about death and love or love and death? Maybe some troubles on the silver-fame. I guess my words feel with music even stronger. These simulations ain? Enjoy it : [ tags: instrumental electronic abstract glitch hiphop ] [ genres: abstract electronic ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.

It's part of my release "Principio de Transferencia". Just let u go, and u will understand This is a strange mixtape made by Kinhos! U can find the playlist details onto my site [ tags: electronic experimental dj mixtape opsound ] [ genres: electronic experimental ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. XD [ tags: noise electronic glitch dj netlabel ] [ genres: glitch electronic ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. I hope u like it : [ tags: acid electronica dj syntesizer ] [ genres: acid electronic ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.

Enjoy it : [ tags: acid electronica dj syntesizer ] [ genres: acid electronic ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. Enjoy it : [ tags: electronica downtempo remix dj copyleft vate ] [ genres: downtempo experimental ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. It's the perfect song to listen at night, I think Enjoy it : [ tags: minimal experimental house femalevocals copyleft ] [ genres: minimal house ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2.

The result has been the SMOKE release, a pair of themes with a simple percussion and a strange synth line ready 2 listen. It's the first part of the project Break and flow. Octif is a Wellington-based sound artist Shanan Holm - also a member of electronic duo Montano.

Octif's previous collaborations have included the mid's electronic trio Oblique as well as a range of small experimental performance ensembles. This isn't the song they sing, but what I imagine it might sound like. He mentions "sweet Gabriella" in the song "Junco Partner" on "Sandinista! I think it was a Friday night and I was very tired from a week at work and not enough sleep, but I did want to get something written, in the form of a picture score, and recorded that night.

The lyrics are by Eugene Field Merry Christmas and to all a good year! Joe Strummer. God bless Mick Jones. The text is by William Shakespeare and is from "Macbeth", I think; not that you would be able to recognize that since most of it is backwards or otherwise obscured. Somehow, I think my vocals kind of ended up sounding like John Lydon. The Stevens referred to in the title is the butler Stevens as played by Anthony Hopkins in the movie "Remains of the Day".

I wanted it to sound like it was coming from far away and from another age. Experiment Rock guitar soundscapes and cool beats. Harkens back to my electric roots. Higher-quality audio available by request. BPM; Tone:G; [ tags: trance bass house hardtrance hardstyle hardhouse ] [ genres: trance house ] [ info: mp3 ccbysa2. Electrical Shock is a music dedicated to hardtrance styles.

They started playing together inMatteo on bass and Marinella singing, then they decided to develop their music vision as an electronic duo. The musical roots of Matteo and Marinella are various.

It feels a little bit post-impressionist, or maybe expressionist. Sound quality is, as always, bad. Bad bad bad. It involved a random wikipedia article and a precarious stack of found objects. It involved random wikipedia articles, ryevitas, a video recorder, and a piano improvisation that sounded like Debussy on sleeping pills.

Nutsoman sat at the piano and improvised, while I strolled around hitting the piano's keys, boards, and strings with various blunt instruments. Nutsoman is better than me at making improvisations sound normal, and in this case he put a little more effort into improvising an authentic-sounding psalm accompaniment because he was singing the acknowledgements from the ABRSM edition of Bach's 48 in such a style.

This means I abused the piano a little less. This one is a little slower than "The Insidious Lime". Nutsoman is better than me at making improvisations sound normal. The idea was to ignore both conventions and organised rejection of them, which meant that some of them crept back in.

A couple of minutes previously I had done a similar second piece, "Anti-Art". And guitar solos! Sheet music exists, somewhere. Rudra Vena's intention is to translate human pulses into music : all sounds are generated with digital synthesizers loaded and melted with human body sounds like heartbeat, breath The result is a rising collage of pulsating noises constructed by biorhythms, which can be described as powernoise destructions and metallic aggressiveness, or hardcore industrial.

Rudra Vena creates claustrophic soundscapes with the subtle combination of softwares and concrete noises. So close your eyes and let yourself go for a labyrinth of strange beauty where synth noises meet subliminal biorhythms. Lets rake leaves instead. White people working on Roy farm? Its all contained in this song.

The music ranges from ambient to dark ambient to experimental music. For me this is an outlet for all my frustrations in life and the world in general. I use experimental recording techniques in order to capture the dark feelings I hold deep inside. A street musician in Europe for many years playing an eclectic mix - blues to Velvet Underground - while developing a complex solo guitar style for occasional gigs.

In he started up Robotic, mostly because of his inability to find people that shared the same ideas and visions as himself. His concept was to inspire and touch atleast one persons mind with his music. That was his general idea. Gene Farris Mr. Everybody Chart. Top Downloads September David Guetta, Sia — Titanium feat. Mila Falls Extended Mix Lolita Leopard Extended Mix Eats Everything Bank Holiday Bangers!

Frankco Harris Original Mix Ekoboy Give Me 4 Ever Chart. Substance - Relish Shed Remix Spooky — Candy John Tejada - The Open Crystal Castles is some pretty nice tunage for mainstream electronica. I highly recommend it.

Is that the one from the Toshiba ad? I was looking for the exact remix but I think Toshiba's people added their own intro to the track. Concentrating on wide scapes reduced melodic insinuation this time, the album seems to work as a screen.

Like a movie without dialoque or a documentary without comments the music gives room for own imaginations and projections. Creating an atmosphere of a nocturnally taxi ride Terry gives a theme, but the rest is up to the listener. Where the taxi drives, how fast or slow, wether the driver is a good or bad one may depend on the mood of the one who to dives into the calm and fantastic world of these wonderful narrative tracks.

No instruction is included but leaning back and letting fantasy fly over a warm street at a coast, through a forest or the centre of an illuminated city. With this album Nor Elle created a masterpiece of emotionally charged music with the right instinct for great room effects and innovative sounddesign. I'm a big fan of all his releases under this moniker. Prompt feat. Onuba — Zora 7Noise 5.

Andrea Sartori — Phonosutura Persona Stimming — The Anger Liebe Detail Omar-S - Polycopter Omar-S - Flying Gorgars Omar-S - Strider's World Omar-S - Oasis Four Omar-S - Crusin Conant Omar-S - U Omar-S - 1 Out Of Beats Omar-S - Simple Than Sorry Omar-S - The Maker Omar-S - A Victim Omar-S - Oasis One Omar-S - Blade Runner Omar-S - Day Omar-S - Set Me Out.

Think he has bout tracks not released so yes artist mixed album. Kompact, DE. Liquid Liquid - Lock Groove Out Cymande - For Baby Oh Patrick Moraz - Metamorphoses 1st Movement Live To Rococo Rot - Testfeld Mathematics - Blue Water I:Cube - Acid Tablet O - Atomit Conrad Schnitzler - Electrocon 11 Green Pickles feat.

Pittman - Feedback Robert Hood - Minus Raymond Scott - Bass-Line Generator Moondog - Invocation CD2 - Unmixed Conrad Schnitzler - Elektrocon 11 Young Marble Giants - N. Arthur Russell - Make 1, 2 Pyrolator - November Org-D2 - No Artist - Sound Pool (Deep House / Progressive House) (CD) Can - Sunday Jam. Stefan Goldmann - Five Boroughs Joel Mull - Blossom Minilogue - Inca Plastikman - Hypokondriak Stefan Goldmann - Wolverine Petre Inspirescu - Sakadat Carsten Jost - Love Jens Zimmermann - Tranquillite Francesco Tristano - The Melody Balil remix Tuomi - Mourning Eye.

Television feat. Cortney Tidwell Sequential Dub If Alone feat. African Cherry French Model in Dub feat. Samar Bottletop feat. Tina Grace Youth of Today Admit One Strung Outro. Mastra - Shade Shakedown - At Night Martin Buttrich dub The Timewriter - Going Back Shannon Chamber - Space Music Original mix Baaz - Just About The Timewriter - Chords In Minor Agoria - Dust Oxia remix SIS - Dim Dim The Timewriter - Dedication Martinez - Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol.

Martinez - Blue Lagoon Seuil - Double Room Boris Werner - Feel Good Mathias Kaden - Musica Gregor Tresher - Break New Soil Martinez - Momomowha Matthias Tanzmann - Left Behind Dot - Kinda Strange Luna City Express - Swing City. Len Faki - Berghain 03 Tracklist Collabs feat. Gez Varley pres. Radio Slave - Neverending Exclusive Track Bloc Party - Where is Home? Akiko Kiyama - Hakobi Second-Hand Satellites - Orbit 1. Chris Lattner - African Children Robert Dietz - Klondike MHM 1 - Bubububadub Ion Ludwig - Transnoir Alex Flatner feat.

Mirko Loko - Serena CD 2 Jay Haze - Mama Coca Alix Alvarez - Boom Bip Tuomi - Mourning Eye Very nice deep cd. Just got the fabric. This is so well produced - proper dirty, aggressive techno :twisted: Yep, one of the best records of the year imo. This thread is to notify people of upcoming commercial releases. Michel Cleis ft. Friday's Child Sunrise Grey Light Jill Father Umbrillo Todenhausen Blues The Dream In Your Eyes Miles Sleep And Suffer Don't Follow Me A New Day Until Then, Goodbye.

Los Ninos de Fuera Celestial feat. Liberty by Keren Ann Sun, Day and Night feat. Martina Topley-Bird Conspirer Hang For Bruno feat. Fran Left Home Africa Sweat feat.

Ali Boulo Santo Pierre For Anni Metodisma Seth Troxler mixes Boogybytes Vol. Baeka - Right At It Dinky feat. Update - Westoid Alexi Delano - Molar One Jabberjaw - The Connie Shake Birds And Souls - Birds and Souls Kiki - Cinema Obscura Nicolas Jaar - Time for Us.

I've always wondered, how can an "upcoming" release be your favourite if all time? Joey Beltram - Energy Flash 4. Moby - Go Delirium Mix 5. Sourmash - Pilgrimage To Paradise 7. Tilt - I Dream 9. Digital Blonde - Antheum Grace - Orange Man With No Name - Teleport Astral Projection - Mahadeva Cass n Slide - Perception 3. Breeder Twilo - Thunder 4. Solarstone - Day By Day 6.

Ecano - Run 7. Way Out West - Intensify Part 1 8. Art Of Trance - Killamanjaro 9. Humate - Love Stimulation Love Mix Moogai - The Labyrinth X Cabs aka Chris Cowie - Neuro Nemo - Spacemaker Human Movement - Travellers Theme Hammers Tribute Remix Disc 3 1.

Airwave - Alone In The Dark 2. Sander Van Doorn - A. Andain - Beautiful Things 4. Planisphere - Teardrop 5. John '00' Fleming - Tour De Trance 6. Oliver Prime - Sights Beyond 8. Katcha - Touched By God 9. Plastic Boy - Twixt Body-Shock - Full Moon Wizzy Noise - Sabotage Vibrasphere - Seven Days To Daylight Delirious - Atmos Fear Nicolas Jaar - Time for Us Need to grab this :shock:.

Danton Eeprom - Give Me Pain Matias Aguayo feat. Lerato - Pata Pata Wigald Boning - Kobra Dance Le Roif feat. Roland Clark - I Get Deep Bodycode - Immune Random Factor - Broken Mirror TULKU 3. The classically educated musician, who was born in Barcelona, has left his unmistakable marks in the electronic music scene in Spain, not least with his Paradigma label that has been founded four years ago.

Compressed percussions, densified to the essence, and deep bass lines fill the room with a self-vibrating movement. A similar approach to this has also "Tulku", its LFO bass line massaging your abdomen for more than ten minutes before an oriental-like modulation loop is milling itself into your synapses. With its bone-dry bass drum, "Motor", on the other hand, opens a gate to a novel perspective for classic Dub Techno. Since the first edition inSoma Coma collections have shown a softer side of the often banging Scottish label.

Alex Smoke — Paradolia Intro The Black Dog — Digital Poacher Vector Lovers — Neon Sky Rain Silicone Soul — 3am Ghost Mood Mix Slam — B Movie Vector Lovers — Long Wave Pablo — Music Maestro Instrumental Silicone Soul — Dub 4 Toots Slam — Memoir The Black Dog — Riphead v9 Alex Smoke — Nuance Vector Lovers — Hush Now Body Language Vol. You can check out the artwork and tracklist for DJ Hell's mix below. Ursula Rucker - Where Is It? Dixon Edit Club M. In he decided it was time to make the jump to the club scene, landing his first residency at Las Vegas's 1 afterhours, late night Empire.

He was a mainstay in the club until when Empire Ballroom closed its doors for the last time. Jordan soon captured the attention of Mike Fuller at the Palms and was brought into play all the major dance music events, including Paul Oakenfold's "Perfecto" and Goodlife Sundays at Moon. For more information: www. Two of house musics most highly sought after talents in Funkagenda and Dave Seaman team up for Toolroom Traxs next release, a devilishly dark re-rub of The Mighty Ming.

Having conquered both the underground and commercial floors, Dave Seaman has enjoyed success for well over a decade with remixes and productions for the likes of New Order through to Michael Jackson and shows no intention of resting on his laurels with this superb release.

Funkagenda continues to impress with his unique, forward-thinking productions and stunning DJ sets moving the biggest global dancefloors from Ministry of Sound, London to Space, Ibiza. The Mighty Ming is a monstrous track that takes you on a dark and distinctive Org-D2 - No Artist - Sound Pool (Deep House / Progressive House) (CD) into some gritty tones. A sharp, resonating bass grinds away beneath some tight beats and oriental tinted percussion.

Eastern tinged stabs punch through the mix with vocal cuts and side-chained pads propelling this into a peak time bomb. On remix duties is the sublime D. Ramirez, providing a mighty remix in his own inimitable style. He combines an old school flavour with warm, crisp synths and a euphoric breakdown that will have the party-goers raising their hands in the air. For this compilation Dimitri has exclusively reworked 5 tracks from the original multitrack tapes of Gamble and Huff with a further 4 being edited from the original 2 track stereo masters.

In my teenage years in the late '70s I clearly remember how the Disco I could hear in my Paris hometown generally sucked, and big time too. That was a cool thing for someone to be into. But Disco? That byproduct of white boys in sequined suits from the radio? No way. So what happened that made me like Disco so much, and bring you a Philly Sound collection?

Back then, as far as club music and it's dancing potential went, I didn't know any better, literally. To me, House music took Funk to a new level. It kept its musical harmonies but did away with the laidback feeling in favour of a much faster and powerful rhythm drive.

When it was not a plain intsrumental groove it would feature uplifting, almost gospel like vocals, interlaced with swirling layers of synthesized horns and strings.

Most of all it always had killer basslines that would drill into my head and steal the show. From Chicago to the world via - and thanks to - UK's clubland, House Music grew in popularity and gave me the urge to find out how it came about. After reading a lot of liner notes and articles, one word was alway coming back: Disco. It was using all its key elements, but with electronic machines instead of a group of live musicians. It was the offspring of a generation of Chicago DJs and clubbers who grew up on Disco.

Its electronic, minimalistic sound was merely the result of the simple means used to create it. It was and still is much more affordable to record with a few sound generating boxes than a whole orchestra. So I started to dig for the Disco that House Music was built from.

And I realised it was luckily not the Disco I knew. Not a shallow made for top 40 radio product but something with soul, inspiring and bursting with intense and joyful energy. The more I dug the more I was loving and refining my taste in Disco. Artists and producers were standing apart and soon outshone the newer records they inspired. It was sophisticated, skillfully orchestrated, and powered by an irresistible drum and bass groove.

Its rhythm had a unique style that became the benchmark for me to gauge all grooves, a great example being on the song The Love I Lost by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. It had the now familiar Disco rhythm but on top of the ubiquitous flying high hat it had the bouncy snare that House Music made its own.

Track Vocals by Reggie. Track 3, Vocals by Helmer. Track Vocals by Rebecca. Credits are related to the "1st" edition Plavka Cynical Heart feat.

Rea [from Reamonn] Mirror Love feat. Tricky None Of This feat. Xavier Naidoo Vata feat. Shweta Shetty So Sweet feat. Virginia Nascimento Butterfly Sign feat. Plavka Something To Remind Me feat.

Midge Ure Mary Jane feat. Mark Gardener Why? Rea [from Reamonn] Blue Moon Tidal feat. Plavka Junoon feat. Jim Kerr Set Me Free feat. Rea Mirror Love feat. Shweta So Sweet feat. Virginia Butterfly Sign feat. Marc Gardener Why feat. Rea Blue Moon Tidal feat. Angeled feat. On "Allez! Angel on "Maxi Power Vol. Pompetzki for Marsvibes on "Dream Dance Vol. Maxi Dance Sensation Vol. Remix [ BPM] Razormaid! US Razormaid! Rock My Heart b.

Right In The Night c. How long have customers to be ripped off that way? However, some copies have found their way to 2nd hand marked. Maybe they were promos or have been sold as overstock pressings, but I never saw one in an "official" store. Featuring Vocals by Joan Faulkner. DE vs UK cover - notice the 4th finger!

Featuring Vocals by Domenica. Janicke, add. Edited by Franco Hemello and Vlado Meller. I'm Falling Razormaid! All tracks produced by Jam El Mar. Coin, Kinny B. Wood B. The Prince Of Rap Razormaid! Vocals by Janet Taylor. Executive Producer: Norbert Gubo. CDS: ? DE Suck Me Plasma! Original Suck Me Plasma!

Release: CDS: ? I've only seen Fight against racism! Franciosa, P. Chighine, M. Scalabrin at Nonsense Studio - GE. Linda Rocco P. Vocals by Vernon. Mix P. DE Logic;? Cannabis P. Cover design and concept by: Are U Ready? Flanigan Jr. Single Razormaid! Trancemaster Vol. Nelson, S. Hanson, Darren Emerson? Produced by Dance Ecstacy It's pronounce like the english word "mine".

Dark Forest Mix Orange: Do you wanna trance? Radio Edit Snap! MC: ? Sound quality may be limited. Mirisola, D. Vocals by Collette. Lyrics by Tony Clark. Swain, D. Grafik: www. Bellina, Ch. Moses P.

Love Racing - Various - Tribute To Jun IV (Vinyl, LP), Now Jurymen, Hear My Advice - Gilbert & Sullivan - The Pirates Of Penzance / Trial By Jury (CD,, OnedayImgonnabesomebody - The Time - What Time Is It? (Vinyl, LP, Album), Check Your Pulse - Villin Mobb - Mobb Life (CD, Album), Peebs Is Unimpressed - Bread Club - Bread Club (Cassette, Album), Intro - Tomasz Andersen - Wbrew Wskazówkom (CD, Album), Sei Lá... A Vida Tem Sempre Razão - Toquinho & Vinicius - Toquinho E Vinicius (Vinyl, LP, Album), Le Ptit Toto - Ariane Et Les 10-20 - Reste A Ta Place (Vinyl), Burl Ives - Funny Way Of Laughin (Vinyl), Bass-G1 - No Artist - Sound Pool (Deep House / Progressive House) (CD), Estarei (Buscame) - Jane & Herondy - Jane & Herondy - Disco De Ouro (Vinyl, LP), Im Still Standing - Elton John - The Very Best Of Elton John (CD), Supernaut - Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Vol 4 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Mi Escapulario - Various - Y Viva España - Serie De Oro (Vinyl, LP)