Ship Of Fools - The Residents - The Way We Were (CD, Album)

Issued in a plastic envelope with a single card inlay. Note: This is a single CD release, but the gatefold digipack cover comes with two spindles, so the buyer has the option of putting "The Ship Of Fools - The Residents - The Way We Were (CD Boy" CD sold separately along with it.

This absense on the release is a typo, but the info is included here for documentation purposes. Note: This download-only release was sold on the Bunny Boy US tour as a code and password on the back of a Residents dog tag.

Note : This one-track single was a gift to the first attendees to a Residents video and film retrospective at the Kunstmuseum Bremerhaven. Hand-numbered, attached to a lenticular card. Not for sale, this item was made with permission from the Cryptic Corporation. Note: This CD was pressed in a single production run of copies. The remaining unnumbered copies were sold on the Talking Light tour and through Ralph America.

Note: Manufactured by Ralph America for Cryptic, this item is a red-ink dogtag which has a web address and code to download the above programme of music. Sold on the Talking Light tour, remaining copies sold by Ralph America. Note: Manufactured by Ralph America for Cryptic, this item is a "backstage pass" which features a web address and code Album) download the above programme of music. The action of the film takes place almost entirely on board a passenger ship inbetween Veracruz Mexico and BremerhavenGermany.

Most of the scenes unfold on the First Class deck or among the upper middle-class passengers, but the ship is carrying displaced workers, far more than the ship is certified to carry and they're assigned to squalid conditions in steerage. They are all being deported back to Spain by the order of the Cuban dictator, Machado. Many passengers bound for Nazi Germany are happy, some are apprehensive, while others downplay the Album) of fascist politics. The ship's medic, Dr. Schumann, takes a special interest in La Condesaa countess from Cuba who has an opiate addiction which he reluctantly accommodates with prescriptions.

She is being transported to a Spanish prison on the Canary Island of Tenerife. Her sense of doom is contrasted with the doctor's initial determination to fight the forces of oppression, embodied by his insistence that the people in steerage be treated like human beings rather than cargo. The doctor conceals having a heart condition. His sympathy for the countess soon evolves into love, though both realize it is a hopeless passion.

Selected passengers are invited to dine each night at the captain's table. Some are amused and others offended by the anti-Semitic rants of a German businessman named Rieber who — though married — begins an affair with Lizzi. The Jewish Lowenthal is not invited and is seated at a side table with a dwarf named Glocken and the two bond over their sense of social exclusion.

Later a passenger named Freytag is shocked to Album) himself blackballed from the Captain's Table when Rieber learns Freytag's wife is Jewish and after an angry public outburst, he too is re-seated at the side table. Here Lowenthal counsels Glocken regarding tactical accommodation to the Nazis from people like Rieber, stating that Germany has been good for the Jews and the Jews have been good for Germany"We are Germans first and Jews second There are nearly a million Jews in Germany.

What are they going to do, kill all of us? Others aboard include an American couple, David and Jenny. Jenny is infatuated with David, who is disconsolate at his lack of success as a socially committed artist and feels stifled by Jenny's needy dependence. She is on a quest to recapture her lost youth while in Paris, but the men who take an interest in her she rejects as unworthy.

Bill Tenny is a former baseball player with a drinking problem, angry the way his career never took off. Passengers are entertained nightly by a troupe of flamenco musicians and dancers, whose leader pimps the women in the troupe, while other passengers regularly drink themselves to oblivion.

One young heir to a fortune loses his virginity to one of the flamenco dancers, who treats him with gentleness. The ship arrives in Spain where the displaced workers from steerage disembark. Here, after an emotionally painful farewell with the doctor, La Condesa is forced to exit the ship under Civil Guard escort. Upon arrival in Germany, the remaining passengers depart the ship.

The doctor dies before the ship reaches Bremerhaven and his body is unloaded in a coffin. At Album) disembarkation, which seems like a parade, most characters show they will behave as though it is 'business as usual.

The last passenger to leave the 'Ship of Fools' is Glocken, who speaks directly to cameraas he did in the opening minutes of the film. Mona Baptist Shouting and praising in the congregation, with subdued preaching - and oh, those benches! All Saints Quiet and reverent — no fuss, no muss, plus talent show!

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