Livin For You - Boston - Walk On (Cassette, Album)

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Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars. Issues Handbook. Z back matter. Smith, Carl. The Shady Dragon Inn. Robert Zemeckis. Wisconsin: TSR. Gym Stony Brook, NY. This show is VERY high energy and may cause extreme psychological and physical stimulation. An original band gem, they were on fire this night.

Clicks between tracks and pretty hissy, but the instruments and vocals come through pretty well. Mountain Jam has some balance problems, but is short lived. Syria Mosque Pittsburgh, PA. Good sound quality and a very nice show as well; unfortunately track 8 is missing. Liebchen's notes - This was a private show at the Private Fillmore East closing show. Private session for invited guests only. Bill Graham: "the last to play, the best, the ABB". Amazing show from back in the day.

Note: This CD set has been copied from an audience tape which surfaced a few years ago. This show is one of the most sought after audience tape in curculation if for no other reason than its' quality is fairly high and one of only three shows known to be in existance with Duane playing "Blue Sky". Some analog hiss throughout. Even with the problems, this is one of the better sounding early shows.

Great jams. A bit of a rough start levels ,but one smokin show there are glitches throughout. A few spots with a short bit of static, some abrupt ends to some tracks, and perhaps some sound variation all from master. But I still recommend the show Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood, CA. Historic show. Excellent Mtn.

Jam encore. Brandy House Atlanta, GA. What can be said? It was a new years show! Ani Difranco Approximate hours: 5. Universal Buzz Radio Unknown, Unknown.

Universal Buzz Radio. Live Ani via Universal Buzz Radio. An edited disc of a live show s. Disc has edit gaps, but with SBD quality sound. Some digi noise. Northrop Auditorium Minneapolis, MN. Very small gaps on the beginning of a few tracks Very good sound quality. Engineered by Blake Beeman straight from the board. Thank you Blake!

Riverside Studios London, England. Nice setlist for this mellow, easy listening Livin For You - Boston - Walk On (Cassette. Fox Theatre Atlanta, GA. Band Of Gypsys Approximate hours: 5. Turtle Jam Macon, GA. Town Park Telluride, CO. RockyGrass Lyons, CO. No breaks in session. Good quality AUD recording. Great show and outstanding aud recording of an outdoor festival. A couple scratchy parts and a couple pops though.

Very good show! Ben played solo acoustic for a small crowd of lucky Triple J JJJ radio contest winners and industry personnel. While the world watched online at virtueoz. The sound quality is surprisingly high for a webcast. The show itself is outstanding, Ben is in fine form. The duet with Vedder on Indifference is very nice. Bridge School Benefit; solo acoustic set; he joined Pearl Jam later in the show for "Indifference" d1t8. Great solo show, Good crowd energy.

A real treat! Also circulates as?? Surprisingly good sound for such an old recording. Instruments louder or buried depending on who is close to the microphone. Tech Note The first event that used the words, "Bluegrass Festival," was promoted by the legendary singer and recording artist, Bill Clifton.

This was also the first time that more than two well-known Bluegrass acts were booked on the same show. Prior to that occasion, one or two Bluegrass bands would be booked on a country show of that period. This was also the first time that Bill Monroe called former members of The Blue Grass Boys to the stage to play and sing.

When 2, people attended the show, it opened up a new venue for Bluegrass music. Smith, pp. Clifton also performed himself. Flatt and Scruggs declined to appear. The issue was not money. Louise Scruggs informed Clifton that they would not appear if Bill Monroe was there. When Clifton persisted, he was told that working with the Stanley Brothers was also unacceptable.

Having no desire to take sides, Clifton booked Flatt and Scruggs for later in the season. The promotion attracted fans not only from the D.

Israel Young later wrote in Sing Out! Clifton had provided some backstage hospitality in the form of a spiked punch. That was a mistake, considering that Carter had a serious problem with alcohol. By the time Carter joined Monroe onstage he was merry and feisty.

Then Monroe made his own error in judgment. He couldn't resist a dig at the former sidemen who had refused to share a stage with him. Well, it's the truth, so they shouldn't a-mind that, and they should be glad they got a start, they'd-a probably had to plow a lot of furrows if they hadn't-a been in bluegrass music. He had not-so-subtly declared himself the originating and mentoring figure in bluegrass and had expressed irritation at his famous proteges without publicly identifying them.

But that just set off the lubricated Carter, who had his own ax to grind. They said no, they didn't want to play here because Bill Monroe and the Stanley Brothers was gonna be here. And that was Flatt and Scruggs. You know, we missed'em a heck of a lot, ain't we?

Now that names had been named, Monroe decided to be more specific. Within a year, there was the prospect of a major lawsuit and the loss of his cherished berth on the Opry. The aftermath of this incident even threatened to derail the best chance Bill Monroe had to get his career back on track.

But for the time being, the comments caused only titillation in bluegrass circles. This set is also circulating as -- Doug Hutchins says it's from ' Good sound, especially for its' age.

SBD FM? Great picking. Good sound quality for Has a few flaws, worst being a cut in the middle of Uncle Pen. Official Recording Not Album) Trade. Black Sabbath Approximate hours: 5. Comment by Lance Johnson - What a pleasant surprise!

This is one of the best-sounding live Sabbaths I have heard from this time period -- the audio is very good. On the other hand, Ozzy is up to his usual schtick: the stage banter he started in '70 that he didn't feel the need to alter in the slightest with each subsequent year.

Comment by Ronnie - The Holy Garil of sabbath boots has arrived. This has all the warmth of a true analog show and the best sound ive ever heard on a live album DDP Has never let me down :o. Colston Hall Bristol, England. Poor audience recording. You get basic sound with no detail or fullness. Digi pops and other problems throughout.

Request this show at your own risk. It sucks!!! Third set only. Camp Mather Yosemite, CA. This is a great recording of the b. Phish opened. Gloria with Trey Anastasio on guitar and vocals. Roseland Livin For You - Boston - Walk On (Cassette York, NY. First night of a great 2 Album) run at Red Rocks - feat. Warren Haynes on "Mountain Cry" as well as new songs.

A fair amount of crowd noise, but sound is still pretty good. A good amount of crowd noise, but fair sound quality. Good show. Bob at age A couple of small pops. Here's a review from the text file: "This is a true not-to-be-missed gem. It belongs in every Bob Dylan fan's collection.

The date shown is from the back cover, though this is most likely a re-broadcast date. The actual radio show could have been as early as February. History is a bit fuzzy here. This long lost radio show is in perfect quality. It is complete with wonderful live-on-the-spot renditions of the above traditional and Dylan songs, as well as fascinating conversation with a young, as yet undiscovered talent.

Bob relates, hilariously, the eponymous title of his soon to be released first LP, and so much more. There is conversation in-between each song that is priceless. All in all, one of the best boots ever to emerge. Studio SBD. During quite moments, numerous small pops can be heard, similiar to a vinyl record.

Live Companion Volume 1 Compilation, Compilation. The quality on this set mixed, but it is certainly a worthy companion to the official Live release. One to Many Mornings take 1 2. One to Many Mornings take 2 3. Good Old Mountain Dew 4. I Still Miss Someone 5. Careless Love 6. Matchbox 7. That's Alright Mama 8. Big River 9. Girl of the North Country I Walk the Line You Are My Sunshine Ring of Fire Guess Things Happen That Way Just A Closer Walk with Thee Blue Yodel take 1 I Threw it Away Livin' the Blues Girl of the North Country The lyrical improvs, banter, and historical content of these recordings is great.

Dylan's appearence on the Johnny Cash Show was his first public apperence after years due to his motorcycle acident. Love the I Threw It Away dylan solo short but sweet. This show circulates asbut it's really Marley was opening for Sly and the Family Stone and was dropped off the tour because he was getting more interest than Sly.

This show was also the first time a bunch of Marleys songs had been played and would come out on a record a few months later. Fantastic show, which is intimate, cool and mellow. Bob introduces the band during Sheriff - 13 min. Crowd really gets into this show.

Good quality sound, just some muffled sounds from time to time. Less common track selections; good for the fan who is looking for change from typical show. Featuring Lee Jaffe on harmonica. Comments from Al Wright. Just the right amount of audience feedback between songs through the vocal mics give it a very nice atmosphere.

It gets an A- rating because the bass guitar was recorded a little hot and it occasionally distorts, and there a couple of other recording anomolies - but these are really a very minor problems.

The Lyceum London, England. Island needs to release the full show. Even their version is incomplete. Great sound, but txt file is wrong, because this show is incomplete. Date suspect but most likely correct; only part of show. Only seen this version in circ. Music Hall Houston, TX.

Partial show Bob's first show upon returning from Jamaica after the attempted assassination. In a time of chaos and violence in Jamaica, this "peace concert" was brought together to help stop the violence between opposing government parties in Jamaica. During Bob's set during Jammin he called up the Prime Minister Michael Manley and the opposition party leader Edward Seaga to join hands and show their faith in the peace. After a few moments of waiting they join hands with Bob between them chanting Rastafari.

Ahoy Hall Rotterdam, Netherlands. Westfalenhalle Dortmund, Germany. Excellent show, but recorded a bit "hot". At certain points there is some slight buzzing in the right channel, but not too bad. Tape flip during Shade of Gray. Thanks Razz! Vara Studios Amsterdam, Holland. Rockefeller's Houston, TX. Great quality Agora Ballroom Cleveland, OH. This is a radio broadcast from the Agora in Cleveland, OH.

KBFH show. Some sound variation at first, but overall Album) show. Bruce Cockburn Approximate hours: 5. Fox Theatre Boulder, CO. Private show for music industry folks. Largely improvised setlist due to equipment problems which Bruces elaborates on.

Martyr's Club Chicago, IL. Abbreviated incomplete recording of a WXRT broadcast. An instrumental song called "Crystal Love", which often was declared on the internet to be a bonus track for Corporate Americais actually a song of the South-Korean guitarist Lee Hyun Suk and appeared on his album 3 which was released in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on Greatest Hits. Authority control MusicBrainz release group.

Streams Videos All Posts. My Profile. Advanced Search. Track Listing. I Need Your Love. Surrender to Me.

Stellar Supreme - Cosmic Baby - Thinking About Myself (CD, Album), Sloppy Drunk - Blues N Trouble - First Trouble (CD, Album), No. 11—Pour Les Arpèges Composés - Debussy* - Anthony di Bonaventura - 12 Études (Complete) (Vinyl,, Dodge The Rain - Buddah Heads - Blues Had A Baby... (CD, Album), Innerwille Ist Mein Docht - Anorexia Nervosa (2) & Dornenreich - Anorexia Nervosa (CDr), I Want What You Want - Ruth Gerson - Fools And Kings (CD), The Weekend - Thomas White (2) - The Maximalist (CDr, Album), Never Talking To You Again - Hüsker Dü - Up In The Air: Studio Outtakes (CD), Aeroplane - Björk - Debut (CD, Album), Rick Wakeman - The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table (CD, Album), So Focused - Boot Camp Clik - The Last Stand (Vinyl, LP, Album), Power And Greed - Rage (6) - Trapped! (Cassette, Album), Bruises & Bandaids, Sous Le Ciel De Psris - Caravelli Et Ses Violons Magiques* - Douce France (Vinyl, LP, Album)