The Fountain Of Memory

This song is about a man's life, from birth to death. I am born, I am me, I am new, I am free. As in childhood, the man has curiousities about his future, "Yet my eyes are drawn toward the mountain in the east It is all about rebellion. Your parent says work! And you say no! Your teacher says learn! You say live! And live it to the fullest. Party all night, sleep all day! You're on your own, there's no safety net now.

Maybe a bit through college, but then it's out into the real world, and you have to make it on your own.

I need a guiding hand. But you sail on, toward that dream you fantasized about In The Valley. Then you find the one that you can steer your boat with. You find that you can forget about your troubles with her body, soft and warm. Still, it may not be all that you need, and it may not last. It might end in divorce, as mentioned above, but for now, you've got that peace of mind, and that's what's important.

This is The Fountain Of Memory favorite part of the song, not so much because you've reached this point in life, but it rocks and flows so well! Truthfully, this is about the rewards in life for working so hard and getting this far, "Draw another goblet from the cask of ' You're just enjoying the fruits of your labors, The Fountain Of Memory of course, it's even better if you still have your Panacea with you!

Yeah, you're happy at first, you have reached the goal that you longed for In The Valley, but you now realize that, like the fabled Fountain of Youth, it doesn't mean you're going to live forever Many journeys end here, but the secret's told the same. Life is just a candle, and a dream must give it flame. If the candle didn't get lit, you were never born to begin with. The point is, live your life to the fullest each and every day, because there's only one candle, and once that flame is extinguished, it's gone forever.

Great, great song! I wish they would do this one live in concert again, the entire 19 minutes and 57 secs of it! General Comment [II. This endless rage in my memory. Cut, jaded black, dated back to the remedy, Lost soul's reverie! Throw your stones at humanity! Get in line for impunity! Freedom flows for he knows of no tyranny. This is our destiny! Get in line! The page is torn, we're starting over.

This is time, for we write our own! Through the grime, we'll rise above and fight this war, Rewriting symphonies! Reflections oh so still They overshadow your iron will and you Skin and bones, you look just like my enemy. This mask of gold is a gift untold! Concealing your suffering. The king of sin trapped within your soul. He'll crucify! Your alibi will drown you in your sleep. These crimson tides won't flush away your anger.

It's you and I, against your dreams! B-run-ch Last night I dreamed about the evil that men do. Dolls and black crosses, they've cast spells on you! Since the beginning we knew they've continue To cheat us all! So break away from the maker's hand And be the difference. I am the difference! Take down their pedestals! Cast out their demons! Sleep my darling in moonlight glow! We've come to catch your dreams The Fountain Of Memory You run!

You run!!! I've seen the lies and your hidden instruments. Out come the smiles when I'm asleep! You try to penetrate me.

Break my walls, come and live inside me. Burn my mind! You're nothing but a pig inside! You've got a little bit of soul that I'm gonna rip tonight! Wreck your cavernous plans and perfidious lies! Straight from the tip of your head, Right to the brim of your hind! I'm gonna take you down! You fuckin' parasite 8. Fidelity She was an angel fighting for her life; Nothing would have changed her name.

Weeping with hatred, nothing would have stopped her And we are the ones to blame. Justified, alone she lies, Ripping apart the souls that were concerned. She denies her holy lies and We are the ones that burn! As we travel through this unprecedented time, we continue to take extraordinary measures to keep our residents, staff, and families safe. As we move forward, we will continue to work with local and state officials, in coordination with the CDC, to stay informed. We are providing peace of mind, fine living options and the best alternative to being alone.

Without a doubt, the health and safety of our residents is always our top priority. To be certain we are on track to provide excellent service, good health and peace of mind, we The Fountain Of Memory been in constant communication with our residents, their family members and our professional colleagues. The Fountain Of Memory of the great things about our senior living communities is our spirit of togetherness. Yes, we are following the social distancing recommendations, and basic quarantine procedures, but because of the successful work we have done these past months, we are The Fountain Of Memory offering safe, in-person tours of our community.

We are open and admitting new residents. We are creating activities for our residents to keep them engaged and enjoying their days. We will strive to prevent loneliness and isolation at every turn. We are fostering a true spirit of friendship and togetherness. At a time when many seniors are isolated at home, we have each other!

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