Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pt. 6-9) - Pink Floyd - Animals Tour Debut (CD)

Track Source Information: Disc One 1. Arnold Layne Barrett The Pink Floyd's first single, released in the UK March 11th,was one of a handful of tracks that was laid down at their first studio recording session. Produced by Joe Boyd at Sound Techniques Studios in Chelsea on January 27th,"Arnold Layne" was chosen because unlike the other tracks it was short enough to release as a single.

Of the title itself Barrett stated, "I thought that Arnold Layne was a nice name and it fitted very well into the music I had already written. Originally titled "Let's Roll Another One" the lyrics were changed due to the obvious drug inferences.

Waters commenting on the BBC's attitude towards the track, recalled "They didn't like that at all. Very under the arm. Schaffner also reports that David Gilmour, who was coincidentally at the session with his band Joker's Wild, first noticed Syd's mental decline.

The Scarecrow Barrett 6. The Gnome Barrett 7. Scream Thy Last Scream Barrett 9. Also recorded in August of was the unreleased "Vegetable Man". Manager Pete Jenner recalls the origins of the song. These two tracks are the actual August 9th, sessions. Apples And Oranges Barrett A third single that fared poorly in the charts. The track was recorded in August of and released on November 18th. Waters' recollection of the track was that it was a "fucking good song," that "was destroyed by the production.

Jugband Blues Barrett "Pow R. So disappointing was the reaction to "Apples and Oranges" that their manager, Pete Jenner, proposed releasing "Jugband Blues" in its place. For the track Syd Barrett brought a Salvation Army band into the studio, instructing them to "play what you want to. This extended instrumental is a variation of "Interstellar Overdrive. There was a general feeling at the time that the band needed a commercial hit and this single was an attempt at that. Julia Dream Wright Murderistic Women Waters Up until the "In The Flesh" tour ofPink Floyd regularly tried out new tracks in front of live audiences, often with very different titles from the finished piece.

The promotional film for "Point Me At The Sky" features the Floyd flying in a yellow biplane, and photos from this promo film appear on the double compilation album "A Nice Pair". As he did with "Apples and Oranges", Roger Waters defended the song, blaming its failure on the poor production. This was written by David Gilmour as his contribution to the solo section of the album.

Disc Two 1. Embryo Waters "Embryo" was originally recorded for the album "Ummagumma" but was dropped in favor of Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pt. 6-9) - Pink Floyd - Animals Tour Debut (CD) individually written tracks concept. The album cover features a typical Hipgnosis design that actually foreshadowed some of the images from "The Wall", with a family sitting on a sparse beach, wearing gas masks.

The Floyd themselves were dismayed by the songs appearance, and have prevented the album being reissued. David Gilmour recalls that "For some reason we never actually finished the recording of it The song was also performed with free-form sections against a background of pretaped sound effects most notably that of children playingextending the 3 minute song up to as long as 30 minutes. The track was also issued in the US on the "Works" compilation album. These two tracks are from the "Top Gear" recording session of January Green Is The Colour Waters 3.

The song appeared on the soundtrack album "More", which was also released in July of and stayed in the Floyd repertoire through The song appeared as a B-side to "Point Me At The Sky" on the compilation album "Relics", and a live version was released on the double album "Ummagumma" in It was filmed live on a number of occasions, once for "Live At Pompeii" and again in as a promo film available on the "Superstars In Concert" video.

Gilmour confessed to a certain amount of desperation in trying to compose a track by himself. Biding My Time Waters Originally titled "Work and Afternoon", this track originated from the concept piece "The Man", and the track has only been released officially on the compilation album "Relics". This version is taken from the Concert Gebow, Amsterdam show of August 17th, These two outtakes are from the studio sessions in Rome, December Track 7 is now available on the official Zabriskie Point 2 CD re-release.

Of the film sequence itself, Nick Mason recalls that "there was a lot of news film, of cops and students fighting it out, all with no soundtrack apart from this very lyrical piano thing which Rick played as a solo. If Waters Recorded for the album "Atom Heart Mother", released in"If" clearly indicates the future direction of Waters' songwriting.

With a pleasantly disarming acoustic guitar line, Waters delivers some stark and disturbing lyrics about Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pt. 6-9) - Pink Floyd - Animals Tour Debut (CD) insane. The track was essentially a filler on the album, and was not widely performed, although Roger Waters did revive it for his solo tours of and This recording is taken from the Paris Theatre, London, September 16th, Cymbaline Waters It has been suggested that the song, about dreams and dreaming, was a reference to Shakespeare's "Cymbaline", but given the Floyd's failure to read Proust's "Remembrance of Things Past" for the aborted Roland Petit Ballet project, this seems unlikely.

The track also brought together many of the sound effects that Waters had been interested in, along with an orchestra. The Floyd briefly toured with "Atom Heart Mother" accompanied by a live orchestra but had to rework the composition when played as a quartet.

Disc Three 1. These jams were a frequent, yet undocumented part of the Floyd shows of the early 70s. They were usually short free-form departures from the band's standard repertoire, and would occasionally appear on bootlegs with titles such as "Pink's Blues", etc. Money Waters A snippet of the demo performed by Waters, playing an acoustic guitar.

It is important as it shows the difference between the original demo and the finished product, and indicates just how much influence the whole band has in shaping the final piece, despite what the credits say.

This mix was made some weeks after the initial release of the album, which differs from the quadraphonic release. It contains some alternate guitar overdubs, some of which can be seen being laid down in the film "Live At Pompeii". Where would rock and roll be without feedback? In particular, David Gilmour recalled this show with a sour note, describing it as "the worst we've done on the whole tour. I wrote and rewrote and rewrote that lyric because I wanted it to be as close as possible to what I felt Raving And Drooling Waters 9.

Ultimately, they would become "Sheep" and "Dogs", forming the core of 's "Animals" album. How we rate: our writers tend to review music they like within their preferred genres. Learn more about our star rating system. Showcase Buy Now. Buy Now. Featured Albums. Tri-Cycle By Alex Jenkins buy. Harvey Diamond piano. Sources: 02 JulNew York. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 2. Welcome To The Machine 3. Have A Cigar 4. Wish You Were Here 5. Saludos, F. Realmente, no se decirte que hace, no consegui que se me escucharan bien,y los escucho en el Home Cinema jeje.

Pero supongo que si, lo que hara es juntarlo para que se escuche stereo, porque el PC podra coger el DTS 5,1 pero si no tiene altavoces aduecuados no puede hacer nada CREO jeje.

Publicar un comentario Hola! Pidan grupos que quieren que se actualicen y cualquier cosa. Se agradecen comentarios. Barrett joined Gilmour's wedding reception in the EMI canteen, but left without saying goodbye. Apart from Waters seeing Barrett buying sweets in Harrods a couple of years later, it was the last time any member of the band saw him alive.

Barrett's appearance may have influenced the final version of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"; a subtle refrain performed by Wright from " See Emily Play " is audible towards the end. I found that terribly sad. Wine glasses had been Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pt. 6-9) - Pink Floyd - Animals Tour Debut (CD) with varying amounts of fluid, and recordings were made of a wet finger circling the edge of each glass.

These recordings were multi-tracked into chords. Menuhin watched as Grappelli played on the song "Wish You Were Here"; however, the band later decided his contribution was unsuitable and, untilit was believed that the piece had been wiped.

Recording sessions had twice been interrupted by US tours one in April and the other in June[34] and the final sessions, which occurred after the band's performance at Knebworthproved particularly troublesome for Waters.

His problems stemmed in part from the stresses placed upon his voice while recording the lead vocals of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond". Gilmour was asked to sing in his place, [27] but declined, and eventually colleague and friend Roy Harper was asked to stand in. Harper was recording his own album in another of Abbey Road's studios, and Gilmour had already performed some guitar licks for him. Waters later regretted the decision, believing he should have performed the song.

Roy Harper, performing at the same event, on discovering that his stage costume was missing, proceeded to destroy one of Pink Floyd's vans, injuring himself in the process. This delayed the normal setup procedure of the band's sound system. As a pair of World War II Supermarine Spitfire had been booked to fly over the crowd during their entrance, the band were not able to delay their set.

The result was that a power supply problem pushed Wright's keyboards completely out of tune, damaging the band's performance. At one point he left the stage, but the band were able to continue with a less sensitive keyboard, a piano and a simpler light show.

Following a brief intermission, they returned to perform The Dark Side of the Moonbut critics displeased about being denied access backstage savaged the performance. Storm Thorgerson had accompanied the band on their tour and had given serious thought to the meaning of the lyrics, eventually deciding that the songs were, in general, concerned with "unfulfilled presence", rather than Barrett's illness.

Thorgerson had noted that Roxy Music 's Country Life was sold in an opaque green cellophane sleeve — censoring the cover image — and he copied the idea, concealing the artwork for Wish You Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pt. 6-9) - Pink Floyd - Animals Tour Debut (CD) Here in a black-coloured shrink-wrap therefore making the album art "absent". The concept behind "Welcome to the Machine" and "Have a Cigar" suggested the use of a handshake an often empty gestureand George Hardie designed a sticker containing the album's logo of two mechanical hands engaged in a handshake, to be placed on the opaque sleeve the mechanical handshake logo would also appear on the labels of the vinyl album this time in a black and blue background.

The album's cover images were photographed by Aubrey "Po" Powell, Storm's partner at the design studio Hipgnosisand inspired by the idea that people tend to conceal their true feelings, for fear of "getting burned", and thus two businessmen were pictured shaking hands, one man on fire.

Two stuntmen were used Ronnie Rondell and Danny Rogersone dressed in a fireproof suit covered by a business suit. His head was protected by a hood, underneath a wig. The photograph was taken at Warner Bros. Studios in Californiaknown at the time as The Burbank Studios.

The two stuntmen changed positions, and the image was later reversed. The album's back cover depicts a faceless "Floyd salesman", in Thorgerson's words, "selling his soul" in the desert shot in the Yuma Desert in California again by Aubrey "Po" Powell. The absence of wrists and ankles signifies his presence as an "empty suit". The inner sleeve shows a veil concealing a nude woman in a windswept Norfolk grove, and a splash-less diver at Mono Lake — titled Monosee the German translation of Mono Lake on the liner notes — in California again emphasising the theme of absence.

EMI were less concerned; [41] [42] the band were reportedly extremely happy with the end product, and when presented with a pre-production mockup, they accepted it with a spontaneous round of applause. In Britain, withadvance sales, [46] the album debuted at number three [47] and reached number one the following week.

It was certified six times platinum on 16 May[50] and by had sold an estimated 13 million copies worldwide. On release, the album received mixed reviews. Ben Edmunds wrote in Rolling Stone that the band's "lackadaisical demeanor" leaves the subject of Barrett "unrealised; they give such a matter-of-fact reading of the goddamn thing that they might as well be singing about Roger Waters's brother-in-law getting a parking ticket.

It has soul, that's why — it's Roger Waters's lament for Syd, not my idea of a tragic hero but as long as he's Roger's that doesn't matter. Wish You Were Here has since been frequently regarded as one of the greatest albums of all time. According to Acclaimed Music it is the th most celebrated album in popular music history. Wish You Were Here was voted number one. Despite the problems during production, the album remained Wright's favourite: "It's an album I can listen to for pleasure, and there aren't many Floyd albums that I can.

The end result of all that, whatever it was, definitely has left me an album I can live with very very happily. I like it very much. Wish You Were Here has been remastered and re-released on several formats. The label was a recreation Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pt. 6-9) - Pink Floyd - Animals Tour Debut (CD) the original machine handshake logo, with a black and blue background. All lyrics are written by Roger Waters.

Primarily developed during live performances, the band premiered an early version of the record several months before recording began. The record was conceived as an album that focused on the pressures faced by the band during their arduous lifestyle, and dealing with the apparent mental health problems suffered by former band member Syd Barrett, who departed the group in

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